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ECONOMY: Democrats want fairness, equal opportunity

Letter by Wayne D. Hagen, Tacoma on June 28, 2012 at 1:53 pm with 39 Comments »
June 28, 2012 1:57 pm

Thanks to Kathleen Parker for telling us it is OK to be wealthy (TNT, 6-27). But when she scolds Democrats for resenting wealth, she is way off base.

Democrats want people to be successful, but not just the few. Parker ignores the growing disparity between the haves and the have nots which is leading to the demise of the middle class. We are returning to the age of medieval lords and serfs, thanks in part to our skewed tax code.

We need a return to fairness and equal opportunity. In his first term, President Obama has started us on this road. So far he has supported fairness for women in the workplace (the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), middle-class tax cuts, tax cuts for small businesses and more equitable tax rates for the wealthy. We need him for four more years to complete this return to fairness and equal opportunity.

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  1. blakeshouse says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA :) I need that this afternoon

  2. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    obama just sealed his election lose today. He will get the nancy pelosi 2010 shellacking in Nov. I couldn’t send Romney a donation fast enough.

    Say bye obama.

  3. charliebucket says:

    taxed I think you have that completely backwards. Romney had a chance to come out and support the SCOTUS decision and rally support for himself as being rational and sensible and one who honors our court’s decisions, but instead he chose to pander to the tea party types and took the uber partisan anti Obama nonsense rhetoric up a notch. I used to think Romeny was OK and would make a decent President, but after today, nope.

  4. Romney donation made today.

    Biggest tax increase in history. This is a war on the individual, business, patients, the middle class.

    If you work and pay a dime in taxes, you are misguided for supporting BHO. If you are a leach, and you support BHO, you are still short on logic. 4 more years of reckless spending will tap the well dry. Cheap borrowing will end, and with it the welfare state. A vote for BHO is a vote for a Greece-style future.

    Vote Romney. You can vote for food stamps or an American comeback.

    Thanks SCOTUS! Well played.

  5. charliebucket says:

    I thought Romney was way too moderate and a weasel RINO for you right wingers and now he is the second coming!!!!


    It’s constitutional folks!!!! get over it. what next? gonna call the SCOTUS socialist communist marxist fascist muslim brotherhood black panther antichrist terrorists?? ROTFLMAO times a million.

  6. Chuck, they called it a tax. Great win

    Anything is better than the current admin. Chi-town thugs. Be proud.

  7. took14theteam says:

    And Obama said he wouldn’t raise taxes on those who make less than the “magical” 250K per year. Yeah right. Another lying SOS.

    Then when the taxes rise after the evil bush tax cuts go away, the middle class will take it in the shorts again.

    Add that to what the state wants to do, and the county, and the cities, kiss any discretionary income goodbye.

    Thanks Democrats.

  8. Took, stop with the facts!

  9. Taxed – weren’t you predicting Obamacare would be struck down and the Arizona Papers Please law would be upheld?

  10. X- I just made another donation. Keep it up!

  11. Keep giving away your money to the Etch-a-Sketch corporate representative.

    My prediction – if Mitt wins you will be whining his whole term about how this RINO has sold you out – he’s just as bad as Obama!

  12. took14theteam says:

    Xring – wasn’t Larry predicting Walker would be thrown out also?

    So what is your point?

  13. CT7? It wouldn’t be a “tax” if you’d pony up and buy yourself some healthcare insurance. Not to mention, those that are “taxed” get the benefits directly to them. Seems to me that the freeloaders are the ones who have no insurance by choice and jack up the costs for everyone else because they don’t pay their bills.

  14. harleyrider1 says:

    Every now and then with Presidential elections, Americans need to take a step back and not do what their union or Party tells them to do. It’s not Russia.

    This is one of those times to just be an American and set aside the emotions and name-callings.

    America is out of money; most Americans are nearly out of money. Individual and families it was reported in USA Today have lost 1/3 of their wealth. One-third.

