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MURRAY: Senator’s office highly responsive

Letter by Nola V. Tresslar, Fircrest on June 11, 2012 at 4:15 pm with 7 Comments »
June 12, 2012 9:42 am

Re: “Legislators aren’t listening to us” (letter, 6-11).

I just had a wonderful experience with Sen. Patty Murray’s office. For almost two years I have been dealing with a payment problem with Medicare/Noridian. When I couldn’t get answers, I went to the state insurance commissioner, then the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Finally, when none of these offices could get me the answers, I contacted Murray’s office through her website.

Someone in her office contacted me within one week, and I submitted more information. Within three weeks I had the information and answers I couldn’t get in two years from our other agencies. It was information I should have received from Medicare/Noridian to begin with, and it shouldn’t have taken a U.S. senator to get it, but it did.

I didn’t expect Murray to personally respond, but I do expect her office to be staffed with competent personal, which it most certainly is. Murray’s address is on the web and in our local telephone book, so I can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem contacting her office. Could it be somebody has other political motives here?

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  1. I have had prompt answers, either by email or telephone, from Senator Patty Murray’s office in every single instance. Perhaps it is because my inquiries are couched in civil and polite terms?
    Although I have sent many letters, and so has my som, to Rod McKenna, we have yet to receive a reply. Not even a form letter.
    Senator Maria Cantwell is always responsive. Both of our LADY Senators are easy and quick to reach. We are fortunate to have representatives in Washington, D. C., who act with dignity and have the respect of their colleagues and our nation.

  2. fanciladi says:

    I’m glad you had a good experience with her office…you were lucky! Apparently it was an easy fix for her. IF it’s a complicated case you get no help…perhaps a ‘brush-off’ of sorts…

    Again, I’m glad for your experience with her!!!

  3. LStrong206 says:

    After several weeks of attempts to actually speak with someone in Sen. Murray’s office I received forms to complete before they would deal with me. When I did finally get to submit my request for help with a problem with the Post Office I received a form letter reply telling me that problems with the Post Office were handled by the Washington State Legislature and I should contact them. I gave up on ever getting a reasonable response from the Senator’s office.

  4. LStrong, the alleged letter you received would make a great gift to the Republican Party, and it should be plastered all over Youtube and other sites as great comedy. Murray would get a lot of bad press if it came to light that her staff thought Washington State ran the US Postal Service.

    Gaffes like that when exposed are highly useful to the opposition.

    I suggest you forward it immediately.

  5. fanciladi says:

    Nola, one thing I didn’t address….the political motives comment is out of place unless it’s you putting them forth.

    When a Veteran goes for help, he/she’s not going with that in mind…they are going with the need of ‘HELP’ in mind.

  6. Now, why would a veteran go to Murray for help? Why not to a Republican congressman or Senator Cantwell for that matter?

    Something smells to the high heavens about fanciladi’s complaint.

  7. fanciladi says:

    NiceGuy??? I’m finished with this…you and the other posters don’t believe me…so that’s your choice. When this happens (I’m not saying exactly what) to someone you love, then your tune will change. We live in the most wonderful country in the world, but the government can really $crew someone over, it’s not perfect. The smell you smell may be question/comment!!!

    If you ever watch the History Channel, you may see the history of many people serving and yet being destroyed by our country…Pat Tillman comes to mind….cover-up is a nasty thing…very nasty thing!

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