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PUYALLUP: It’s 1962 all over again on the City Council

Letter by Meg Penalver, Puyallup on July 12, 2012 at 1:15 pm with 13 Comments »
July 12, 2012 1:15 pm

Last November, some of us women lamented an all-male City Council in Puyallup, the first such council since 1962. Now it seems that our warnings have come to an ugly fruition: The mayor, Rick Hansen, is dealing with the fallout of groping a city employee.

The Puyallup City Council does not just look like it did in 1962; it now acts like it did 1962.

Hansen has undergone expensive sensitivity training, and he has taken the chastisement of the city manager. But more is needed. The mayor’s indiscretion is an embarrassment to Puyallup and a shame to women. He ought to resign, and the council – if its members can get out of their “Mad Men” mindset — ought to help him out.

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  1. HelenLouise says:

    Lets get all the facts out before we condemn Hansen. A couple years ago a fireman got in trouble because he called our Mayor Kathy Turner “Sweetheart”. Why did become such a big deal? She should have just spoke to the fireman and told him it was not appreciated and dropped the matter. I am all for women’s rghts, but, I think it is getting ridiculous that a woman will not just speak up to whoever did something offensive. I think that would solve the problem.

  2. You are right Helen and how do we know what really happened? People are way too sensitive now a days. Maybe he just put his arm around her in a friendly matter. What ever it was I’m sure it wasn’t a big enough deal to have to resign.

  3. Meg, you seem to have a problem with men. You want to condemn all men for the alleged act of one man? If that’s the case, let’s take a look at some of the things that some women serving in public office have done as well. Or do you just not like men?

  4. justpeopletalk says:

    So Meg, will you please explain to us where he touched the person and why it has now gone from “boundary issues” to groping? You need to get healthy and eat more fiber!

  5. LeePHill says:

    “You want to condemn all men for the alleged act of one man?”

    The letter doesn’t say that, but why stop misrepresenting what people say?

  6. ibelieve says:

    Having personally seen Rick Hansen in action, I am pretty sure the woman’s description of what happened is accurate. Rick has a reputation around downtown Puyallup of having this type of behavior on many occasions. No surprise here! All I can say is “It is about time someone stands up to him.” Money can’t buy your way out of everything!

  7. MyBandito says:

    Darlin says, “Maybe he just put his arm around her in a friendly matter…”

    That’s unacceptable, totally unacceptable, in the workplace, on several levels.

  8. CrazyJim says:

    Please, nobody sue the city of Puyallup for anything. They will hire a bunch of expensive outside lawyers and raise my water bill again.

  9. If only the city council had at least one woman to police all men in the city government there would never be another instance of groping. Lord knows no man can behave unless there is a woman around.

  10. took14theteam says:

    So you are saying the vote last year should have been only about the sex of the person and not the qualifications?

  11. Meg, where do you get your information? Most reliable information about the incident mentioned touching and now you have escalated it to groping an employee. Or are you running with what you want to believe?

    You seem to be fixated on 1962. That was 50 years ago. I doubt you were old enough to have been aware what council members were doing then.

    Your previous piece, criticizing the concept of an all male council was just as flawed last year as this most recent attempt to jump to a conclusion with so little fact to back up your claims. One would think you really do not like men.

  12. Last Fall a Puyallup city council member, issued an appeal to the voters that she should get their votes because she was the only female running and if not elected there would be no female voice on the council. Never mind that she had amply demonstrated that she was unqualified because of her abysmal performance while serving a 2 year appointment in the position. She pandered to the ruling sub-council, lead by Mayor Kathy Turner and neglected to represent the needs of her district constituents.

    All this was ok with Ms Penalver as she supported her seemingly because her only qualification was that she was female.

  13. vickistired says:

    Clearly it’s not just 1962 on the council – the sentiment pervades this community. Ms Penalver condemns the actions of the Mayor and the assumption is that she hates men. Us women are just too darn sensitive…we should be ok with it if men put their arms around us in a “friendly” manner, regardless of how we feel about it? And please, if some guy calls you “sweetheart” in a professional setting, just let it go. It’s ok – we women should speak up when we find something offensive. Oh, wait, that’s what the former mayor did, and what people castigated her for…so what you really mean, is that she should just tell the person who makes an offensive comment to his face and leave it at that. I see. When women are belittled or touched in an inappropriate way in the workplace, it’s our fault if we have a problem with it. We’re too sensitive. I see. Yup, no problem here.

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