    We need to stop spending, just for a time; we need to rebuild. We need to unite. We need to ask what will help get America back on its feet. If America stops the spend, spend, spend; if America will put Americans back to work before “non”-Americans; if America rebuilds her infrastructure, we’ll be good. We’ll come back.

    Then you can have the name-calling and my guy is better than your guy. But for now, really … this is serious. Vote with your wallet as if you are sending your son out to the store and he wants to help everyone pay for their groceries. Admirable. You raised him well. But you cannot afford it. Now. Just at this time in history.

  15. CT7/Taxed – why waste you money – Romney has more than enough millionaire and billionaire backers that he does not need your penny ante donations.

  16. Thank you Harleyrider, for your good sense. How I wish good sense might prevail for a change…on this blog AND among our elected officials. Sometimes it feels too much to hope for.

  17. Agreed Sozo, Harleyrider makes so much common sense on his/her posts. Way to go Harley, proud of you. I just wish there were more like you on this thread:)

  18. fanciladi says:

    Back to the letter: Apparently this writer isn’t really up on history and etc. He really does’t know what he’s talking about…just what he’s been fed by the Media.

    How do I know…I talked to someone who talked to him… :)

  19. BlaineCGarver says:

    Bwaaahahaha…Taxes can be repealed. (psssst…taxes MUST originate in the House….ObamaCare originated in the Senate..strike two…) Strike three will be Working People tired of picking up the slack for the other half that don’t pay taxes..Go, Mitt

  20. slugoxyz says:

    I agree with Harley. I am so sick of the right and the left kicking up so much dust that I can’t see anything here in the middle. I can’t stand either candidate but I know this:
    The letter writer talks about equality. Nice thought but fails to take human nature into account. Everything does NOT end up equal. Some people are smarter than others. Some people work harder than others. Some people are luckier than others. All these things and more separate results. One of the problems with Communism is that it destroys initiative. One guy realizes that he can slack off and still profit so long as the other people work hard and give all to the collective. Eventually, everyone slacks off (USSR). So, we all have equal opportunity but the results aren’t necessarily supposed to be the same. It was MLK that talked about the blank check. But you have to earn what you cash.

  21. falkoja6 says:

    The biggest tax increase on the middle class has just occurred after the SCOTUS decision yesterday. Not only will the “tax” kick in in 2014 of $95/person reaching $695.00 in 2016, but, an additional personal minimum tax increase at IRS time will start at $500.00 in 2014, $1000.00 in 2015 and $1250.00 for 2016 and later. You can rest assured that the $1250.00 tax will be increased whenever the cost of this legislation skyrockets. After all, the 18,000 new IRS agents will need to be paid.

  22. The problem with Harley’s post is he’s backing the side that wants to destroy America.

  23. The good thing about the tax is the IRS will not be able to collect it.

  24. cargilekm says:

    HarleyRider, how can we rebuild infrastructure and put people back to work if we have to stop spending. You can’t have both.

  25. carg,

    Exactly. We can’t stop spending and rebuild simultaneously.

  26. “One of the problems with Communism is that it destroys initiative.”

    And this may be the least of the problems. It’s not the masses that concern me nearly as much as the power given to the elite at the top. When the power is in the hands of a few, it is a dangerous situation.

    BTW don’t bother telling me that we are not headed for socialism…communism. Step back and look at the direction we are moving. Are we moving towards a more socialistic state or away from it? Do leftist slogans sound anything like socialist/communist slogans of the past?

    Read “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. Attempting to “equalize” everyone is absurd…and dangerous.

  27. “BTW don’t bother telling me that we are not headed for socialism…communism.”

    I won’t. I wouldn’t want to confuse you with the facts.

  28. sozo – try reading something else by Vonnegut…..anything.

  29. aislander says:

    When “fairness” is doled out by politicians, everything becomes political, and merit ceases to matter…

  30. philichi says:

    most democrats believe that the economic pie is set. When one gets rich, it is at the expense of another. That is why they want to tax the rich more. What they don’t realize is that as the economy grows the pie gets larger and more build wealth.

