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CHINA: Where’s outcry against forced abortions?

Letter by Marjorie A. Reynolds, Graham on June 28, 2012 at 2:12 pm with 41 Comments »
June 28, 2012 2:26 pm

There was an article about forced abortions in China (TNT, 6-25). I have been watching for follow-up, especially outcry from pro-choice people about this human rights violation.

Do pro-choice advocates only protest when restriction are on abortion? Shouldn’t they be equally vocal when it comes to protecting the rights of woman to have children?

I avoid products made in China as much as possible. This is one more reason to not buy “Made in China.”

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  1. You need to read more Marj.

  2. Marj- I agree with you, except we need to put our house in order before we tell someone else how to run their house.

  3. Where’s the false equivalence Marjorie?

  4. bobcat1a says:

    “I avoid products made in China as much as possible.”

    When would it not be possible? If it’s made in China, don’t buy it.

  5. took14theteam says:

    Democrats love and embrace abortion, so there is no outcry from them.

    Why are you surprised?

  6. charliebucket says:

    team, if I have failed to say this before, let me now: your views are supreme, uber-partisan, nonsensical, stereotyping, propaganda-guzzling, idiocy.

    and, I am being kind.

  7. LeePHill says:

    charlie….just vomit. It’s easier.

  8. took14theteam says:

    ya whatever….

  9. took14theteam says:

    Bucket, go away like you said you were going to.

    Just another drama queen that is the left.

  10. took,
    Why are the anti-choice people NOT speaking out about the forced abortions in China?

    Could it be that subjugation of women is a keystone of right wing beliefs?

  11. Before I vomit too, took14…At last check, China is a communist country (divided into three governing parts), So I’d like to understand where the democratic party is responsible for this? The people’s republic of china mandated that families could only have one child. And chinese culture has valued boys more than girls. So now there is a shortage of girls/ women who most often if they are not aborted, get placed in orphanages. Seems to me, this just say no to sex campaign resembles another party. Forced sterilizations, and government abortions… doesn’t sound very pro choice to me.

  12. Good luck in changing the world……

  13. Seriously took? Your “logic” is damn near 3rdpig level on this one.

    Read Frida’s post. It explains it.

  14. Pro-choice is an incorrect term. The correct term is pro-abortion. If you aren’t getting pregnant and killing your babies before they’re born (or supporting those who do that), you are unacceptable.

    Face the truth, the baby killers are the ones who made our entire welfare system crisis happen. Not to mention the illegal alien problem.

  15. It’s all the red herrings that are being served that’ll induce vomiting.

  16. LeePHill says:

    pgroup – do you serve coffee with your morning hyperbole?

  17. Scottc51 says:

    Whichever side (pro choice or pro life) the idea of a woman being arrested, taken to a clinic, strapped to a table, and having her child/fetus ripped out of her is beyond horror. You should all be in agreement against this bestial treatment of women and the unborn.

  18. Since the Santorums had an abortion does that make him a secrete liberal mole like Justice Roberts.

  19. pantomancer says:

    I’m thinking the outcry against forced abortions in China is in the same place as the outcry against lack of equal rights for women in the muslim community.

  20. MrCarleone says:

    That is because the “forced babortions” are female’s !

    If the Christian Reichstag / GOP had their way, it would be the same way here !

  21. aislander says:

    So…those who have been fighting against ALL elective abortions and publicizing Planned Parenthood’s facilitation of gender-selecting abortions for the purpose of ending the practice, would approve of China’s gender-selecting abortions because the victims are girl babies?

    More lefty “logic…”

    (Thanks for teeing that up for me…)

  22. In China,
    The forced abortions are due to China’s One Child Policy.

    The elective abortions are for gender selection and are illegal.

    Aislander – to bad about the divot and the shanked shot.

    Planned Parenthood does not support sex-selection abortions.


    Gender selection abortions are prevalent in China, India, other developing countries, and in ethnic Asian communities in the US.


  23. aislander says:

    “…divot and shanked shot…”

    It’s a good thing that golf scoring isn’t subject to the judgment of incompetents such as yourself, xring. Perhaps figure skating would a more suitable sphere…

    The poster alleged that we on the right approve of the abortion policies of China.

    I assume that the “Reichstag” reference was supposed to be a swipe at conservatives by alluding to Nazi Germany, although the Reichstag is the meeting place of the democratically-elected parliament, and the Nazis were socialists anyway. So much for the k****r-like shot that was sliced into the fever swamp where you guys get your information.

