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FIREWORKS: A car killed ‘bombproof’ horse, not fireworks

Letter by Rob C. Lewis, Lakewood on July 5, 2012 at 1:37 pm with 8 Comments »
July 5, 2012 1:37 pm

Re: “‘Bombproof’ horse driven to his death by fireworks” (Kathleen Merryman column, 7-4).

No, the horse was killed by a car. Perhaps Merryman will also blame the horse’s death on the car’s builder or the county for building the road.

Interesting that she never mentioned the condition of the driver or that that the horse apparently wasn’t properly restrained. I’d bet Merryman just doesn’t like fireworks.

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  1. Frankenchrist says:

    Good logic. And Osama bin Laden didn’t cause 9/11; it was caused by the hijacked airplanes impacting buildings and the ground.

  2. Yeah, and if my neighbor throws a cat into the street and it is hit by a car, its not my neighbor’s fault, its that pesky car’s fault for being in the road.

  3. charliebucket says:

    as a horse owner in the past (my mare passed away years ago from natural causes) I really feel for the horse’s owners. each july 4th and jan 1st I lived in dread, hoping my mare would survive another ‘holiday’ of fireworks. she would gallop frantically for hours in her paddock. keeping her in her stall would have resulted in her knocking the door down to get away, injuring herself, or worse. ‘restraining’ her would have been stupidity, she would break her own neck to get away from the booming. before someone suggest that horses should just be sedated for these holidays, save it. that is not practical. how about pyro revelers stick to legal fireworks and observe set hours to detonate them or go to city or county fireworks shows instead of blasting for days on end without regard to whom else, or what else, they damage.

    this horse’s death has nothing to do with the car, the driver, how the horse was restrained or not…it has everything to do with horses being terrified of the ‘booming’ and using their ‘fight or flight’ instincts to get to safety. the letter writer obviously is not a horse person and sounds like a callous, uncaring gun toting “nuke ‘em in the dark, shoot ‘em when they glow” idiot.

  4. APimpNamedSlickback says:

    Actually, the way I read the story about the horse’s death, I was led to believe that the driver hit the horse and ran.

    There was nothing in the story about the driver staying after hitting the horse. Witnesses said that the horse was on the side of the road when the driver hit it.

    Given that there was nothing suggesting the driver stayed after having a horse flop onto his car and break the windshield, and that witnesses said the horse was on the side of the road when hit and not in the road, I assumed that the driver intentionally aimed for the horse. I think that’s the angle the letter writer was coming from.

  5. sandblower says:

    I wonder what grade in school he attained, 4th maybe?

  6. Of course it was caused by fireworks. Animals are terrified of these things. I’ve watched my dog cowering in a bathroom for over a week now. I manage to take her out only in the morning when these idiots are asleep. About thirty years ago on the 4th of July I was driving south on I-5 around the Tacoma Mall exit and saw a large dog walking in the median. By the time I managed to exit and get back there to try to rescue the dog, it was scattered all over the highway. Thanks again to all of the fools who couldn’t care a bit about animals or their neighbors. It’s time to force the politicians to stop this craziness!

  7. MililaniJag says:

    Perhaps Ms.Merryman will update us on the tragic incident? The police report, any criminal or civil actions? Like the driver suing the fireworks fiend and not the horses owner? But, I doubt Ms.Merryman or the TNT will followup unless it fits her and the TNT’s agenda. Interesting that the new owner dubbed the horse “bombproof” based on info from the folks that abandoned the horse and left it to starve to death. Perhaps Ms.Merryman could also report on abandoned horses due to the continuing recession? Presidents fault?

  8. Frankly123 says:

    Jag, Thank you for that point, that I tried to make only to get criticized and disputed by Merryman herself. I feel badly for the horse and it’s Owner and caretaker and do understand and agree that fireworks are frightening and bothersome to animals. But I thought Ms. Merryman’s article was sensationalized and poorly written. She played up a charming story of 4-H and seasoned Hunting experience in addition to a calm and steadiness amidst local artillery range fire and military planes so she could playoff an ironic title “bombproof” killed by “fireworks”. All the while glazing over the point that the horse was neglected by the former owner whose information Gunder, then Ms. Merryman used for the moniker “bombproof”.

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