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JOBS: GOP’s inaction caused real suffering

Letter by Michael L Bowler, Buckley on June 14, 2012 at 12:11 pm with 58 Comments »
June 14, 2012 1:32 pm

Re: “GOP sacrifices jobs in shameless bid to win election” (TNT, 6-13).

After the attacks of 9/11, Americans rightly closed ranks behind President George Bush, Democrats and Republicans alike. Those Democrats who balked at the headlong rush to war were labeled as al-Qaida sympathizers or worse. They were labeled as soft on terrorism because they didn’t go along with legislation such as the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act, even though both seriously weakened our Constitution.

In the end, their skepticism of the Bush administration proved well-founded. After inheriting a budget surplus, that Republican administration spent like drunken sailors, put our economy into the ditch and then handed the keys to the new president.

On the very day Barack Obama was inaugurated, in a month in which hundred of thousands of Americans lost their jobs, Republican leaders were meeting behind closed doors, conspiring and pledging among themselves that they would obstruct every measure introduced by Obama even if that measure would ease suffering and put Americans back to work.

They would just say no. No to jobs, no to anything that would make Obama look good because they knew that continued joblessness, indeed even if it meant the very destruction of the middle class, would be their path to retake the White House in 2012.

So we must ask ourselves, if our country is faced with a crisis, be it military or financial, are the acts of those who would deliberately block efforts meant to help our people and nation, the acts of a traitor?

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  1. Gird your loins Michael the right wing nut bars are going to attack you like you’ve never seen!
    You told the truth….they HATE that!

  2. Ortingmom says:

    What do you have to back up;
    Republican leaders were meeting behind closed doors, conspiring and pledging among themselves that they would obstruct every measure introduced by Obama even if that measure would ease suffering and put Americans back to work???

  3. I heard today: If Obama came out if favor of oxygen, Republicans would suffocate themselves.
    The one goal stated by the conservative right is to destroy Obama at all cost. They throw women, the environment, national budget, Pentagon, triple A rating, health care all under the bus to get what they want. Ruthless.

  4. GHTaxPayer says:

    Michael – If you think the bipartisan Congress of Bush “spent like drunken sailors” with annual budget deficits of $80 – $280 Billion, what do you call Obama and Dem Supermajority annual budget deficits of $1.3 TRILLION ??? Spending like Dems on bath salts ??

    The FACT is that Obama had total control of our government for the first two years of his Presidency and proceeded to enact 1000s of job-killing regulations, gave Billions to his cronies in bogus green jobs, and put the clamps on all new oil well drilling, driving gas up to $4.00 gallon.

    It’s time for the Dems to “grow a pair” and take responsibility for the most fiscally irresponsible President in history with the highest unemployment of any Presidency in US history – Barack Hussein Obama.

    Yes, I agree that Bush was a bad president. But Obama has been a complete disaster.

    So far in 2012 we’ve had 9,120,000 people file new unemployment claims with only 810,000 new jobs created. This is the Obama economy.

  5. yes orting – Mitch McConell and John Boehner said as much

  6. what nonsense, tax. American oil production is way up. Bush inherited surplus, left us with a trillion deficit and two wars…and now you spew the Dems spent too much? Revisionist crap heard on fox.

  7. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Once again, this election is not about Bush. No one on the right praises his fiscal policies. Quite the opposite. That said, half of his overspending was on liberal programs (medicare). Other half was war (save it, I know you see them as bad). Post 9/11 security spending was seen as essential.

    None of that has to do with BHO. He ramped up Afghanistan. He not only continued Bush tax and fiscal policy, but tossed in kickbacks for supporters.

    Oil production is up on private land, down on public. BHO had zero to with that. Old, bad argument.

    When Bush left office the Iraq war was 90% complete, with an end date. All BHO did was ensure we lost any gains. BHO gets zero credit for ending that conflict.

    His legacy will be the failed stimulus and Obamacare, likely to get tossed out. Enacting regulations during a downturn was terrible. Dodd-Frank, also worthless. Nothing to prevent the next bubble or future bailout.

    He continues to centralize power at the fed level, with czars and Holder suing state after state.

