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POLITICS: Walker shows Reagan’s kind of courage

Letter by Burt L. Talcott, Tacoma on June 14, 2012 at 11:30 am with 41 Comments »
June 14, 2012 11:31 am

In June 1987, President Ronald Reagan spoke in Berlin to a long-divided Germany and to the leader of the Soviet Union: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

The pundits howled: “President Reagan was a second-tier movie actor, his challenge was pure, ineffective rhetoric; how could he expect to change the conscience of a tyrannical empire?”
Improbable then, but it happened. The wall was soon destroyed by the once-divided people following the courageous leadership of a a U.S. president.

In June 2012, a similar momentous decision occurred in politically divided Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker was elected on a promise to balance the state’s budgets and to change the conscience of the taxpayers toward expensive, unsustainable public employee pensions and health care. He kept his promises. The public unions retaliated by initiating a bitter recall effort, which failed.

Walker appealed to the consciences of the beleaguered taxpayers and prevailed against the tyrants! Courageous leadership prevailed again.

Political leaders should pay attention to the courageous leadership of Reagan and Walker. It worked well then and would again now.

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  1. Fibonacci says:

    The “tyrants”[sic]. The teachers, police, firemen, road workers, and so on are “tyrants”? Walker did NOT say he was going to curtail bargaining for public employees until AFTER he was elected. This is cowardice, he might not have been elected if he had told the truth. Many voted against the recall because they did not think what he did was bad enough to be recalled, not because they agreed with what he did. If he had been up front about trying to dismantle public unions he probably would not have been elected.

  2. Let ‘em gloat. It doesn’t change a thing.

  3. billybushey says:

    Walker is a Koch Brother puppet that wouldn’t make a pimple on Regan’s backside. I talking about the Regan that kept unions engaged without taking collective bargaining (He was rough on the ATC;s but never went for union busting) and who raised taxes 17 times including on the wealthy

  4. conservativeteacher says:

    Wisconsin is now a dead heat. Obama’s economy is falling apart at the seams. The 10% slam for Walker is a sign of things to come. Public sector workers, which I currently am, have to remember who is paying their bills.

  5. Walker actually showed the cowardice of hiding behind his true intentions and not letting the public know about them until after his election. He called his announcements about plans for unions a “bomb” that he threw in a taped conversation with his big donor Koch, who urged him on.

    Politifact looked at Walker’s statement that he had been elected on a pledge to get rid of union rights for public workers and found it totally “false”.

    He did say he would ask for wage and benefit concessions, which the unions offered him at a level exactly what he was asking for, but he stripped the unions rights instead.

    Republicans love to rewrite history, and naive and ignorant people who do not look further than Fox News buy that nonsense every time. Some people, like Mr Talcott, are neither naive nor ignorant, but just revisionists who want to put out this totally false propaganda, and that is even the more disgusting.


  6. cclngthr says:

    I think he would have been elected even if he did mention he was going to dismantle public unions.

    Taxpayers are very concerned about how taxes are used, and how services are provided by the state. Taxpayers should have the right to dictate how their money is spent by the government and if the services the government provides is cost effective.

    Reagan eliminated the bargaining of airport screeners by requiring that collective bargaining be eliminated. I think all government employees should be required to work at a level dictated by the taxpayers, and at a wage the taxpayers will agree with.

  7. averageJoseph says:

    The cowards ran away and hid in Illinois… to avoid a vote.

    I see a GLC#2 @ 12:17.

  8. BlaineCGarver says:

    I hope and pray that Walker’s ideas are taken up around the country, and that taxpayers that are being held hostage by Gubment Employees are finally able to usurp the power from them. If the anointed State empolyees don’t like it, there are several million folks that would take those jobs in a New York Second…Bit**ing that the Horn of Plenty is a day old is a good way to tee off the boss (The People, in case you forgot)

  9. Regan would not be allowed in the Republican Party of today because he RAISED taxes, and if he ran for any office the T-pots would run a counter candidate.

  10. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Ah, the raised taxes line. What were the rates when he started his term and when he finished? Not even close.

    Walker was elected by the people of his state to lead them as he saw fit, within the law. Get over it. The real kicker is that even in his short tenure his reforms have shown positive effects.

  11. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    What a bunch of sore losers here. No matter your opinion you have to admire the courage Scott Walker demonstrated when he took on the union thugs. They tore up the WI Capital and put out death threats to him and his family.


    I am pleased that the voters of Wisconsin recognized the importance of Scott Walkers reforms and rewarded his political courage with a historical win that set the unions back on their heels.

    This was not just a minor win, but instead a major victory in what is considered a blue state. ‪This is an unmistakable massive victory and a signal sent by the people of Wisconsin that the Obama administration’s agenda has failed, and bold, conservative reformers like Scott Walker are what this country needs.

