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FIREWORKS: Explosions can affect combat veterans

Letter by Daniel D. Davis, Graham on July 5, 2012 at 6:11 pm with 25 Comments »
July 6, 2012 11:30 am

I think that all the people who blow off fireworks on the Fourth of July should really think about
the military veterans who have been in a combat zone.

I was in Vietnam, and the non-thinking non-vets do not realize how blowing off fireworks affects us. The media worry about pets; maybe they should worry about us veterans. The noise of exploding fireworks might give us the PTSD that people worry so much about.

People who have never served in the military or in a combat zone should think about this.

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  1. LeePHill says:

    Daniel – don’t forget the non-thinking vets, who are so caught up in faux patriotism that they’d suggest that there’s something wrong with your patriotism for having PTSD and being sensitive to explosions.

    Your letter is a reminder that professional fireworks at a location where people have the choice to avoid and not participate, is a much better answer to the celebration.

  2. billybushey says:

    I’ll never forget seeing my cousin home on leave from Vietnam over the 4th when I was just a boy. A brick of firecrackers was set off unannounced in the yard next to ours. He rolled out of his lawn chair and dove under the table without thinking. All of us just froze. Then he started to cry, and later got very drunk. He went back to Nam and was killed the following January on his 21st birthday.

  3. I have thought about it. But, remember this statement “Enjoy your freedom thank a vet”. First thanks for your service and welcome home which I’m sure you didn’t here much. Also that same freedom you fought for and your pals died for gave me the right to set off those fireworks you’re complaining about.

  4. rooster_02 says:

    Being unconcerned about the effect of the unthoughtful use of illegal fireworks is not a right…..it’s just stupid.

  5. billybushey says:

    TOOCAN: Spoken like an true arm chair patriot that never heard a shot fired in anger

  6. Totally agree rooster.

  7. bobbysangelwife says:

    I never understood really how fireworks would have an effect on someone….until my own husband was home last deployment. He tried his hardest to not show that he was being affected, but when I gave him a hug here and there—I could feel his heart racing. At first he would jump a bit, cringe a bit.

    It isn’t as bad now, but we skip the evening show here on post and opt to watch a movie or something else instead.

    I never thought it would be mine…

  8. mcgintey says:

    The fireworks just keep getting bigger and louder. They aren’t the little firecrackers of my youth. The big illegal ones shake the house. What ever happened to “disturbing the peace” and being considerate of your neighbors? Our pets are terrorized, babies are wakened and vets living through hell are terrorized anew. This idiocy has got to be knocked down several notches in a community.

  9. Maybe it’s because we happen to live in a state that is over whelmingly populated with idiots. I’m also a Vietnam vet and I hate not only the fireworks that these “patriots” use, I hate them as well. On my street there’s about six retired military guys, none of us use fireworks. Only those armchair, sunshine patriots are the ones out there creating havoc. I agree with billbushey, if these clowns want to make noise they should volunteer for the military and a couple of tours to a war zone then they can make all of the noise they want. Don’t hold your breath, those kind of people are cowards and get their kicks scaring animals.

  10. Agreed Frosty. I wonder why “The Law” doesn’t crack down on the illegal fireworks sold on Indian reservations and why “they” can sell them in the first place. I am tired of them getting special rights because “WE” stole their land when the fact is that “people’s” land have been taken by the stronger force since the beginning of time. We should all have to live by the same rules. As far as my dogs go I bought some “doggie downers” which really didn’t work that well because of all the bombs going off:(

  11. Kevindot1 says:

    Look, I know for a fact there are plenty of active duty soldiers, and retired vets who love lighting off and watching firework shows. And, there are plenty of non-military folks who never served a day in their lives who detest fireworks. This letter is a sad example of someone using folks from one group, painting it as though it’s the entire group, only to push their one-sided agenda.

