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GOP: Critic overcome by socialistic Kool-Aid

Letter by Gil Wilde, Gig Harbor on July 10, 2012 at 12:00 pm with 28 Comments »
July 10, 2012 2:42 pm

Re: “Republicans’ actions tantamount to treason” (letter, 7-9).

The sentiments expressed in this letter would be laughable if not for the fact he was serious. If I choose to vote for a Republican, I am guilty of treason? My treachery is blatant. I am even the cause of horrendous tornadoes, storms, drought and the death of many Americans.

Unfortunately, the writer and far too many others in our great country have been overcome by the intoxicating socialistic Kool-Aid made readily available by both political parties.

In his book, “You Don’t Say,” Fred Gielow praises liberals for being anxious to help the poor, the disadvantaged, the homeless and the oppressed. He writes, “But where is justice when the pursuit of compassion leads liberals to plunder the haves to give to the have nots? By what right do they steal from future generations to give to those ‘needy’ individuals they consider more worthy?”

Our political system encourages incumbents to do and say just about anything to stay in office. Until the American people wake to the fact that there really is no free ride and each of needs to be a little more honest about our own personal agenda, we will continue the “blame game” to the detriment of our children and grand children.

Rather than blaming Republicans (or Democrats) we should vote for those politicians willing to back term limits, fiscal responsibility and the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. sumyungboi says:

    You need to realize, the hateful, over the top rhetoric of the leftist who wrote the original letter is quite indicative of how most leftists actually think. Most simply won’t say it, but trust me, it’s how they feel. They’re puppets and children.

  2. Fibonacci says:

    There are many flavors of kool aid. The right drinks the Faux News, Rush Limgaugh, Romney flavor all the time. But I forgot, it is only kool aid and rhetoric when it says something different than you already believe.

    How do you know how liberals feel. Can you read minds. It is the righties that are hateful and spout the same garbage nonstop. You are nothing more than lackeys of the rich.

  3. Where is justice when the GOP would take all from the needed so the rich can be richer?

    Jesus commanded the faithful to take care of the poor and needy, and told the rich that wealth worked not only against the good of the community but against their own salvation.

  4. sumyungboi says:

    Fibonacci, I know the left better than they know themselves. All you have to do is find some “reasonable” far leftist, take your pick, and they can be goaded into a hateful rant within minutes.

    xring, I’m not a christian, and really could care less what Jesus commanded. I am opposed to my money being forcibly taken and given to people who’re fully capable of work. All men are created equal. After that, it’s up to them.

  5. jerryman47 says:

    Right on Gil. That letter writer really had a far out opinion. You are definitely correct. Thank you for answering his letter in a true and non biased way.

  6. Sumy,
    You remind me of an old Zen story, which in terms you can understand runs thusly.

    One day Student Sumy explained liberals and liberalism to a fellow student who was about to take a test on liberal and conservative ideals and philosophy.

    A few days later the other student was called in to the teacher’s office and asked where he had learned about liberals and liberalism.

    The student, beamingly, replied “Why from Sumy of course, he knows more about the liberals than they do”.

    To which the teacher replied, then “So, then there are are at least two students at this school who know nothing about liberals or liberalism.”

  7. sumyungboi says:

    Wow, that was so profound. I think I saw that on an episode of Assy McGee.

  8. Sumy,
    ‘money forcible taken” then you are alright with freely giving you money to the rich, and to supposedly successful and profitable businesses and corporations?

    All men maybe created equal, but it is up to society or governments to insure all people have equal access, and are treated fairly by the educational and legal systems, and equal access to the economic system.

  9. sumyungboi says:

    I’m a libertarian, ring, not a fan of welfare for anyone, and that includes subsidies and tax credits for anything green. The market knows what to do. Everyone bitches about “big oil” subsidies, (which is nonsense, anyway) but why is “big wind” subsidies any better? Or being rewarded by the feds for buying a stupid car that sends your electric meter into fifth gear? (Hybrids were market driven by the way, people like them. Electric car weren’t, and no one wants one) Crony socialism sucks, no matter who your big government chooses as a winner.