    I stand by the assertion that we oppose all abortions that are not to preserve the life or physical well-being of the mother. And Planned Parenthood HAS been caught facilitating gender-selecting abortions. I’ve seen the video…

  24. LeePHill says:

    “And Planned Parenthood HAS been caught facilitating gender-selecting abortions. I’ve seen the video…”

    And who created this piece of propaganda? None other than “Life News” who pulled a James O’Keefe and got ONE Planned Parenthood employee to say what they wanted and heavily edited the video.

    Result? UPDATE: Planned Parenthood has responded to the video by essentially saying it will do abortions for any reason and adding that the staffer in the video violated unnamed policies and has since been fired from her position.

    If Planned Parenthood was “caught facilitating” said abortions, Life News was caught supporting the murder of an abortion doctor.

  25. LeePHill says:

    “and the Nazis were socialists anyway”

    If you’ll tell one lie….you’ll tell another.

  26. aislander says:

    Hey, it was what it was at PP…

    The Nazi regime was ostentatiously anti-capitalist, and called THEMSELVES socialists.

    If you are going to allege lying, you had better provide proof or you could go the way of your coreligionist…

  27. Aislander – care for a mulligan.

    Your proof about Planned Parenthood is just another right wing hatch job.

    Based on your posts you should take up tiddlywinks.

  28. The Nazi regime was anti-capitalist AND anti-communist.

    East Germany called itself the German Democratic Republic – by aislander’s idiotic logic that must mean they were just like America.

    aislander – you really are delusional when it comes to this Goldberg rant. As has been demonstrated over and over again, Goldberg’s book is based upon bizarre leaps in logic on the level of “Hitler was breast fed as a baby therefore breast feeding is a fascist behavior”.

    I have no interest in debating this with you as you are clearly delusional and absolutely believe in the truthiness of your beliefs – I don’t waste time trying to debate with the insane.

  29. MrCorleone – re-read your history “Christian Reichstag” is an ignorant attempt at a putdown.

  30. aislander says:

    So…beerBoy and xring both declare victory and slink away from the discussion without EVER having put forward a refutation of fact…

  31. aislander says:

    And, beerBoy, your assertion that I have never provided supporting material other than of the nature of your “breast-feeding” straw man is…well…an untruth. To put it kindly…

  32. aislander says:

    Hmmm. Can a straw man breast feed? beerBoy seems to have found a way…

  33. pantomancer says:


  34. beerBoy says:

    hmmm…..do you know what a straw man is? And how that differs from an analogy?

    Are you saying you don’t rely upon the Goldberg book?

    I do wish I would have used absurd leaps in logic that I have seen – Hitler was a vegetarian therefore….. or Hitler was an atheist therefore….

    Austin W. Bramwell wrote in The American Conservative:
    Repeatedly, Goldberg fails to recognize a reductio ad absurdum. … In no case does Goldberg uncover anything more ominous than a coincidence. … In elaborating liberalism’s similarities to fascism, Goldberg shows a near superstitious belief in the power of taxonomy. … Goldberg falsely saddles liberalism not just with relativism but with all manner of alleged errors having nothing to do with liberalism. … Not only does Goldberg misunderstand liberalism, but he refuses to see it simply as liberalism… Liberal Fascism reads less like an extended argument than as a catalogue of conservative intellectual clichés, often irrelevant to the supposed point of the book. … Liberal Fascism completes Goldberg’s transformation from chipper humorist into humorless ideologue.

  35. aislander says:

    Well, beerBoy, you have yet to provide a refutation of fact, merely a recitation of someone else’s opinion. That is, as I have pointed out many times, called an argumentum ad verecundiam, and is not dispositive.

    Moreover, that opinion does not even address the points I have made regarding the documented shared roots of fascism and progressivism, nor their programmatic similarities, nor the ideological self identification of the principles in the movement, although I shall grant that those varied, depending on circumstances. Mussolini was nothing if not a proponent of the philosophy of pragmatism.

    I called your citation above a straw man because I have rarely, if ever, made (or cited) the type of argument you accused me of making…

  36. Asilander – you remind me of the Monte Python Knight that does not know he is losing until he is a head.

    You ‘facts’ and arguments were well and truly laid to rest, again.

    Therefore, after my 6/30/12, post of 3:42 am, there was no reason to respond to your puerile taunts and name-calling.

  37. aislander says:

    So…xring you are yet again declaring victory when you have proved nothing except that YOU are the one doing the “name-calling…”

  38. Having shown, once again, that your posts are not only totally, unequivocally wrong, and are nothing more than regurgitated fox spewed republicon talking points, I invoked the mercy rule and left you to slink away in peace. Unfortunately, you prefer to continue riding a dead donkey.

  39. aislander says:

    When did you ever prove such a thing, x? You are a legend in your own mind…

  40. beerBoy says:

    aislander – there are facts that you cite but the connections/causations that your draw are absurdist opinions.

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