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MCKENNA: Loose cannon poor choice for governor

Letter by Carol Dedrick, Tacoma on June 29, 2012 at 12:12 pm with 50 Comments »
June 29, 2012 1:26 pm

In March 2010, Rob McKenna, acting on his own, decided to commit Washington state citizens to financing his personal vendetta against our president’s Affordable Care Act. Against the wishes of the duly elected governor of the state he serves, and without polling the state’s citizens, he unilaterally made this decision.

He was wrong.

Do we want this loose cannon running our state for the next four years? His legal judgment is suspect; his ambitions take precedence over the interests of the citizens of his state, and his arrogance leads him to believe that he alone knows what’s best for his constituents.

Think twice about voting for McKenna.

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  1. sandblower says:

    Think once and vote for Jay Inslee.

  2. charliebucket says:

    He certainly will not be getting my vote for many reasons. The last straw was when he made our state part of the witch hunt against the HCRA. That indicated to me he is a TEA party type, and that is simply unacceptable for me. I prefer moderation and rational thinking in my leaders.

  3. aislander says:

    McKenna won in the Supreme Court on the issues he raised regarding Medicaid…

  4. LeePHill says:

    “OLYMPIA — Hoping to prevent damage to his bid for governor, Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna said Thursday he won’t back his party’s continuing efforts to repeal the health care law.

    McKenna, who signed onto the multi-state legal challenge rejected Thursday by the Supreme Court, said the lawsuit achieved its goal of clarifying the lines of power between the federal government and the states in the provision of health care.

    He said it is now “politically unrealistic” to “completely blow it up” and critics should instead spend their time trying to fix the bad parts.” – Everett Herald

    TeaPartier to RINO in 24 hours.

  5. aislander says:

    So…what could McKenna do as governor of this state to help get rid of that white elephant of Obamacare?

  6. LeePHill says:

    A funny thing is going to happen. Since the Cons can no longer pull the “it’s unconstitutional”, people are actually going to get some time to become educated in the value of Obamacare (thanks for the namesake).

    McKenna already lost my vote by playing Tea Party games. The Congressman who voted for Obamacare should clean his clock.

    On a quick sidebar, I’m enjoying the hell out of watching the Cons squirm on the “constitution” issue, now that Obamacare is constitutional. Boehner inserted his foot first by saying it’s “constitional but wrong”. So now those things that are constitutional are wrong? Thus unconstitutional is right?

    It’s always nice when you see the Speaker of the House support the document that is the very root of our Democratic Republic.

  7. sandblower says:

    I’m glad Boner is the republican house leader. His ridiculous example takes no interpretation. We all know for sure what he is and what he represents. Those who praise him do themselves no favor.

  8. tree_guy says:

    “personal vendetta”

    Carol, are you always prone to hyperbole or are you just PMSing?

  9. writnstuff says:

    Interesting move tree_guy. If you can’t rebute the statement, if you don’t have a response to the point of the letter, if you have NOTHING of value to add to the discussion, well, then, just attack the letter writer. That way you still get to see your clever turns of phrase on the web. I’m sure you feel much better now.

  10. Typical Republican, disagree with any referendum the democrats put forward, but have no alternative, viable solutions! It’s easy to disagree, mature/intelligent to find mutual, common ground!

  11. took14theteam says:


  12. tree_guy says:

    If you can’t rebute the statement, if you don’t have a response to the point of the letter, if you have NOTHING of value to add to the discussion, well, then, just attack the letter writer.

    Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2012/06/29/loose-cannon-makes-poor-choice-for-governor/#comments#storylink=cpy

    It’s pretty hard to respond to the “point” of the letter since Carol’s submission is just incoherent hyperbole. I’m not sure what a “rebute” is so I’m having trouble making sense out of your comment too.

  13. truthbusterguy says:


    For the “Goodwill” of the state I will be voting for Rob.

  14. Fibonacci says:

    And I will vote for Jay, canceling out your vote for Rob.

  15. They only reason he and fellow republican are against Obamacare is because the plan makes the Democrats look good and it wasn’t their plan

  16. LPHill – the GOP has already moved on to ‘the biggest tax increase in histroy and will cost jobs and destroy the middle class’.

    TBG – for the good of this states citizens I will not be voting for McKenna.

  17. Hill, he never had the progressive votes, nice try. You are one of those votes dems do not even have to try and get.

    And Constitutional does not equal good policy. Are you so blind? Are you that shortsighted? BHOcare involves our debt, size of govt, taxes, the ability of govt to manage a program of that size, entitlements, and more taxes. Just to name some of the factors. SCOTUS said congress can tax. Wow. Enjoy your moment.

