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ELECTION: Not left or right but local

Letter by Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom on June 27, 2012 at 12:55 pm with 30 Comments »
June 27, 2012 1:07 pm

Does it makes any difference whether we vote Democrat or Republican? Really?

Neither left nor right offer real solutions. The left demands bloated union contracts and entitlement programs, but America no longer produces enough to sustain them. The right promotes unregulated corporatism, which kills miners, pollutes oceans, promotes bank fraud and speculates with middle-class savings. Both sides promise a revival of past prosperity.

But in 1950, America was the world’s only industry. European and Japanese economies were ruined; Chinese and Third World technology was nonexistent. Wall Street accumulated unprecedented wealth from American workers, who were without competition, while labor unions garnered prodigious pension-benefit packages.

On one salary, an American worker afforded a suburban home, vacation, children’s college tuition and secure retirement. America also produced more waste and pollution than any previous empire.

That brief historical moment is over. Now the Third World outproduces us for less, making union contracts unsustainable. Wall Street generates neither jobs nor products, but phantom wealth consisting of nothing but our bundled debts. Capitalism has become debtism.

Socialism and capitalism are both failures. Don’t fix this economy: Replace it with something utterly new.

The solution is neither left nor right, but local. Replace the Federal Reserve with local nonprofit credit unions. Replace multinational corporations with worker-owned cooperatives. Replace national corporate cartels and their lobbyists with local agriculture and energy-production. Replace wasteful consumerism with simpler, sustainable lifestyles.

Choose the new economy before necessity forces it upon you. And if you vote at all, vote Green.

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  1. So instead of 50 states (rapidly losing ther right’s), we need thousands of small communist communities, no power grids, force people into small apartments and hybrids, and replace ‘consumerism’ with some 10th century agri-ism with everyone fighting for food.

    No economies of scale. No defense. No healthcare innovation or modern medicine. We will conduct whatever commerce can happen with an unregulated currency? Seashells? Gold? Bartering?

    This call for dark age living is comical.

    Fred, on the positive side you have the problem with unions nailed down.

    The solution is not the dark ages, or communism. It is to reverse the progressive policies of the last 75 years.

  2. tellnolies says:

    “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.”
    William James

    Fred is correct, both capitalism and socialism are proven failures, if one looks at both the current state of human affairs, and history. The only way to argue otherwise is to take a subset of all of us, the ones who are doing (or did)well, and call that sufficient.

    Something new IS needed, completely new…one of the best summations of one alternative can be seen below. It’s rather long, but worth the watch if one wishes to at least listen to new ideas


  3. Wrong. Capitalism is a proven success. Look at what America has done for the world. Twice we saved it from total evil, one can debate a 3rd time with communism. Medicine, transportation, etc. I understand that today the education system and the media tries to show America as the great evil, but it is a load.

    Our fault lies with trying to blend socialist principles and capitalism. Progressives voting themselves money, big govt, and a socialistic nanny state are the cause of woes.

  4. took14theteam says:

    And if you vote at all, vote Green

    Wow, I actually agree with flamotte for the first time.

  5. Frankenchrist says:

    Politicans become corrupted the moment they move to Washington, D.C. Witness so-called “Libertarian” Rand Paul, who is now hewing the party line and agitating for Big Government intrusion into the bodies of American women.

  6. aislander says:

    The regulation of which Flamo is so fond protects large, politically-connected corporations from the one thing that would truly keep them in check: real competition.

    The first federal regulations of a specific industry, meatpacking, had the exact effect of protecting the big packers and killing their smaller competitors…

  7. Frankenchrist says:

    RIght aislander. Meat was so much more healthy before government regulation.

  8. tellnolies says:

    “Look at what America has done for the world.”

    Thank you for supporting my statment.

  9. LeePHill says:

    CT7 says:
    June 27, 2012 at 2:29 pm Wrong. Capitalism is a proven success. Look at what America has done for the world

    Proof that CT7 needs to review what is typed before submitting comment

  10. LeePHill says:

    “I understand that today the education system and the media tries to show America as the great evil, but it is a load.”

