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RELIGION: No one forced to work for church

Letter by Doug Hamilton, Puyallup on June 14, 2012 at 11:42 am with 4 Comments »
June 14, 2012 1:39 pm

Re: “Crusade by the conservatives” (letter, 6-14).

Where do the rights of the writer stop and the rights of the Roman Catholic Church begin?

The Roman Catholic Church has been steadfast in its standards for hundreds of years longer than the writer has been alive. As a religious organization, that church has the moral right and constitutional protection from being ordered to violate a core belief. This isn’t about a woman’s right to contraceptive insurance coverage; it’s about a government action interfering in that church’s protected right to free practice without the federal government interfering or taking over.

The writer is not compelled to work at a Catholic hospital or for the Catholic Church. The federal government (and that includes our president) is expressly forbidden by the Constitution from interfering with the established practices of a religion.

There is no violation of law here. If you want contraceptive coverage, go out and buy it. Don’t tell a religious organization it has to provide a type of insurance coverage that clearly violates its moral core, just to satisfy a choice.

This isn’t a conservative or a liberal issue. It’s a moral and a freedom of religion issue.

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  1. Yes, the catholic church was very miffed, too, when governments worldwide had to interfere in order to stop child rape by clergy and investigate it. This week the pope has embraced a radical right wing catholic holocaust denier group: the Pius Group. Any other institution would get hell for such an embrace, when the catholic church does its sheep are silent.
    Have dominance over your church buildings and what goes on in there as long as you follow the law (and don’t abuse anyone) – everything outside the church is none of your business. One more thing: since you bring ballots and petitions in front of your herd and the tabernacle – you need to lose your bogus non-profit and pay taxes.

  2. charliebucket says:

    I think the letter writer has it backwards. If a religious group wants to run a hospital (clinic, church, daycare whatever) by it’s religious beliefs it should not hire anyone outside their faith, nor accept any tax payer or govt support or public support or govt endorsement of any kind and THEN it can dictate it’s beliefs to its staff. otherwise, if anything, it is the religious freedom and other freedoms of the employees that the church is violating, IMO.

    In all honesty, the whole issue is moot though, IMO. Religious freedom is not under attack in this country. But it is a nice right wing talking point. The day our govt or the police start going to churches/mosques/synagogues etc telling them they can’t worship or can’t adorn their homes with their religious symbols or the like, then I will be the first to stand up and scream about religious freedom. (I fear that day will come under republicans, BTW.)

  3. KnowsTheTruth says:

    If a church doesn’t want to be like every other employer, get out of the business. First Amendment is about the right to practice a religion, not the right to force everyone in business to practice a religion.

  4. charliebucket says:

    ain’t that the truth, truth

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