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DOONESBURY: Left-wing feature belongs on editorial page

Letter by David G. Sacal, Spanaway on June 28, 2012 at 9:10 am with 24 Comments »
June 28, 2012 2:17 pm

When are you going to transfer “Doonesbury” to the editorial page where it belongs?
Garry Trudeau is a bitter 1960s agenda-driven left-winger who hasn’t been funny in decades. Better that space be allocated to a strip that generates laughter.

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  1. LeePHill says:

    David – if you can’t decipher an opinion piece without it being categorized for you, you’ve got bigger problems than Trudeau.

    Did you know that the Conservative Comedians group was disbanded because of lack of potential members?

  2. Frankenchrist says:

    David would rather see something more up-to-date like Beetle Bailey or The Family Circus.

    Doonesbury is funny, relevant, and fresh after almost 35 years. Trudeau tackles all the tough issues of the day in a funny and feeling manner. His characterization of veterans and their troubles over the last ten years is brilliant and moving.

    The equivalent comic on the right is Mallard Fillmore which is about as entertaining as a comic created by Sarah Palin and Fox News. In other words, it’s idiotic. However, it is also found on the funny pages.

  3. SwordofPerseus says:

    David – Are you sure that the problem is not that you are a bitter 1950’s era agenda-driven, right-winger with no perceptible sense of humor. Generally I find sarcasm more appropriate than slap stick…BTW the funny pages are where some people get their only exposure to political news…

  4. alindasue says:

    Personally, I find a lot of humor in the sweet and awkward relationship between the current story about Mike Doonsbury’s daughter and her beau.

    If they removed all the comic strips that express political opinions to the editorial pages, then the comics page would be awfully small. Perhaps it would make more sense to move the political cartoons to the comics page… or just accept that even some regular comics strip writers do have opinions that disagree with yours.

  5. alindasue says:

    SwordofPerseus said, “Generally I find sarcasm more appropriate than slap stick…”

    I can definitely agree with you there.

  6. Fibonacci says:

    Somehow, if state comic was right wing, using terms like “Obummer” you would find it relevant and hilarious.

  7. I lean left, but I skip Doonesbury because I don’t care for it.

    Tell me what compels you to read Doonesbury if it is located on the comics page rather than the editorial page?

  8. MrCarleone says:

    Buy-A-Clue, David !

  9. Frankenchrist says:

    My favorite funnies (in no particular order):

    Anything by Peter Bagge
    Pearls before Swine

  10. SwordofPerseus says:

    I miss Bloom County

  11. Hill, what happened to liberal talk radio? Or leftist cable news?

    So conservatives are more serious. We have to put forth effort to fix the crap passed by the left since they are reading ‘comics’ and watching Jon Stewart instead of working.

  12. CT7? With enough money, anyone can buy an entertainment channel and call it “news”. It doesn’t make it so, but hey money talks and buys opinions.

  13. Frankenchrist says:

    Talk radio is the comic pages of the airwaves.

  14. LeePHill says:

    CT7 – are you living in a cave? There is a local progressive radio station that has been on the air for many years (in addition to Dave Ross on KIRO for decades). There is a new progressive cable – Current TV – that is kicking butts (I watch the conservatives call into Stephanie Miller’s show).

    Now, according to previous comments from you, “the mainstream media” is all progressive which would stipulate that progressive media out reaches conservative by a long shot.

    Is that what you are trying to say this week?

    Conservatives are serious? Please. Stop with the joking

  15. LeePHill says:

    I stand corrected. There is one great conservative comedian –

    Steven Colbert


  16. How lame is it to complain about a comic strip? I hesitate to use a question mark, because there isn’t much question.

  17. Yet another letter from a conservative whining about a comic.

    What is it with these guys?

  18. Frankenchrist says:

    Rush must have ranted about comics yesterday.

  19. LeePHill says:

    They’re serious, beerBoy. CT7 said so.

  20. bobcat1a says:

    Does David not recognize Doonesbury before he reads it? Clue David: the strip is called “Doonesbury.” When you see that title, don’t read.

  21. rooster_02 says:

    David, your letter made me laugh. Maybe it should be in the comics?

  22. When one has no sense of humor it doesn’t matter where the comic strip is placed, they just won’t get it.

    David- I’m betting that you scowl when you read the comics. I’ll bet you’re scowling right now.

  23. alindasue says:

    When I don’t like a comic strip (and there are a number of stupid and/or offensive ones out there), I simply skip over it. No one is forced to read any of them. In a good selection of strips, there will be enough variety that there’s be a little something for everyone to like – if they have any sense of humor at all.

  24. aislander says:

    “With enough money, anyone can buy an entertainment channel and call it “news”. It doesn’t make it so, but hey money talks and buys opinions.”

    …but you can’t make people watch or listen to it.

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