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HEALTH: Is Dr. Krugman mathematically challenged?

Letter by Orme Dockins, Puyallup on July 2, 2012 at 3:19 pm with 4 Comments »
July 3, 2012 11:01 am

My bachelor’s in economics pales when compared to the Nobel Prize in economics awarded Paul Krugman, Ph.D., however I am able to add 2 plus 2 and arrive at 4.

Krugman’s assertion (TNT, 7-1) that “The Affordable Care Act is fully paid for with an “explicit combination of tax increases and spending cuts” is the sort of economics regularly espoused by this ultra-liberal, income-redistributing, world government flim-flam artist.

President Obama’s political need to keep the 10-year program costs under $1 trillion was met by double-counting Medicare/Medicaid spending cuts ($500 billion), taxing for 10 years but only providing six years of actual coverage ($460 billion) and hiding at least $50 billion in discretionary spending required for program implementation.

Additionally, $227 billion in doctor reimbursement cost was shifted to an entirely separate piece of legislation.

I suppose if I were a Ph.D., such financial manipulation would meet the definition of “explicit combination of tax increases and spending cuts.” Many of us less educated economists would consider such financial legerdemain nothing more than a political shell game.

The Congressional Budget Office did rule the ACA’s $940 billion 10-year price tag to be covered by proposed spending cuts and increased tax revenues, but it has revised its estimate and now calculates the 10-year program costs at more than $1.7 trillion – nearly doubling Obama’s target figure.

What is next? I am certain that Dr. Krugman will suggest another “explicit combination of tax increases and spending cuts” to cover the shortage.

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  1. SwordofPerseus says:

    It’s is truly a great gift to the “for profit health care industry”. Perhaps the people will demand what is right and just.

    Perhaps we will get single payer health care when the right crashes the AHA. Perhaps we will elect representative who will look out for the
    American people for a change! LOL.

  2. falkoja6 says:

    This august body of legislators foreclosed on the “Mustang Ranch” in the early 90’s and as required by law proceeded to run it. They failed and it closed. Now we are supposed to believe in and trust this same body to oversee our health care, prop up the auto industry, bail out the banking system, and stimulate the economy when they couldn’t even make money running a house of ill repute and selling booze????

  3. Sword is consistent. His/her unwaivering support of any govenment program that creates a source of massive debt is as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise.

  4. MililaniJag says:

    Bigger question!! WHERE will the thousands of Canadians and thousands world wide that come to the USA to get their health care? You know,The ones that have 6 months to live and the Canadian wait is 7 months for treament. NHS have about 140K deaths each year of the elderly based on the economics vs social contribution. Why worry, Global warming….I mean “Climate Change” will get us 1st!!!!

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