  8. GHTaxPayer says:

    Senate Dems are currently sitting on 30 Jobs bills passed with bipartisan votes in House. Why won’t they put them to a vote? Is ideology more important than putting Americans back to work?

    If Dems really want to help our economy, why won’t they at least vote on these 30 jobs bills? Why won’t they pass a budget?

  9. you’re reading John Boehner’s page. A step up from fox, congratualtions.

  10. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Nice deflection, slag.

  11. GHTaxPayer says:

    Still no answer to my question – Why won’t the Senate Dems at least vote on the 30 Jobs bills passed with bi-partisan support in the Senate?

    Do the Dems really want to put people back to work or are they intent on keeping people dependent on welfare & food stamps?

    Why won’t they work with the House to put AMERICANS back to work ???

  12. GHT,
    What do I say to Obama’s supermajority budget deficits – I say you are a fool because the Dems never had a supermajority in either the House or the Senate while Obama has been President.

    The people who need to grow a pair are the Republcons who signed the no-tax pledge. Time for them to start working for the good for the country and her citizens.

    CT7 –
    Oil production is up – that is the important fact.
    Unfortunately, oil exports are also up. Thanks to big oil.

    The rest of you rants are just right wing talking points white no relation to reality.

    GHT –
    Those 30 job bills cut taxes on the rich and have little or nothing to do with creating or returning jobs to this country.

    Why won’t the House take action on the Transportation and other bills that would create jobs here, and make our country stronger by rebuilding our infrastructure?

    There was a budget agreement – until the GOP House backed out of it.

  13. charliebucket says:

    Good letter.

  14. GHTaxPayer says:

    Xring – Obama had SUPERMAJORITIES from Feb 2009 until July 2010 when Scott Brown was elected. Why didn’t he “raise taxes on the wealthy” and “pass meaningful Jobs bills that GOP are against” during this time??

    Why didn’t he or Dems pass a budget during this time???

    Why hasn’t the Stimulus kept unemployment under 7% as promised ??

    Why hasn’t Obama “cut federal deficit spending in half” as he promised in over 100 campaign speeches ?

    Why has poverty and food stamp usage DOUBLED under Obama ??

  15. GHTaxPayer says:

    The Dems want us to forget the first two years of Obama’s presidency when he, Reid and Pelosi shoved everything down our throats that they wanted to with no stopping by GOP.

    Unfortunately for them the American people haven’t forgotten.

  16. GHTaxPayer says:

    My mistake – Obama had SUPERMAJORITY for 13 months – for the next 8 months he only had 59 Dems in the Senate !


    Bill Clinton had a GOP House & Senate and wroked with them to balance budget and reform welfare and entitlements. Why won’t Obama do what’s right for the country and abandon his liberal ideology ??

  17. menopaws says:

    Great letter….The Republican Party is OWNED by corporations and Wall street bankers–and they want their power back……Last night, I watched Colin Powell apologize to the American people for the Iraq War and his mistakes……….I have yet to hear any other apologies from these fat, impotent politicians who treated those of us with real questions as traitors….But, then, Halliburton was getting all those “no-bid” contracts for supplying that war……..The outrage of Republicans over Obama just is amusing……..There was so much corruption and lying about the Iraq war—no one went to jail….and no one, but General Powell has apologized……Shameful behavior from cowards who prefer to bully rather than govern. This was a great letter calling out those cowards……..Some of us with family in the military will NEVER forgive……..I also thank Colin Powell for standing up like a man of honor—probably the only Republican man of honor left!!!! Bunch of lying grifters who can’t wait to get their hands in your pockets again…….

  18. Excellent letter, Michael. Thanks.

  19. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Meno- did BHOs admin stop contracts with Halliburton? Nope. Nice conspiracy theory. A sign you are out of logical talking points.

  20. menopaws says:

    LIke I said–Colin Powell apologized Ct7—-your trolls are still running around blaming everyone else……That whole “personal responsibility ” thing they touted must just be for us peasants, right??? And, Obama brought the troops home and Haaliburton is sucking swamp water these days–had to peddle themselves overseas and actually bid against other companies….Try reading the business pages sometime–world of learning…………..Like I said–a bunch of greedy grifters……not a man of honor among them…….