    Speaking of loads……LOL

  11. itsoruss says:

    Well written Fred. Pure socialism and pure capitalism are not the answer. The more capitalistic this society becomes, the more social programs will be needed to cushion the blow for the middle and lower classes. Those who aren’t, for whatever reason, in the 1% are in a free fall. The current system is broken and it continues to worsen. As an independent voter I would vote for a republican, a green or a libertarian if any of those parties would actually run someone that has the answers. So long as the two major parties act like spoiled 3rd graders, I don’t see much changing in the near future.

  12. Tell, Hill and Sop- you take offense to America’s positive achievements? Defeating evil in two world wars. The charities, private and public that help people around the world. The technological advances that increase lifespan and quality of life. Stop rewriting history.

    Are there some negative things in our past? Sure. Slavery comes to mind first. Yet we fought a bloody war, and basically ended slavery the world over.

    The ignorance and hate (possibly guilt) from progressives is downright scary.

  13. “we fought a bloody war, and basically ended slavery the world over.

    The ignorance and hate (possibly guilt) from progressives is downright scary.”

    look who’s talking. We were one of the last countries to end slavery.

  14. And most countries did not need a bloody war to do so.

  15. And? 150 years ago, less then a century into our existence.

    No pride on the left. Scary.

  16. tellnolies says:

    “Tell, Hill and Sop- you take offense to America’s positive achievements?”

    Ummm, no. But resting on laurels makes one lumpy, out of shape, and rather unattractive, ultimately.

    It really goes beyond the emotional part (offense, pride), to the unrecognized changes that technology has brought. Modern communications and transportation make borders irrelevent, outside the political arena.

    When “both sides” are so obviously bent out of shape, don’t you think it might be indicative of a systemic problem? In quotes, because humanity has no sides, there is just us.

  17. took14theteam says:

    Politicans become corrupted the moment they move to Washington, D.C. Witness so-called “Mom-in-Tennis-shoes” Patty Murray.

  18. took14theteam says:

    Comedy Gold

  19. Tell watches a lot of Jersey Shore.

    Having pride makes one “lumpy”? Who protects you neighborhood and Nation? What are your views on them? Save your lies, it is obvious. Sad.

  20. SwordofPerseus says:

    No Conc, I don’t take pride in achievements from two centuries ago. Not a single individual from that era is still living, makes me wonder about you…I don’t think the ringing in your ears is tinnitus CT7, its air rushing into the void…Killing innocent people with drones is not something to be proud of…

    Ted Bundy was witty, charming and very intelligent as well as a good student, and yet his other actions seem to overshadow that.

    “rings of Saturn to an ant.”

  21. SwordofPerseus says:

    Tell’ doesn’t have cable tv Conc. no Jersey shore, one less thing you have in common.

  22. SwordofPerseus says:

    Took1inthehead, you are so far off base the umpire should call you out, inning over. Are you compelled to spout non sense just to see your name in print? It is the only possible justification for your baseless posts.

  23. WWII was not two centuries ago. But you will look at America in a dark light for actions taken generations ago. Well played.

  24. took14theteam says:


  25. took14theteam says:

    Looks like we got some more forbidden names again. Post was sent to never never land.

    So for swordo again. I didn’t read anything from you telling k l u w e r or l a r r y P H i l l that they just post to see their name in print. If you weren’t a biased DB, you could see what they do is the same thing you were complaining about with me.

    Oh, and your comments suck too….

  26. aislander says:

    America wasn’t one of the last nations to end slavery–read a little history. It’ll do you good.

    Slavery exists to this day in nations that are–shall we say–theocratic…

  27. “America wasn’t one of the last nations to end slavery–read a little history. It’ll do you good.


    Facts. They trump wrong-wing moronic ravings every time.

  28. beerBoy says:

    aislander – slavery still exists in America – and I’m not talking metaphoric complaints about taxation – real slavery


  29. aislander says:

    beerBoy: Slavery exists just about everywhere in the world, but I was writing about places in which it is sanctioned by governments, either de facto or de jure.

    Parenthetically: since you obviously grasped my point, and responded appropriately, aren’t you even slightly embarrassed by the post of your coreligionist, when you are both (putatively) on the same side?

  30. aislander says:

    The Baltimore Chronicle, by the way, provides more than slightly slanted reportage, doncha think?

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