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OBAMA: Robinson’s good at carrying water for president

Letter by Robert Rudolph, Olympia on July 10, 2012 at 11:31 am with 27 Comments »
July 10, 2012 11:31 am

Columnist Eugene Robinson has one virtue: He is the most predictable writer I ever heard of. If he sees that the Obama administration needs water carried for it, well, he goes out and carries it. His writing is shrill and assumes complete bad faith on the part of his opponents, but that seems more and more common these days. Most pundits appeal only to their own party’s base. But at least Robinson sticks to his guns, blazing away as his side’s version of Pat Buchanan.

I do note that his columns almost never praise Obama’s words and acts. A failed economic policy does make such praise more difficult. This summer’s jobs report has been disappointing to date, and the unemployment rate will certainly creep up by the end of July.

What can be used to rouse up the party base this year? Fear, and fear in large doses. I anticipate that Robinson’s shrillness level will rise again as the economy sinks.

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  1. Don’t worry your tea-ny little head about it – the TNT features Chucky and friends whose columnists regularly criticize the President.

  2. Ortingmom says:

    Maybe he will choke on said water

  3. “What can be used to rouse up the party base this year? Fear, and fear in large doses,” you ask?

    That is the only strategy the Republicans have, since they certainly haven’t offered any solutions except more of the Bush failed economics.

  4. averageJose says:

    Still with the “snark” I see b. LOL.
    I don’t see Eug as anything more than repeating LLW talking points. Can’t really say I’ve read anything from him that didn’t follow talking points.

  5. sevenstrokeroll says:

    It is amazing how the right has no ability to own their horrific policies and obstructionist politics. Where are the right wing solutions? They have none, except to continue with their failed economic plan and ridiculous anti-tax agenda. Truely pathetic.

  6. Where are the left wing solutions?
    Oh yeah… “hope and change”, LOL!

  7. Maybe he will choke on said water

    Well he’s proved he can’t walk on it.

  8. Scottc51 says:

    “Continue their failed economic plan” – you mean the one with no federal budget, with Democratic control of White House and congress between 2008 and 2010; and with the President for the past 3+ years? Is that the failed economic plan you are talking about?

  9. Tuddo, you know better. No one is calling for Bush economics but the left. Big spending, expanded govt, stimulus. Come on.

    With the exception of tax rates (they have been around for a decade, reaffirmed by dems, enough word games), what are you talking about?

    Be better then the rhetoric

  10. “blazing away as his side’s version of Pat Buchanan”
    Rudolph Raindrear. Mr. Robinson’s comments are pretty vanilla most of the time and you can take them or leave them. Mr. Buchanan’s comments are usually downright incendiary as in no person of color has ever made any contribution to this country and they are tearing the country down; getting something for nothing. That’s your side? How about we’re all on America’s side? Robinson or Buchanan, they both have the right to their opinion just as you have the right to read either or neither. What do they write that has such a bearing on any of your positive contributions to the country? (you do help don’t you; a child, elder, community, etc.)?

    ORTINGfemaleparent (mom implies nice), that was a nice Christian thing to say,”choke on said water”. That’s what you teach your offspring?

    Scottc51: obviously you don’t understand how your government works. Apparently in all the time you mention, there were no filibusters or other onstructionist actions. They’re legal, it’s OK, and it is what it is. Just be fair and mention that part too when we are talking about helping get things done in our country. If one group doesn’t/won’t help, how do you blame the President?

  11. Clamo – there are Left wing solutions that the President hasn’t tried. But then….he ain’t Left.

  12. $5tril in deficit spending, class warfare, gays in the military, attack on the Church, supporting populous uprisings in the ME, supporting OWS. Real center mass type of guy.

  13. Fibonacci says:

    Yeah, that darn Obama, he just have not been able to clean up the mess from the previous admin. I supposed it is his fault about Greece, Spain, Italy, and so on. Things would be much worse under mr Flip Flop. By the way, there have ALWAYS been gays in the military, and no one is attacking the church.

  14. aJo – if you have only read llw talking points you are not reading ER’s columns.

    Scottc – thank you for that fine example of a right wing talking point.

    During the 2009-2010 sessions, the House passed over 500 bills that died in the Senate due to Republican lead filibusters.

    And the rest of the story – many of the bills had been sponsored and supported by the same Republicans that voted against them in the House and blocked them in the Senate.

    All so the GOP could ‘make Obama a one term President’ and in the process destroy the economy.

    CT7 – Bush’s spending got us into this mess. What President is proposing will help get us out of the mess.

    why the deficient spending – because the No Tax party would rather see the US crash and burn then raise taxes on the rich.

