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GRADS: Racial focus trivialized achievements

Letter by Alice M. Moody, Manchester on June 19, 2012 at 9:52 am with 16 Comments »
June 19, 2012 12:10 pm

Re: “Dedicated dozen inspire ‘a lot of hope'” (TNT, 6-17).

The front-page article was disheartening. These young people were honored for their academic skills and hard work by The News Tribune. Yet the entire article focused on skin color and race, a subject that is irrelevant.

What happened to the who, what, when, why and where of good journalism? Readers want to know who these young people are, what has propelled them to success when others fail, when did they become inspired, why are they unique and where are they headed in the future?

Your entire article trivialized them and their accomplishments. Skin color and race don’t, and shouldn’t, matter in 2012.

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  1. Apparently, “content of their character” doesn’t extent to content of their article.

    Sad how everything seems to be about race, gender, class, religious persuasion, or sexual orientation these days.

  2. averageJoseph says:


  3. BlaineCGarver says:

    TNT joyfully supports the multi-faceted wedge being driven into America by the current politicians….Mostly ‘Crats.

  4. SwordofPerseus says:

    Blaine, seek help. You’re doing what you accuse the Trib. of doing.

  5. Three ridiculous comments about a ridiculous letter. At least they are consistant.

  6. I disagree with this LTE, the article didn’t trivialize these outstanding students at all. Did the letter writer read the article? It included topics from a group discussion with the students, led by University of Puget Sound Professor Hans Ostrom. The article highlights the student’s articulate and thought-provoking responses to the topics discussed; the topics were relevant to the world that these students live in.
    The link included in the letter goes to the profiles, the profile for each student tells about the unique accomplishments and future plans for each student that the letter writer wanted.
    The link for the news article, the letter writer is dissing is:

  7. rom, did you really read the article? Fully 3/4 of it was focused on race and gay rights. Yes, there was a link to individual profiles, but the writer is correct, the entire point of view was so-called “diversity” – including the “group discussion with students, led by University of Puget Sound Professor (of African American Studies and English) Hans Ostrom.”

    Pub, your if anything is “ridiculous” here, it would be your comments. But at least you are consistent.

  8. Alice, you are right. Race, religion and orientation shouldn’t and do not matter. But unless you’ve had your head buried in a hole, it matters enough to some people that we cannot turn a blind eye/ ear when discrimination happens. We have to lift up all our young people, but sadly just like bullying rarely happens around witnesses, racism and discrimination doesn’t happen in the plain view of others. What do you call it when a third generation natural born citizen who holds a Masters, works a white collar job and pays her bills gets told while buying some groceries by a passerby to “Go back to Mexico”? Infront of her kids? Growing up, never had to worry about that nonsense. BTW I paid my loans and worked my way through college, and my spanish is at most, about a dozen words.

  9. really? u buncha… people are upset with a “diversity” article that didn’t uplift the white man?

    y’all say that race doesn’t matter? tell that to the 13% of unemployed black folk.
    whats really funny is how some of us white folks are disillusioned with superiority.
    we are no longer the majority of babies being born in this country.
    while we still represent 72% of the population… it ain’t gon’ last.
    stop fighting it, this is a nation of immigrants. we are a boiling pot of freedom. we are NOT just a white mans country anymore, thank goodness.

  10. i couldn’t much last in a garth brooks-type, couuuuntry-livin, world of whitey-supremism… boooooring…..

  11. sorry garth, meant nugent…

  12. oxb0 –

    Yes I really did read the article, although I have to admit I didn’t read all 12 of the student profiles.

    Going by word count, only 63% of the article focused on the student’s opinions about Diversity and Gay-rights issues, this is 12% less than the “fully ¾” that you stated.

    However, the letter writer wrote that the “entire article focused on skin color and race.” Again going by word count, only 38% (not 100%) focused on their discussion on Diversity which, I assume, is the same as “skin color and race.”

    If you add in all of the words written in the student profiles, which provide us with the “who, what, when, why and where” for the students that the letter writer asked about, then the amount of the words the News Tribune wrote on the students more than doubles, although, not all of the words were included in the print edition.

    Going by all of words written, only 11% were devoted to Diversity.

    I really don’t understand why the letter writer is upset by the discussion on diversity since the students are a diverse group and the article includes their intelligent opinions about issues pertinent to them. The newspaper article and student’s profiles do not trivialize them or their accomplishments.

  13. 4 ridiculous comments, the first one and another one by the same person.
    Mountains out of molehills anyone?

  14. LeePHill says:

    The elephant in the living room = diversity in the United States

  15. Let’s see, the article’s thesis sentence was about diversity and the positive achievements of students, many of whom happen to be in groups that struggle to overcome misconceptions and discrimination, and Alice Moody is upset that the article was about diversity?

    If you don’t want to read a story about diversity, then don’t.

    There was a separate article with profiles of each student that focused on individual achievement which was what Alice says she wanted to read. So why did’t she read that instead of complaining that she read an article she didn’t want to read?

  16. “Skin color and race don’t, and shouldn’t, matter in 2012.” -Alice.

    It seems to matter enough to you to write a letter. They are very accomplished, and the most notable accomplishment is that individually and as a group they have risen above the usual anti-diversity crowd found around here.

    Yes, Skin color and race shouldn’t matter in 2012. And that’s their message to you.

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