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HOLDER: House act deserving of contempt

Letter by Rylla R. Goldberg, Tacoma on June 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm with 24 Comments »
June 29, 2012 1:28 pm

The House of Representatives was out of line to issue contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder (TNT, 6-29).

This is so clearly a political ploy intended to achieve two things: distract Holder from his normal duties by tying up his office in chasing paper and payback by Republicans for congressional treatment of former attorneys general John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.

It would be a refreshing surprise if either chamber were interested in working to make life better for American citizens instead of doing everything possible to paralyze legitimate, effective congressional activity.


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  1. charliebucket says:

    Good letter. And as I read in an article today, the justice dept is not going to act on the political dog and pony show against Holder. A double blow for republicans. All the posturing to demonize all things Obama/democrat/liberal has failed miserably. I bet they pull out the “a certificate of live birth is not a real birth certificate” again soon. LOL.

  2. SwordofPerseus says:

    Take a close look at the goon leading the charges against the AG. It is a clown named Daryl Issa(R) CA. He himself is a convicted criminal, many people have brought complaints against the congressman, yet as he is the chairman of the committee he has declined to investigate himself. Holder should convene a grand jury and start to subpoena Issa’s records.

  3. took – where either held in contempt of congress?

    hypocrite thy name is took14theteam.

  4. took takes the typical tack – “they did it first”……the rationale of bus bullies and Republoyalists.

  5. pantomancer says:

    Odd, I saw on another thread about the healthcare debate where several commenters took the typical “they did it first” tack with Romney and Heritage foundation. Hmmm. What do you call them?

  6. LeePHill says:

    So, Pantomancer, are you saying that Romney or the Heritage Foundation were wrong or illegal about their stand on insurance mandates?

  7. menopaws says:

    Romney and the Heritage Foundation were correct about mandates….Until they decided to go after that “uppity” man in the White House…….Too bad their principles are not steady or consistent.
    As far as Holder is concerned–wait until the Fortune magazine article hits the stands……..All hell will break loose for Issa and Cantor and Boehner………It says there are documents PROVING that Holder was kept in the dark about this gun smuggling operation…and, that Republicans were aware of that………Saw the writer on CBS morning news, I think…Anyhow, she said that they also had copies of these documents and went ahead with this witch hunt…….Good journalism is always the enemy of the those whose ambitions are bigger than their brains………

  8. The mandate was wrong when the Heritage Foundation first conceived of the idea and wrong now that it has been ruled Constitutionally valid law.

    What I am pointing out pantomancer is that the rule was supported by conservatives before they decided to be against it. That makes them, at best, political opportunists that stand for nothing except trying to score points against their opponent – in short – hypocrites.

  9. charliebucket says:

    team, I have never read the huffington post once in my entire life. you are a nothing but a partisan loser and an internet bully. a dime a dozen jerk.

    I think I will come back on (after my surgery) just to irritate you.

  10. lylelaws says:


    What if he actually guilty of contempt of Congress? I don’t know if he is or not and unless you have some inside information, I don’t think you do either.

    Since The House of Reps including a number of Democrats voted to hold him in contempt, don’t you think that a truly independent investigation should be held? If not, why not?

  11. Lyle – Holder could not turn over the documents because the President had invoked Executive Privilege – and Congress knew this.

    Issa did not call one single witness requested by the Dems on his committee – does the terms Kangaroo Court and Witch Hunt mean anything to you.

    The Dino’s voted for the indictment because the NRA threatened to run primary candidates against them this fall (much like republicans are kept in line by the threat of having to face a Tea Party Candidate in primary elections).

    IMO – I do expect to see all of them on the general election ballot.

  12. lylelaws says:


    It doesn’t excuse what he did, but Congressman Issa’s conviction amounts to the fact that in 1972, when he had been stopped for a traffic violation, he had an unlicensed gun in the glove box of his car. Not legal but hardly a hanging offense and, not enough In my opinion to brand him as a criminal as many on the left have done.