    Their whole silly premise is not even rational. It is as if one guy on the golf course gets a birdie, and others have to take bogies to make it work.

    When the dems say fairness, they really mean misery spread out equally.

  31. Well said.

  32. Were the dolers without flaw, there might be a chance for real fairness, but human beings are beset by, dare utter the word…sin? –and as long as politics is involved, it will never happen. You all can pretend that this only true on the right, but if you do that you are beyond naive. Keep a close eye on “the fairness doctrine” and I am not talking about the airwaves, though I do include it.

    There is one thing we should cherish as a treasure beyond measure, and that’s our personal freedom. Follow the president’s bouncing ball and you will see that it is threatened, in tiny, “progressive” steps every day. And that my friends, is the “real” meaning of progressive. Baby steps towards a nanny government. If that’s what you want, vote for Obama et. al. but remember that you heard the tocsin here.

    bb…I am not lauding Vonnegut, the rest of his works are what they are. He got it right in “HB” in my opinion, and many other brilliant people,Einstein among them if I’m not mistaken, understood that humans are not capable of designing, let alone executing a utopian society… the kind John Lennon, rest his soul, and Obama and his champions imagine to be possible. Funny to me how those who refer to Christianity as “fairy tale” are so eager to buy the secular humanist vision of a perfect world.

  33. aislander says:

    sozo: Your analysis is spot on, but I would go further in asserting that, once the limits on governmental actions are removed, the operative difference between a nanny state and an authoritarian–or even a genocidal–state is who is in charge.

    I do not wish to be dependent on the kindness of strangers for my living or my life…

  34. Phillchi,
    fairness to republicons means allowing the rich to get richer, even at the expense of America and Her Citizens.

    Aislander – In this country, most recessions and depressions have been caused by the lack of controls or limits on the private sector.
    How do you define the difference between a nanny state and an authoritarian state?

  35. aislander says:

    xring: Defining the difference between a “nanny state” and an authoritarian one IS difficult, isn’t it? When the government can do everything, it can do anything…

    In this country, depressions and recessions are deepened and prolonged by uncontrolled and unlimited governmental actions. You HAVE seen the UCLA study on the depression of the 1930s, have you not?

  36. Aislander – but such a difficult task should be duck soup for one of your skill level.

    I have seen many studies (economic, historical, and political) on the all of our depressions and recessions, including the Great Depression – some I agree with some I don’t.

    Considering what came out of the New Deal, I tend to support it. On the other hand, I find most of the economic s of LBJ’s Great Society to be near total failures.

  37. philichi says:

    xring you have now spoken pure irrationanality. Or, at least,with my four years of economics undergrad work, I am still not smart enough to understand it. Perhaps, you have taken more classes than I could in my 4 years.

    Can you please explain for the rest of us, how, if the “rich get richer, it is at the expense of the rest of us”?

    Do you mean that if Bill Gates invents Windows and gets really rich, it will effect the rest of us in a bad way? Please go slow so that even I can understand.

    Since you probably won’t be able to prove or explain this sort of silly thought, perhaps it would be best to move on to something that you have a better grasp of.

    Btw, please don’t waist valuable time on crime and theft. You and I both believe that it is wrong and should be stopped.

    I am looking forward to your post.

  38. philichi says:

    xring: could you do me another favor? You said that “most recessions and depressions have been caused by the lack of controls or limits on the private sector” Please explain this one too.
    Now I grant you , I only had the 4 years of economics. Of all the books that I had to read, tests that I took, and essays that I wrote, that concept never was stated. However, we did learn that over regulation of the private sector has caused some real problems, such as extending the depression for several more years by FDR.

    Are you curious enough to want to learn how economies really work, or do you just parrot Obama campaign commercials?

  39. beerBoy says:

    sozo – there is a huge difference between the utopian urge and the giving in to crass greed that is put forward by Libertarians as the only other option.

    the ideologically pure free market of pure capitalism is just as impossible – and as fallible -as any utopian scheme. somethings capitalism does well, but not everything.

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