  21. davehill90 says:

    Not an attack, but just look at the facts. Jobs bills were passed, and passed on by the admin. ~ as noted above. Just like budgets – conservatives do not crave to govern from some beloved ‘crisis’ mode.

    Democrat party members and others did coalesce around W for about 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on how hard left, after nine eleven 2001.

    Destruction of middle class canard is crazy. Nobody destroyed anything when Bush was in power – rights are now more threatened as executive power [extra constitutional] is ramped under this admin. They had all power – 2 years! What did they do? Only more to insure greater power grab, rule from a crisis mode. Take all the money of ‘the rich’ and you’ll run the government – ever bigger as you seem to enjoy it – for about 78 days, tops. Have fun with that.

    As far as war vindication.. the reports [mostly unreported by your media] of winnebago runs caught on sattelite into Iran were true. As we are on our way out of Iraq we see how entrenched your beloved Sunni Iran is there. Glad you are so patriotic to have opposed going after the enemies.. you’re getting your wish – what is as good as doing nothing, except we’ve expended greatly already for naught.

  22. averageJoseph says:

    So we have gone full circle with the prog talking points.
    Kooky, that OBlame-o had democrat control of both houses for 2 years (preceded by 2 years of democrat control of both houses) and did… nothing, except cause real suffering.

  23. truthbusterguy says:

    Good to see the GH Taxpayer out there defending the “right” side of the discussion.

    All I want to add is if I have a choice between the obama agenda and gridlock, I will take gridlock every time.

    Until we rid ourself of obama we need gridlock to slow his distruction of the economy and the country.

  24. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Dave, decent rant except Iran is Shia.

    Meno, you are obviously still blinded with partisan rage. The only one playing the blame game is the left. Bush bought the boys home.

  25. SwordofPerseus says:

    Repulicon, right wing, call it what you like it is always bad for the country as a whole. It is not a matter of conjecture or partisan opinion it is merely the mathematical facts of the matter.

    Bloomberg News,22 February 2012, “Stocks Return More With Democrat in White House” and Bob Drummond reported that, from 1960-2012 (till February 21st), $1,000 invested in the S&P throughout all of the 28 years of Republican Presidencies would now be $2,087, but in all 23 years of Democratic Presidencies would now be $10,920 – a 992% gain, vs. the mere 109% gain under Republican Presidents – and this despite the fact that there were actually five more years for the money to grow during Republican Presidencies. “The Democratic edge is so large that the party comes out ahead even without counting Bill Clinton (the Democrat with the biggest S&P gain) and George W. Bush (the Republican with the worst market record).” The Democratic advantage was enormous: “It’s not even close.”

    I know that some of you will not be impressed, just know this simple fact that if you follow Republican policy it will cost us all…a lot, and I for one cannot afford another Rebublicon in the White House.

  26. menopaws says:

    Bush brought the boys home???? what are you drinking?????Everyone on the right says “It’s time to move on”……..Of course it is—with their record—I would definitely not want people remembering all the lies and outright incompetence……..But, guess what???According to Gallup–Americans haven’t forgotten and they KNOW who the moron was who screwed up this country……..You say move on–I say deal with your abject failure and the fact that trust is EARNED—no sound bites or mud-slinging will make us forget……Bush brought the troops home and ended the war—–check your meds….those fantasies are pretty crazy………..

  27. LOL, a post so… nice, SwoP used it twice!

    And my reply is the same:

    SwoP, a lotta’ words to come to the wrong conclusion. The truth is it doesn’t matter to John Q which party is in power or how hot the stock market is. What matters is that pesky three letter word; J-O-B-S.

    Oh, and since the article you cite was written (at a time when the stock market had regained all losses from 2008), the market has lost all gains from 2012.

    if you follow Republican policy it will cost us all…a lot, and I for one cannot afford another Rebublicon in the White House.

    Median net worth in the USA is down 40% under Obama – we’re back to 1991 levels, even with your hot stock market. How’s that workin’?

    If you can’t “afford” another Republican in the White House, you must not be very good at economics. The rest of us – those who do not work in the public sector – cannot “afford” to continue like this.