    He was sentenced to six months on parole.

  13. pantomancer says:

    So, when is the “they did it first” meme OK and when is it not?
    I’m hearing it from both sides on different topics.

  14. lylelaws says:


    We all know that Holder had refused to share any meaningful information for many months until the heat was turned up, and President Obama came to his rescue by invoking executive privilige.

    As Mr. Roberts might has asked “Can you say stonewalling, boys and girls?”

  15. Lyle,

    ‘unlicensed gun’ Why are you addressing this issue to me – I did not bring Issa past up nor have I commented on it.

    Issa’s committee is just a kangaroo court. Holder had every right to withhold the documents – espically if they contained information about which Mexican Officals were coperating with US athorities.

    And least you forget the whole gun walking scheme began under Bush and ended under Obama.

  16. menopaws says:

    Let’s take this to the next level…….Is there anyone out there who doesn’t hold THIS congress in contempt????? Issa can run around and do this stuff—but will he keep his job? How many of them will come back??
    In terms of Holder—I think that there are documents that could endanger ongoing, undercover investigations……….Do you trust Issa or anyone else on that committee not to “leak” something and endanger more lives???? I didn’t see Dick Cheney in a sweat over protecting Valerie Plame and her family—Issa would sell his own mother out for 5 minutes on Fox News…………..Holder is right to protect those people from Congress……..This congress is full of whack jobs with big mouths…..

  17. took14theteam says:

    So it is okay to leak military secrets that can get our troops killed, but heaven forbid Holder release papers that may or may not be involved in an investigation.

    Circle the wagons….

  18. Dave98373 says:

    You obviously did not know slain agent Brian Terry, a death directly linked to the policies of Eric Holder. Rylla- Would your political position still be accurate if Brian was your son? As I read these letters, I am so amazed how out of touch with reality and how callous some people are.

  19. Dave – Holder officially ended the gun walking project. It was kept alive by a rogue Federal Attorney with help rogue elements in the ATF and other agencies.

    Some insiders think the contempt citation was meant to deflect the Justice Department from the gop’s attempts to disenfranchise voters.

  20. menopaws says:

    Those “security’ leaks will not endanger anyone….More smoke and mirrors—-a message was being sent via those so-callled leaks……….even dimmer bulb Republicans know that, as do the Democrats…even those putting on a show over this………..Letting the Iranians know that we can screw with them and their systems anytime we feel like it was a VERY DELIBERATE message………..But, the Republicans are soooo damn desperate to return to power–let’s make a big deal out of this………The New York Times said their source was NOT in the White House…….Wanna bet me some money it came from the CIA???? That’s where the smart money is going these days…………No security breach—just a little love note to Iran……..So, start using your brains…….Ever wonder who persuaded that ship with the Russian helicopters headed to Syria to turn around??? Lots of things get done for security and some of them are quite open……….This isn’t difficult to figure out—unless you are looking to create a fire where there is only water……..

  21. Even the dems are shocked at the leaks, at least the rational ones. You have gaff a minute Biden, every WH staffer with NYT on speed dial. The whole admin is a mess.

  22. took14theteam says:

    charliebucket, I hope your surgery goes well.

    At least you didn’t have to face a death panel at this time….


  23. CT7 – seems to me the leaks more likely came from the Republican Side.

    A reasonable person would expect leaks favorable to the White House to come Democrats, while unfavorable ones would come from Republicans.

    took14 – ‘death pannels’ – you look so debonair riding that old dead horse.

  24. menopaws says:

    EVERYTHING is an issue to Republicans…….How about they just start doing THEIR jobs and actually spend less time of Fox and more time getting the work of the people who elected them done…..Chasing the next scandal seems to be all they want to do….the Supreme Court last week gave them TWO failures………Their learning curve just seems to get more steep…………Go do your job or you won’t have one…You can whine about Obama—but, even campaigning–he’s still working………The President is always working………So, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, how about you step away from the Tv cameras and do your jobs?????

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