    There is no question and the taxpaying public agree, we must bring public employees’ benefit packages down to a more comparable level with those in the private sector. When our leaders in WA State do this and show te courage and conviction to take on the tough fights and make the right decisions, we must show them our strong and unwavering support.

    WA State reformers, no matter your party, we have your back.

    Lets start this reform by telling the unions the state will no longer collect the dues for them. I do not want a dime of my taxes used to do their admin. dirty work. Let them collect their own dues. The public WILL support this idea.

  12. Pecksbadboy says:

    Reagan was a coward in many way especially when it came to the AIDS crisis and only did what the GOP directors told that “B” movie actor to do.

    Oh wait, maybe he just asked “Mommies” spiritual adviser or gay hair stylist or decorator.

  13. truthbusterguy says:

    What does the Walker victory mean?

    It means that the next governor of WA State (McKenna) should no longer be afraid to take on public sector unions. The unions may make a lot of noise and issue plenty of threats, but in the end, they don’t have the kind of muscle they used to. They have no creditability or integrity with the majority of the voters.

    During a time when this state is strapped for cash, there’s no reason elected officials should allow big labor to maintain a stranglehold over their budgets. McKenna must knock these unions off their high horse and use that money to fund education (charter schools and vouchers)

    Of course, Walker’s victory is about more than public sector unions. What Walker has demonstrated is that voters will ultimately reward politicians for showing political courage on the big issues if they have the resolve to see their policies implemented and watch them succeed. Enthusiasm for Walker among his supporters was off the charts because people are more willing to fight for a leader who has actually taken a stand.

    As Washington State deals with an ongoing fiscal crisis, due to prior generations of democrats unwillingness to tackle runaway spending on the entitlement programs and union pay backs , wobbly-kneed politicians in Washington State should look to Walker’s triumph in Wisconsin for their inspiration.

  14. DenisSchletzbaum says:

    In response to Messrs Talcott and Garver
    I am a Federal Employee, get paid fairly well (30 years invested), am a union member (PASS), and also participate as a National Liaison for Modernization of Training. I take offense to your insinuations that my public employee union has anything to do with holding anyone “hostage”. I would suggest that you are really unaware of what a union does in the public sector. My union works collaboratively with my agency to ensure safety, training, and staffing are where they need to be to make us all effective. My union has no ability to affect my pay, strike, or affect my retirement. Strikes are illegal if you are a Federal Employee. Pay and benefits are set by OPM. Air Traffic Controllers were fired by Reagan because they went on strike and he gave them multiple chances to return to work. The ones that did not, he fired, rightfully so.
    I think your and Gov Walker’s beef was that union membership was mandatory and dues were automatically taken out of everyone’s pay. I agree that this is not a great way to do things, but somebody at some time thought it was. Pay and control are not part of what a public union does. My union membership is strictly voluntary and we cover all eligible employees, dues paying or not. We can still file grievances.
    I would hope that, in the future, you educate yourself about the subject before you paint with such a broad brush. That being said, I don’t agree with public employees striking at the state and local level. It hurts me as a taxpayer and as a union member. I don’t know, but I believe that state and local employees cannot bargain for pay, but it’s just a guess.
    By the way, Reagan was the President of the Actor’s Union and a staunch union proponent.

  15. KnowsTheTruth says:

    As stated by Jeb Bush within the past week, Reagan knew how to strike a deal. He would not be accepted by today’s conservatives.

    Walker not only can’t strike a deal, but renegs on deals he claims willing to make. There is no courage in lying and no honor either.

    Walker and other stooges are being used as conduits for billionaire businesses to lower the wages in the United States, thus lowering the purchasing power, thus creating further economic distress on the middle class, while they laugh all the way to the bank with pocketing $10 for every $1 spent on campaigns. They already have all the money they will ever need and if the middle class takes it on the chin, it is meaningless to them.

    Watch how fast Walker is dropped by the moneymen when indicted. They don’t need that kind of problem

  16. Burt….put down the kool aide buddy, you’ve had far too much!

  17. “Obama’s economy is falling apart at the seams.”

    Keep telling the lie.

  18. sumyungboi says:

    The reason the Wisconsin Woodshed Incident drives the lefties crazy is because they lost. Not just the recall in Wisconsin. They lost. We’re winning. :)

  19. DenisSchletzbaum says:

    taxedenoughintacoma: The stuff about Walker’s courage and such is your opinion. I happen to disagree with it, but you are entitled to it. The part that I don’t understand is the part about public employee’s benefit packages not being comparable to the private sector. You know this how?

    truthbusterguy: You make a lot of claims that are just, well, silly. I don’t have the space to correct all that is wrong with those paragraphs starting with Walker’s overwelming support. He succeeded because most people either didn’t want the recall in the first place or didn’t think his offenses rose to the height that required recall. Charter and vouchers? I sure don’t want my children educated by a for profit corporation. Talk about class warfare if that goes into play.