  10. aislander says:

    Fibonacci writes: “You are nothing more than lackeys of the rich.”

    THERE’S a phrase right out of the mouth of Karl Marx…

  11. Sumy,
    So profound that you missed the meaning again.

    Not surprising for one who could be the body double for Assy McGee.

    Do you have the same aversion to ‘crony corporatism’ and ‘crony capitalism’ as you do for ‘crony socialism’?

    The downfall of libertarianism, like Christianity, is the lack of a rational basis for its values and beliefs, forcing believers to accept the core concepts on faith and faith alone.

    Libertarianism concepts
    Property is sacred
    Any government is bad
    Capitalists are noble Nietzchean heroes
    Worker activism is evil
    The poor are pampered good-for-nothings

  12. The leaked document reveals that the trade agreement would give unprecedented political authority and legal protection to foreign corporations. Specifically, TPP would (1) severely limit regulation of foreign corporations operating within US boundaries, giving them greater rights than domestic firms; (2) extend incentives for US firms to move investments and jobs to lower-wage countries; and (3) establish an alternative legal system that gives foreign corporations and investors new rights to circumvent US courts and laws, allowing them to sue the US government before foreign tribunals and demand compensation for lost revenue due to US laws they claim undermine their TPP privileges or their investment “expectations.”


  13. bB,
    TTP reminds me of the Concessions China was forced to give to Britain and the other Western Powers in the 1800 hundreds.

    It also reminds me of the demands major US corporations demanded and received from many South and Central American Banana Republic in the late 1800 and early 1900.

  14. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “The downfall of libertarianism, like Christianity, is the lack of a rational basis for its values and beliefs, forcing believers to accept the core concepts on faith and faith alone.”

    You’ve shown an astounding lack of understanding of Libertarianism, but what _really_ sticks out here, and what really shows me what you’re made of: “.. forcing believers to accept blah blah”. You see, you live in the liberal / progressive ideological paradigm where adhering to a particular political philosophy is tantamount to and on equal footing with a religious belief. This is why libs / progs can’t be reasoned with, because your politics _are_ your religion. We have the historical gift of watching before our eyes where progressivism leads, (as in Europe) but the problem lies in the fact that, while progressives profess to be patriotic and love America, why are they always trying to change things? Frances Fox Piven, darling of the “New Party”, (a progressive attempt to steer the Democrat party to the far left, which obama was part of) promoted a plan to push so many people into the welfare system that it would overcome the country’s ability to sustain it, leading to collapse of the current economic structure and a descent to anarchy leading to marxism. This is the true goal of the progressives, take or leave Piven. There can be no other explanation for putting the hammer down and driving straight toward Greece and Spain and Italy and most of them over there when the evidence of where that road leads in on the news every single night. There are now commercials, for gods sake, encouraging people to get on food stamps.

  15. MililaniJag says:

    Letter to ed. writer is still suffering from BDS….Bush Derangement Syndrome. Even after 3.5 years of Pres.Onama. Saul Alinsky tactics.

  16. charliebucket says:

    wow sum, you really need to chill out and stop watching the “news”.

    you do realize that ‘news’, and political pundit segments, and talk radio, are written with the goal of how many viewers and advertisers the hype can lure in, don’t you?


  17. xring, how do you know what “Jesus” said? Because you read it in a book? You go on to say that it’s up to the government to ensure that all people have equal access. How about citing an example where that is not already being done. All of us have the right to “pursuit” of happiness, there’s no guarantee that all will catch it. Nowhere is it written that all outcomes are guaranteed to be successful. People like you want us all to live on communes and work for the government. I hate to tell you this but it’s already been tried and it doesn’t work so well.

  18. Sumy – rather than making a bigger fool of yourself by pontificalting abount something you know abosolutly nothing about why not try to defend your view of libertarianism, if you can.

    Charlie – right wing ‘news etc’ has profound effects on the minds of those like Sumy and Mjag for the same reason The Force has a powerful affect on the minds of some people.