  18. harleyrider1 says:

    Liberals never met a tax they did not like.

    The United States Supreme Court heard argument from the U.S. Solicitor General at the direction of the President to present this bill as a tax measure. Even though he told us years ago, each year after, and again, last night that it is not a “tax” bill.

    The United Sates Supreme Court upheld the greatest tax increase in U.S. History – not my words.

    As for Mr. McKenna, he and 25-other States did prevail on the greatest concern and that is that each State cannot be forced into funding this; and even a larger victory was that the Feds cannot punish the State by taking away our Medicare.

  19. LeePHill says:

    “harleyrider1 says:
    June 30, 2012 at 7:09 am Liberals never met a tax they did not like.”

    Gosh, did you think that one up by yourself? What do you think pays for the services you get from your government?

    “taking away our Medicare” – UH OH…someone didn’t read the Affordable Health Care Act and is taking his leads from FOX. Since you are saying “our Medicare” are we to assume you are enjoying government provided health care insurance??????

    Uh…CT7 – I voted for McKenna for Attorney General, as did many Democrats. That was before he started pandering to the likes of you.

  20. writnstuff says:

    Much nicer, tree_guy. It’s okay to disagree. You can do so without being disrespectful. Good job.

  21. LeePHill says:

    “And Constitutional does not equal good policy. Are you so blind? Are you that shortsighted?”

    Uh…CT7…catch up….that is the line from the CONS. You see now that the SC didn’t rule in their favor, the Constitution is falible.


  22. LeePHill says:

    “Against the wishes of the duly elected governor of the state he serves, and without polling the state’s citizens, he unilaterally made this decision.
    He was wrong.”

    Not one word of hyperbole and quite coherent.

  23. menopaws says:

    I see the righties are drinking their Kool-aid from Karl Rove’s propaganda machine…The tax is the PENALTY for those who refuse to buy health insurance………It is NOT a tax on the rest of those that already have health insurance…………So, please be accurate…….I refuse to dumb down arguments that are NOT based in reality………..No tax unless you REFUSE to purchase health insurance………Real clear, real simple…the truth usually is……..So, let’s not turn this into some kind of argument about something that is a lie……..

  24. Even that Leftie Rag up north, the Seattle Times, yesterday endorsed McKenna. Inslee must really be bad news for that to happen.

    But I suspect the Politburo at the TNT will still endorse Inslee as well as the defunct PI.

    Hey TNT, go out on a limb this year and endorse someone other than the incumbent if only in one race.

  25. LeePHill says:

    “Even that Leftie Rag up north, the Seattle Times”

    Oh yeah…the Blethen Family are known communists. LOL

    They have purchased every small property in the Puget Sound area to eliminate competition.

    Then there are the marxists known as McClatchy…..

    If these CONS knew anything, their collective heads would explode.

  26. I will be voting for Rob and I could care less about the rest of the candidates.I believe the presidental winner has already been decided and his name isn’t Mitt.I made that observation by reading the handwriting on the wall.

  27. truthbusterguy says:

    McKenna didn’t lose. Read the decision. He challenged Obamacare on its validity concerning the Commerce Clause, and it was resoundingly struck down when held against that standard. Even two of the so-called “liberal” justices agreed on this, as well.

    The thing was upheld because it was considered by the court to be a tax. Of course, we were told by its proponents that there were no tax implications, but the lie has been exposed and we now know what it is for certain: The largest tax increase in the history of this planet, most of it directed at the American middle class.

    McKenna’s argument was agreed upon by seven of the nine justices. I hardly call that a loss.

  28. Sorry Harley – the case as presented was justified under the commerce class and not as a tax – Chief Justice Thomas said the bill was constitutional only if it was based on the Congress’s power to tax.

  29. This may come as an even bigger shock.

    Many liberals and progressives agree with the tweak that upheld States Rights and believe the law is better because of it.

  30. lylelaws says:

    Not that it matters much anymore what the majority of the people think, even in a place like Western Washington AKA ‘Liberal Paradise,” 61% of the folks who responded to the current Hotbutton question in the Tribune disagreed with the high court’s decision.

  31. Lyle,

    The question about the Hot Topic Poll is what part of the decision did the people disapprove of:

    The law in general, specific provisions, or that Roberts broke ranks with the conservative judicial activists?