  28. When will the conservatives be honest enought to admit that the difference between Obama’s budget and Bush’s was two wars that were finally accounted for and not hid under the carpet?

  29. Just to save Orting mom saying “you got proof of dat?”


  30. Scottc51 says:

    I think I agree. Sort of. Obama simply isn’t up to the challenge of the Republicans. He leads from behind and when he can’t get it done, he finds someone to blame. The whining is tiresome.

  31. harleyrider1 says:

    Over-all, simply a weird letter.

    Of Obama’s four (4) years, Democrats controlled Congress for two (2) of them. Google it since you don’t know. He did not get the support of his own people.

    I don’t know of any Country that could conduct two (2) major wars, revamp their Country’s internal security and not spend money? Do you really think spending that was alike a drunken sailor?

    What are we to make of the four (4) additional wars Obama has placed our troops in, inside the African nations while we are still In Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Really. Who is paying for that? More drunken sailors?

    One who continuously – even after nearly four years – can only point fingers and blame instead of lead, doesn’t really warrant re-election regardless of Party.

    It would be more American to elect a person that will unite us and represent all of us. Maybe then we can move forward and rebuild. Looking back does not allow you to see where you are going. Try it while you walk down the street.

  32. How does a party “control congress” without a super majority in the Senate? There is one way. The minority party doesn’t set records on filibusters.

    I’d like to know how Mitt Romney is going to “unite” the country will attacking those people that work as police, firefighters, teachers and a host of other government related jobs.

    When will a conservative actually think about what he is saying before posting a comment?

  33. What challenge have the Republicans issued to Obama?

    “Provide a birth certificate”.

  34. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Harley- well said!

    SoP is proud of digging that stat up. Too bad the average middle class family is not tied to the stock market, but housing prices. You just showed BHO is the president of the 1%.

  35. averageJoseph says:

    Hi Larry.

  36. Well said harley – except there is not a word of truth to it.

    As to the “stock market” and the “housing market”, who finances the
    “housing market”?

    Is there a requirement that these comments be honest and accurate?

  37. confusedtacoman4ever says:

    Bush was loved and retired from office with the highest approval rating ever in the history of the United States and left the country with a trillion dollar surplus that Obama spent on his inauguration party

  38. “the bipartisan Congress of Bush”

    What bipartisan Congress would that be? The GOP controlled the House and the Senate from Bush inauguration through 2006.

  39. “this election is not about Bush. No one on the right praises his fiscal policies”

    Tax cuts! Tax cuts! Tax cuts! Tax cuts!

  40. BlaineCGarver says:

    I have rarely seen an entire letter that contained so many straw man arguments, and red herrings. It’s partisan Bull Crap to just make up stuff to defend the indefensable. Holy Crap, I HOPE Republicians were making plans to defeat socialist plans to wreck the economy. The Country would have been better off if Obozo had gone golfing and not come back. I don’t think even Idiot Joe could have screwed us as bad as the Kenyan Communist.

  41. GHT,
    Ah! The myth of the supposed Democratic supermajority.

    From 7 July 09 to 25 Aug 09 there were 58 Dems and 2 Indes that caucused with them.

    However, one of the 58 was Ted Kennedy who was notable for his absences, several more blue dogs, and one inde was Lieberman.

    Then from 25 Sept 09 to 4 Feb 10, there were again 58 dems and 2 indes.

    While Kennedy had died on 25 Aug 09, there were still the blue dogs and Lieberman to contend with.

    Simply put, Reid had the numbers but not the votes.

    Thus ends the myth of the supposed Democratic supermajority.

    FY-10 budget passed on 29 Apr 2010 (covered spending from Oct 09 – Sep 10)
    FY-11 budget filibustered by Republican Senators.

    The Stimulus
    Not all funds were spent, and too much went to Wall Street and the Bankers.

    Cut deficit spending.
    Congress controls spending, NOT the President. In order to cut deficit spending Obama proposed tax increases, which the anti-american republions blocked.

    Food stamps etc,
    Republican assisted unemployment, underemployment, and stagnant wages = more people needing government help to survive.