  19. sumyungboi says:

    xring, whether or not I’m a Libertarian is irrelevant here, mentioned only to help explain my disdain for welfare. Any welfare.

    As to your deflection, why not explain to me where I’m wrong in my observance of progressivism.

    charlie, yeah, no point in paying any attention to news. And you really think your puppetmaster has no agenda? Haysoos, man, where do you guys come from, seriously?

  20. Sumy – so your libertarian is irrelevant so cannot be discussed. But my progressivism is fair game for deconstruction?

    What’s the matter little troll, Can’t defend you basic beliefs?

    How to explain to you where you are wrong in you observance of progressives?

    First, you don’t know the difference between a liberal and a progressive.

    So, let us begin with you telling me, in your own words:

    What is the difference between a liberal, and a progressive

  21. sumyungboi says:

    ring, yes, my Libertarianism is irrelevant to this discussion of a former letter writers’ lunatic rant aimed toward the GOP. I simply gave anecdotes which helps to illuminate the far lefts hatred and their mindset.

    Liberal? A well meaning but misguided do-gooder who just about always does more harm than good, but will never come to grips with that fact.

    Progressive? A far left marionette who joneses for the total collapse of the free market economic model, replaced with a marxist oligarchy. These little ones often hide behind liberalism, and will show their hateful ignorance when goaded.

    Q: What was the “New Party”?
    A: A collection of progressive activists whose goal was to move the Democrat party to the extreme left.

    Q: Who is Frances Piven?
    A: Was a prominent New Party member and current academic far left activist who still calls for civil uprisings. Her last speech at “occupy” was quite frankly bizarre, where the cute little tools in the crowd repeated _every_ single line she spoke. She was the architect and promoter of the New Party plan to push so many people into welfare that it would topple the economic system.

    Q: Was Obama a New Party member?
    A: Yes, he was.

    We can see Europe from our houses. We can see where that road leads. Give me one rational reason why libs / progs want to go there, other than the demise of what we have. To fundamentally transform America, as your king has said.

    Oh, and please spare me your definitions. I don’t care, you know what you are, and you try to hide behind words. You all do.

  22. took14theteam says:

    charliebucket, so we are to assume that everything you post is all your “opinion”, not shaped by anything else?

    I think you can surpass Obama as “The One”….

  23. took14theteam says:

    Or maybe a little bit mucky…..

  24. Sumy – you failed.
    While liberals and progressives have many goals in common, the major difference is in how to achieve those goals.

    Liberals believe in the power of the purse, thus typically focusing on the use of the government treasury as a means to an end. The ideal is that taxpayers dollars can help individuals afford bare necissites and entice (bribe) institutions to support the common good,

    Progressives believe in using the government’s authority to pass laws setting standards and parameters as the best means to an end. (think food safty, minimum wage, labor laws).

    Next question: How would a Libertaiian handle food safety issues?

  25. the crowd repeated _every_ single line

    Do some research. Find out WHY without just repeating the idiot putdowns you hear someone else put forward.

    Occupy gatherings have commonly been denied the permits for amplification so they have utilized the “peoples’ mic”

    A human microphone, also known as the people’s microphone, is a means for delivering a speech to a large group of people, wherein persons gathered around the speaker repeat what the speaker says, thus “amplifying” the voice of the speaker without the need for amplification equipment.

  26. took14theteam says:

    Yes xring, like laws that tell you how large a drink you can buy and what kind of fat you can eat….

  27. wrong tooky – progressives would not support such a law. Moreover, it sounds like something that so called party of small government and individual responsibility would back.

    bBoy – anyone who’s seen a military cermoney has seen the same thing as commands are repeated down thru various levels of command.

  28. took14theteam says:

    Apparently you don’t get out on the Google much.



    Gotta luv those “progressives” using government to control our behavior.

    Just wait till Obamacare fully kicks in….

    How old are you xring? Oh, your life expectancy is 2 more years. That surgery is not cost effective. Here, have some pain pills. Oh, wait, the democrats outlawed pain pills to protect the people from addiction. I am sorry, here is an aspirin. Have a nice time until you die….

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