  20. KnowsTheTruth says:

    Denis – the anti-union crowd makes lots of false claims and knows nothing about union benefits. Sadder than their ignorance is that some of them enjoy union wages and benefits and bite the hand that feeds them.

  21. concernedtacoma7 says:

    The taxpayer is the hand that feds them. Wow.

  22. CT7 – there are taxes other than income taxes. Reagan did lower the income tax rates but raised the rates on several other taxes that target the rich and corporations more that the middle and working classes.

    Bush I campaigned on two issues – no new taxes and roll back the Reagan tax increase

    To most conservatives, the two most all-American actors are Ronald Reagan and John Wayne.

    One of whom cut a deal with the US Army to avoid combat, and the other never served in the military.

  23. Walker is a tool of the Kochs. Also what’s with the far-away look in his eyes. Odd. Medicated?

  24. the taxpayer gets services in return for their money. No one works for nothing

  25. aJ….classy comment! Too bad you could work in your line about gerbils somehow.

    (waiting for the inevitable comeback comment about my joke about Mr. Tight Jeans’ name………)

  26. Pity the poor Cons who keep looking for a replacement for the long lost (and even longer demented) St. Ronnie.

  27. “Wisconsin is now a dead heat.”

    Exit polls in the recall election showed Obama with a 7 point lead.

  28. “the next governor of WA State (McKenna) should no longer be afraid to take on public sector unions”

    McKenna has already said that’s not going to happen if he wins.

  29. “there’s no reason elected officials should allow big labor to maintain a stranglehold over their budgets

    Governor Gregoire negotiated deferred salary increases with the state employees. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2013680687_paycuts15m.html

    Facts. They trump wrong-wing BS every time.

  30. took14theteam says:

    Fib said:

    “If he had been up front about trying to dismantle public unions he probably would not have been elected.”

    If Mr. “Hope and Change” was up front about his true intent, he would not have been elected.

    Time to pull up the boot straps and be a leader, not a blamer.

    And Tuddo (what the H does tuddo even stand for), do the “evil” Koch brothers pay the union dues? Are the “evil” Koch brothers a part of government that makes them lose money with employee unions? Please explain to us FOX viewers what the “evil” Koch brothers do to America.

    Then provide counter balance as to what Soros is doing to America.

    Waiting anxiously for the reply.

  31. If Mr. “Hope and Change” was up front about his true intent, he would not have been elected.

    Please explain what his “true intent” is.

  32. averageJoseph says:

    If he’d release his college transcripts perhaps we would have a clearer picture of his intent.

  33. huh? That is what we call a non-sequiter. Here is another one.

    If you would drink orange juice the lawn wouldn’t need to be mowed.

  34. averageJoseph says:

    Really? You don’t think being able to review his transcripts would shed light on his motives and intentions? LMAO… what’s that about willful ignorance?

  35. His transcripts would show what classes he took and what grades he got. It would also show the theses/dissertations he completed. I suppose that that would “shed light” upon his interests as a student. Explain how it would have any relevance to his “motives and intentions” as President of the US.

    “LMAO” – really? Your sense of humor is odd.

  36. took14the team, you asked on another thread if I was going to answer your questions. Since you asked what I thought were rhetorical questions, and asked a personal question in a rude manner, I didn’t bother to treat them with the dignity of a response.

    Don’t ask me why you think Koch brothers or the unions are evil since I never said any such thing.

    I’m glad the right has Soros to kick around, as small a player as he really is in the scheme of gigantic corporate control of politics, since, without him, they would have nothin’ to screech about.

    And since you so rudely asked: my name is a nickname one of my grandkids gave me and now all of them and my great grands call me, because they find it fun that when they visit me or I visit them that we have so much “to do”.

    They speak Texan, and it sounds like “tuh do”, and then that turned in to tuddo for short. It certainly isn’t anything I associate with “what the H” unless you mean it as heaven to my ears when they call it out it as they run to give me a hug.

  37. took14theteam says:

    Sorry Tuddo, I must have had my “NiceGuy” hat on when I wrote that.


    Happy Father’s Day!

  38. averageJoseph says:

    Explain why it would be irrelevant.

  39. took14theteam, same to you. Its almost time for church to let out in Texas, so I have to get my computer ready for “skyping” (is that a word) when they call.

  40. My post of 6.17 @ 6:18AM provides what I accept can be gleaned from any student’s transcripts. You made the original assertion. You haven’t provided anything but an immature internet initialism to support the assertion.

  41. averageJoseph says:

    So you don’t think “his interests as a student” would be a precurser to his mind set later in life? That’s just silly. Which begs the question… why won’t he release them???

    How many times have we heard from the left what various “con’s” true intent was/is?

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