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WASHAM: Help him find other employment

Letter by Chris Phippen, Tacoma on July 9, 2012 at 2:13 pm with 8 Comments »
July 9, 2012 2:48 pm

Dale Washam’s embarrassment to Pierce County has truly gone on long enough. No one cares anymore about his predecessor’s administration, and no one cares to join Washam in his never-ending witch hunt into the proverbial political train wreck.

Anyone in a similar predicament in the private sector would have been terminated long before everything went out of control. Elected official or not, Washam’s tenure should abruptly end for the good of the county and the integrity of the position itself.

The public could always help Washam and his sidekick, Albert Ugas, find other employment. How about creating a Batman and Robin-type of dynamic duo, fighting computer-generated land assessments throughout the land, purveyors of ultimate justice. But then again, who needs a dynamic duo that would have to be court ordered to actually do their jobs?

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  1. sumyungboi says:

    Letter writer: “Anyone in a similar predicament in the private sector would have been terminated long before everything went out of control.”

    A private BoD’s wouldn’t be falling all over themselves to pay out huge sums to whiny employees just for the sake of making the CEO look bad. If there were ever a case of the good ol’ boy network engaged in Kanly, and willing to waste your money by the barrel for the sake of making their point, this is it, and the TNT is guilty and complicit in helping to send taxpayer money down the rat hole.

  2. commoncents says:

    Evidently you aren’t aware that there are entire departments in most large companies (those large enough to have a BoD) that work with the insurance companies to mitigate risk. But then again, most companies this size do their due diligence prior to hiring their CEO’s and avoid train wrecks like Washam. When the misfire (or mishire) then they tend to shell out the exorbitant sums to the CEO’s to get rid of them. But you don’t have a problem there do you?

  3. PierceCountyVoter says:

    Thank you, Jesus. There are four qualified candidates running against him. One from his own office. That has to hurt! Voters: Let’s do the right thing and vote him OUT!!!

  4. commoncents says:

    I might add..some of the things that happen in corporate america DO impact consumers negatively. Look at Duke Energy and it’s 26 million dollar payout to CEO Bill Johnson who served as CEO for…..wait for it….wait for it….exactly ONE DAY!

    His ouster was largely due to ego and is strictly a power play. But hey…sure makes that couple hundred thousand paid out to settle FOUR hostile work environment suits look like chump change.

    There is FAR more dirt in corporate america….

  5. charliebucket says:

    sadly, this whole Washam thing could have been avoided if the ‘ranked choice voting’ debacle had not been sold to voters as the next great step in democracy. yikes. Who in their right mind thought changing from “majority rules” to an “eenie meenie miney moe” system would produce good results……seriously.

    Thank God that mess was done away with.

  6. PumainTacoma says:

    And what about the prosecutor who is telling another elected official what to do and when to do it… my god. kind of the pot caling the kettle black as if he ever told Madsen what to do and when to do it… Sounds like someone got their panties in a bunch or something?

  7. MyBandito says:

    Would you hire this man after reading his resume?

  8. PierceCountyVoter says:

    The prosecutor never HAD to tell Ken Madsen to do his job because he did it as he was elected to do. And he didn’t browbeat his employees, or cost the county millions.

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