    There have always been gays in the military. I bet there were some in your units.

    Attack on the Church = defending the public against the Church from forcing its polices on non-members.

    Supporting populist uprisings in the ME – as opposed to supporting the right wing dictatorships.

    All typical right wing actions and proof that the right cares only for money and power.

  15. charliebucket says:

    all I can say to anyone who thinks it is some far out idea to have gays serve (openly) in our military…is WOW. there is no reasoning with that kind of close mindedness.

  16. Xring- we can tax the rich 100% and it would not fix the deficit or debt. You know that. We have the most progressive federal tax structure in the world. Nevermind that our also record breaking coroporate taxes are driving businesses overseas.

    CB- did I state an opinion? Would you not say that allowing gays to openly show there sexual preference in uniform is not progressive? Is it conservative?

  17. LeePHill says:

    “Well he’s proved he can’t walk on it.”

    If he did, you’d complain he can’t swim.

    “we can tax the rich 100% and it would not fix the deficit or debt.”

    The next time someone want’s to cite a talking point, this one will do.

    “Would you not say that allowing gays to openly show there sexual preference in uniform is not progressive? Is it conservative?

    It’s open minded and rational which means it can’t be conservative.

    attack on the Church

    More like compromising with “the church”. Someone didn’t take reading in elementary school.

  18. LeePHill says:

    I wonder which soldier would tell an openly gay soldier to not protect him in a combat situation.

    I can just hear it….”since you are gay, I don’t want you to look out for my welfare”

    The problem with soldiers that can’t handle a gay soldier is that they KNOW that the gay soldier is interested in them….which tells you something about the “non-gay” soldier.

  19. LeePHill says:

    “Clamo”…..heh heh

    I’m Vexed

  20. CT7,
    Most progressive tax system in world’ – try again, beginning with Sweden, Finland, and the UK.

    ‘corporate taxes’ – tax rates are high, but thanks to the tax code, the US has some of the lowest tax collections in the world.

    Many things combined to drive our business overseas. However taxes where not a major item. More importantly, it allowed business and individuals to hide large parts of the income in overseas tax heavens thus avoiding paying any US taxes.

  21. philichi says:

    back to the subject. I agree with the letter writer. I have yet to read a Eugene Robinson article of substance. I challenge the libs to say the same thing about Charles Krouthoumer. I think that his column should be replaced by a third or fourth grade grammer student There would be more incite.

  22. X- half of Americans pay ZERO income taxes. The countries may have a higher rate at the top.

    An interesting read on corporate tax rates. We have the highest, and no clear concensus vs other nations.


  23. LeePHill says:

    “I have yet to read a Eugene Robinson article of substance. I challenge the libs to say the same thing about Charles Krouthoumer.”

    OK. I accept the challenge.

    “I have yet to read a Charles Krauthammer article of substance.”

    How’s that, Con?

    “There would be more incite.”

    Now THAT, I’m not touching. LOL

  24. LeePHill says:

    “X- half of Americans pay ZERO income taxes.”

    A real shame that our income is so low that half of Americans don’t make enough money to pay taxes.

  25. I long ago quit reading Charles Krauthammer because all he does is repoeat propaganda, uses myth and never any facgts for his opinions and changes his opiniions based on what the talking points of the day happen to be.

    Robinson’s are opinions based on facts that he freely shares. That is the reason most far righties don’t like him, he shakes up their mythology by presenting real facts that they don’t get from their usual sources.

    I suggest that if you don’t like Robinson and his columns irk you, then quit reading him.

  26. MyBandito says:

    Fox News irks me. So, rather than write letters complaining about everything that irks me about Fox News, I tune them out.

  27. Pchi,
    While no fan of Krauthammer’s beliefs and opinions, writing wise his column is at least on a par with most other professional journalists and commentators.


    Personal Income Taxes:

    That evil socialistic progressive tax system that allow middle income me to pay income tax at 28% but forces the poor rich man Romany to pay at a 14% rate.

    Corporate Income Taxes:

    Had you read beyond the headlines you would have found that:
    The 39.2% rate site for the US consists of 35% Federal Rate + ‘the average corporate tax rate for the states which vary widely.”

    That effective tax rates for individual corporations differ greatly depending on product, home state, and other factors.

    That the effective US corporate rates in the range from 23% to 34.9%.

    Oh and my twp ersonal favorites:

    Neither Party understands Corporate Tax issure.

    Both President Obama and the Republicans have called for lowering the headline US corporate tax rate.

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