  12. thisyoungvet says:

    Thank you for writing this letter. I am a younger generation veteran with PTSD. For the last few years I knew I had a hard time with this holiday, among many, and couldn’t bring myself to face it. This last year I finally started seeking help for it now that I am out of the military. I unfortunately have a neighbor who enjoys setting off huge fireworks for weeks before and after the 4th. It can be extremely difficult for me and I have often felt ashamed that the holiday that is meant to celebrate our freedom and so many good things is not a pleasant holiday for me at all. Reading this though reminds me I am not alone. @Kevingdot1 it is clear you don’t know anyone who has been effected by PTSD, and if anything is sad it is that you would write such a letter. It is people like you who help perpetuate the stigma that remains around the struggles that veterans have.

  13. Ortingmom says:

    It is people like you who help perpetuate the stigma that remains around the struggles that veterans have. How so?
    There are pleny of soldiers that enjoy lighting fireworks and plenty who don’t, same as non military…how can that offend you…and ps I happen to agree with Kevin and this in no way takes away from my support of our military vets.

  14. Ortingmom, you speak with forked tongue! You just read a letter from a young vet who is troubled by fire works and from some older vets such as myself who are also affected by them. Then you have the gall to say you support vets? Typical fence-sitter.

  15. Kevindot, if you want to find out what real noise is, make a trip to the local reruiting station and sign up. Maybe you’ll have a different perspective after a few years.

  16. lylelaws says:


    You wrote a book in a paragraph.

    Your comments summarized the problem vey well. I just wish that more people would read them and heed them.

    It is high time for us to ban together, confront Pierce County Council members, and put a stop to the insanity that makes so many of us dread the annual two-week bombardment that terrorizes our pets, the wildlife, and more importantly, many of our military veterans who served our country in combat.

  17. lylelaws says:


    Your comment about non-thinking vets who are caught up in false patroitisim sets a new standard of low, even for you.

    But, of course you were too old, too young too opposed to violence or something like that that prevented you from serving your counry in the military.

  18. LeePHill says:

    Uh…Lyle….what is so low about taking note of the clowns that claim to have served in the military but want to deny the existence of PTSD and homelessness among the veteran population?

    If you want to attack me, do a better job than one of your baseless assertion letters to the editor

    Darlin – the Indians wouldn’t sell the fireworks on the res if it wasn’t so damned profitable. Try a doggie downer to clear your mind. The problem is the white people forking over all that green.

  19. LeePHill says:

    Lyle…If only veterans can have their say about the laws, why did Dick Cheney get to say so much?

  20. took14theteam says:

    Ah yes. The subtle hint of racism from the Olympia Blogger. So Blacks don’t celebrate the 4th? I guess not in your world. In your world they are too busy killing each other and being held down by the “Man”.

    Obama is so busy pandering to them and the people from south of the border that he must have forgot to celebrate the 4th of july too.

    Do you need to do this every day Larry?

    Oh, and thanks for having my comment deleted responding to your childish comment on another thread.

    This place makes you go Hmmm.

  21. LeePHill says:

    I think took1 took 14. I haven’t mentioned race in this thread, other than telling Darlin that Indians couldn’t sell fireworks so successfully if the white people weren’t out there spending their money. Take away the caucasian market and see how successful their sales are. It’s just demographics. CT7 endorses demographics so you must think that’s good (refusing to use eyeroll)

    As to – “Oh, and thanks for having my comment deleted responding to your childish comment on another thread”….I’m sorry I missed the comment. You’ll have to blame someone else for having it deleted. Try blaming yourself for not following the rules.

    If I didn’t “do this everyday” who would you have to obsess over and stalk?

  22. LeePHill says:

    You count the number of times I post, but it’s “not about me”.


  23. took14theteam says:

    I should have said APPROXIMATELY 50. My bad.


  24. I notice the lines are still short at the local recruiting station. Where’s all of these “patriots”?

  25. igotdabombfool says:

    Funny that there is a vast Minority of “people” (I say people, because veterans aren’t the only ones to get it) with PTSD that don’t have a problem with explosions. Just because they have PTSD doesn’t label them fireworks downers. I’m glad there are so many people out there that have such a grasp on everybodies individual problems with PTSD. Please don’t speak for a group of people that is ever-growing and that you only have first-hand knowledge of one or two people in the group.

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