    Other polls indicate that when asked about the individual provisions unconnected to ‘Obamacare’ show a majority of diehard republicans actual support the individual provisions – including the individual mandate.

    Or as I have said elsewhere – the only thing republicans hate about the lay is that it is Obama’s.

  32. I wont vote for him either I was involved in a situation with the State under an eminent domain taking.
    The D.O.T. took my property using actions that were fraudulent.
    When Mckenna was informed about the situation he respond “Mr.?(me) was sure screwed, but I think we can win this in Court.
    He acknowledged I was wronged but was confident he could win in Court.
    He didn’t care that I was financially ruined by a State Agency as long as he could win the case.
    He is morally corrupt.
    Do not vote for this man.

  33. Rt, what was the case? At this point, one would think public support would assist your cause.

  34. the3rdpigshouse says:

    SCOTUS legislating from the bench does not justify a constitutional ruling !! Stop “OH-Bummercare” wherever and however possible!

  35. writnstuff says:


    Seriously? He won by making a point? He changed nothing in the way the Act will be implemented.

    So how much did this little exercise of ego cost the citizens of Washington?

  36. writnstuff says:

    Oh, and one more thing…I want to point out that Carol did not ask readers not to vote for McKenna. She simply asked them to think twice.

    Here’s something they may want to consider: Do they really want a “daddy knows best” figure as Governor?

  37. Dave98373 says:

    The state attorney general does not have to get with “the duly elected governor” to enforce state law. There is a reason why the “duly elected” state attorney general has a separate function from that of the governor. Does anybody go to school anymore?

  38. writnstuff says:

    What state law was he enforcing?

  39. LeePHill says:

    Dave98373 – the Attorney General does not operate outside the confines of the state government. Regardless of the point that he is an elected official, he is representing the State, and the Governor is the chief executive of the State. He answers to the chief executive just like any other elected official.

  40. aislander says:

    LeePHill represents his unsubstantiated opinion as fact. Unlike states in which the AGs are APPOINTED by governors, our ELECTED AG enjoys much more autonomy. As long as he performs the duties of his office in conformity with the law, he is not committing any misfeasance.

    Our AG does not serve “at the pleasure of the governor.”

    Yikes! THAT last bit induced a most disturbing visual…

  41. LeePHill says:

    As usual, aislander misquoted someone…in this case, ME.

    I didn’t say that the AG “serves at the pleasure of the governor”.

    If aislander spent 1/10th of the time studying the state government that he does criticizing it, he might know the roles of state officials.

    It’s all online.

  42. LeePHill says:

    To avoid future embarrassment, aislander….


  43. aislander says:

    The governor does not dictate the agenda of the AG. McKenna’s office functioned in the best interests of the state in opposing the changes in Medicaid funding that would have cost the state plenty, the one area of the law that WAS struck down.

    I was NOT quoting you, but indicating through quotation marks that was a well-known phrase pertinent to APPOINTED officials, not elected ones…

  44. writnstuff says:

    As I remember it, McKenna was fighting the individual mandate.

  45. writnstuff – you remember correctly.

    “McKenna, a Republican, is one of 13 attorneys general who has filed suit, saying the mandate that all Americans obtain health insurance is unconstitutional.”


    Interesting that the mandate was one provision the Health Insurance Companies did not oppose.

  46. Dave98373 says:

    “What state law was he enforcing?”–AG M was challenging the ACA on grounds that the law was unconstitutional and that the USG cannot tax and enforce a policy on the citizens of Washington state. His legal challenge, while struck down by SCOTUS, is very valid and relevent with respect to the duties and obligations of his office. If one cannot understand how elected state government offices and elected federal government operates, I recommend a repeat of tenth grade civics class. If one still fails to educate themselves, they always have the option of voting out any elected Wasington state AG that they disagree with.

  47. Ortingmom says:

    Vote for Rob McKenna !!!

  48. writnstuff says:


    “…the USG cannot tax and enforce a policy on the citizens of Washington state.”

    Gosh, that’s news.

    I would have replied sooner but I was out salmon fishing. Dave, I suggest you take a break from the boards. Then maybe you can return and comment without throwing in a gratuitous insult each time. You would be more effective, and people could take you seriously as an educated person and not a knee jerk republican.

    We will forever disagree on this topic. That’s politics. We can still be civil.

  49. beerBoy says:

    took14 – I never have enjoyed the sight or smell of someone vomiting. I only am willing to hold an upchucker’s hair if they are my significant other.

    Please stop. It lowers the level of an already infantile board.

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