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TSUNAMI: Japan diverts aid to whaling industry

Letter by Dana W. Burt, Tacoma on June 19, 2012 at 10:10 am with 16 Comments »
June 19, 2012 12:05 pm

I recently watched an episode of “Whale Wars.” In it I learned that the Japanese government has given $22 million of international aid money, which was to benefit the tsunami victims, to the Japanese whaling industry.

I wonder just how many of those donors would have been on board if such a scheme were stated up front.

It is an indictment of the Japanese government and its feudal need to save face regarding an illegal fishery that it did not plan for or think to address the damage and expense that its catastrophe would bring to other Pacific Rim nations.

I think that if the Japanese are as humanitarian as they want to be perceived, they should give back to those who supported them in their time of need and stop using the proceeds to continue killing in an international whale preserve.

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  1. BlaineCGarver says:

    Under-appreciated, but not illegal. I do believe a world-wide commitee of sorts decided who and how many whales are taken each year.

  2. SwordofPerseus says:

    Shows how far we have come, we can almost stop killing sentient creatures to eat them, but not quite…I wonder if there is a genetic limit to human empathy. I wonder in the future if humans will someday be somethings prey again. Karma. I realize that whaling is all legal and sanctioned with limits and seasons, rules and restrictions. Yet it is still wrong.

  3. igotdabombfool says:

    I’m sorry….you watched on TV a reality show and got your news from that?!! WOW!

  4. LeePHill says:

    As opposed to a make-believe newscast, Igotdabomb?

  5. alindasue says:

    Many of the towns in that affected area of Japan are fishing towns. Regardless of how any of us feel about whaling, funds to help the victims in that region would (or at least should) help all of the people hurt by the tsunami. That would include some who ran or worked on fishing and/or whaling ships.

  6. sumyungboi says:

    I am no fan of whaling, I believe there’s no practical purpose for its continuance. Be careful, however, of anything put forth on the show “Whale Wars”. I used to watch it because it was interesting, then came the ridiculous episode where the captain, forget his name, claimed to have been shot by the Japanese, staggered around for a minute grabbing his chest, and just by chance he was wearing a Kevlar vest (we all do when we go out to sea, right?) which stopped a bullet that one of the crewmembers showed to the camera. Right.

    Anyway, get the whole context before you put any credence in what those idiots say.

  7. “you watched on TV a reality show and got your news from that?!! WOW!”

    At least it has some reality, unlike fox news.

  8. that is why i don’t donate to foreign countries

  9. C’mon now people…..Katrina relief funds went to the various Gulf industries – including fishing. For Japan to give some of the relief funds to whaling is no different. I’m not all that keen on hunting whale for profit but it is legal and part of the economy in Japan – they need to get their economy going (especially in light of the ongoing nuclear disaster they can’t control).

  10. Shinji ari nai

  11. And the Whale War (I watch and sympathize) people don’t have an agenda?

  12. KUNSTLERBILD says:

    You have all missed the point. The whaling aid is a verifiable fact. Also, I did not say that the whaling itself is illegal; I said that they are whaling illegally in an internationally protected sanctuary. The real issue that I brought up is, will they turn around and offer us help for the cost of cleaning up their debris? It only seems like the fair thing to do.
    I find it interesting that so many of you chose to ignore the point and went off on some negative tangent not at all pertinent to the point. It makes me wonder if you actually read and thought about my statement or if your mind stopped at whatever negative side bar that you went off on and only your eyes kept sweeping over the page. Perhaps if I had couched the piece in the idea of: Taxes must go up so that worse budget woes caused by tsunami debris can’t be blamed on incumbent government, you would have had a right to go off so self indulgently. As it stands, you do appear to be simply self indulgent.

  13. BlaineCGarver says:

    It’s funny how Cute animals are special, but who bit**es about domestic farm animals? The Gray Whale the NAs harpoon is no different than the deer, or elk the hunters shoot. What’s tragic is the NAs throwing a net across a river and wipeing out a salmon run.

  14. I’m no environmentalist and I don’t approve of much of the Sea Sheppards ways of doing business. That being said the problem with the Jappanese whaling is this. They signed an international agreement not to whale and now they send a whole whaling fleet out to kill 1000 whales for researce. They cut a small piece off the whale and then process the rest.
    This is a multi million dollar business in which they have found a way to cut out the compitition. It is totally wrong and the rest of the signers of the agreement should force them to stop.
    Check the internet for the researce from the last 5 years, it doesn’t exist.

  15. SafewayOrangeSoda says:

    I remember those Sea Shep folks. They came out and docked at the place I worked at.
    When they left one of them mangy spoiled kids stole a bunch of copper pipe from our storage area.
    I’d take anything they say with a whole heapin’ of salt- not just a grain.

  16. SwordofPerseus says:

    Not good

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