  42. GHT – the difference between Clinton and Obama is that Clinton’s Republican Congress worked with Clinton rather than trying to make him a one-term president.

    CT7 – under what authority can a President void a contract?

    Oxbo ,
    Stock Market under Bush 2 – fell by 3.5% annually. Under Obama it has gained by 20.1% annually.

    From 1927 to 1998 the Stock Market rose by 1.7% annually under republican, and by 10.7% under Democrats.


    NET WORTH for middle and working class Americans has fallen 40% from 2007 to 2010 because most of their wealth was in their homes.

    Middle and working class incomes have fallen 7% since 2000 while the poverty rate reached a 17-year high of 15.1%).

    Meanwhile the top 1% has seen their incomes go up by almost 300% (while their tax rates have fallen to historical lows).

    Niceguy – and what was their response when he did – they claimed it was a fake.

    BGC – you can’t handle the truth. Which is why when you see it you call it bull crap.

  43. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Who owns the stock market? Home prices effect the middle class and poor, not the stock market. BHO is the president of the 1%! Does not care about the little guy. Actions speak.

    BCG- hit his 100th round today. At 6 hours (including transportation), that equals 4 months of work. Heck, he had a 45 min workday this week (Monday I think).

    He has given up. Even the most hardcore leftist has to see this. For all the talk of how bad things are, he played 100 rounds of golf. Insane. 45 min work days (fundraising is not work). The left should be ashamed.

  44. More right wing rants form pants on fire.

  45. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Xring- please point out one thing I just said that was incorrect. Thanks.

    Most transparent admin, will not even take a question. Holder playing games. Deals made in secret. Terrible and scary.

  46. menopaws says:

    Over 100,00 civilians were killed by US in Iraq…….Not one apology from the fat cats who promised “oil revenues” would pay for the War…………You can rant all you want about Obama and “socialism” (idiots!!!), but he doesn’t have the blood of innocent civilians in Iraq on his hands………..Real Christian crowd out there—big on name-calling and lying….Decency is NOT a word they can comprehend. Once again Colin Powell–the rest are garbage who need to be taken to the curb……….Done listened to those tooo stupid to understand how they are, once again, being chumped………Romney wants to BOMB Iran–any of you heroes ready to sign up for that???? Yeah, I didn’t think so…….Republicans are really good at putting other peoples lives on the line while they sit on their asses and count their money………

  47. CT7 – except for the comment on homes, nothing you said is is either factual or relevant.

  48. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Are those people at BHOs Hollywood fundraisers signing up?

  49. menopaws says:

    I don’t know Ct7—-what about all those “private” donors that Romney meets with and refuses to disclose their names????? Big story about that this week in the news—oh, wait, you don’t read, do you??? Even John McCain is worried he is taking outside money from foreign governments……..At least Obama doesn’t hide the names of his donors, but then, he doesn’t have to does he?????Keep worshipping at the altar of Wall street corruption……..watching them con all of you is fascinating…….

  50. “watching them con all of you is fascinating……

    Willard Romney. Putting the “con” back in conservative.

  51. averageJoseph says:

    ehill , putting the im in “imtellectual“.

  52. Wow, all that bloviation over a typo. You really are obsessed, aren’t you?

  53. averageJoseph says:

    It was funny as h&ll that you were making a condescending remark about someone’s imtellect… that’s all. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it… Jr.

  54. averageJoseph says:

    … a karmatic moment … if you will. ;)

  55. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Meno- you do not know the answer? Shame on you. You think Sarah Jessica Parker or the other celebs paying off BHO to feel better for their wealth would serve/allow their kids to serve?

    Looking for a billionaire who served? Look up Prince of Blackwater/Xe. Even though he was to inherit 10 digits worth, joined the SEALs. Patriot.

  56. “It was funny as h&ll that you were making a condescending remark about someone’s imtellect… that’s all. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it… Jr.”

    Sorry that you dom’t have the imtellect to umderstamd the differemce betweem a nisspellimg amd a typo.

  57. averageJoseph says:

    I do. Sorry you dom’t seen to umderstamd what karma is.

  58. averageJoseph says:

    close bold

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