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OBAMA: Private sector economy is strong?

Letter by Raymond L. Tiffany, Olympia on June 11, 2012 at 1:43 pm with 58 Comments »
June 11, 2012 1:43 pm

During President Obama’s press conference on Friday, he insisted that the private sector economy is strong. As a rebuttal to his own uninformed and incorrect declaration, he claimed that the public sector economy needed more stimulus, that is, more help from the taxpayer directly and more loans from China indirectly.

Are we to continue this spiral into bankruptcy merely to prop up an economy on a short-term basis? At some point, the piper must pay for the music. Haven’t we determined already the long-term impact of increasing the size of government, specifically, the ballooning costs of retirement and health benefits?

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  1. philichi says:

    Raymond, great letter.
    I find it strange that every group that he named, (teachers, firemen,Police, etc, all seem to be in unions that send his campaigne money.

  2. Raymond, look to Rupee for the results of what you would like to do, it doesn’t work.
    You want to crash the economy….again?

    BTW, unions are the least of this country’s problems.

  3. US based corporations reporting record profits, and not paying taxes on said profits at least part of the private sector is going gangbusters.

  4. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    obama is trying to send a signal to the unions he threw under the bus in Wisconsin that he feels their so-called pain. obama will soon be visiting the rust belt with hat in hand because he has milked the liberals in New York City and Hollywood for all they have. His recent remakes are only meant to smooth the wounds from his betrayal of his corrupt union friends in Wisconsin.

    But voters know that until we have wage and benefit reforms and the end of the government unions, more of these employees is the last thing we can afford. Why do I want more teachers, cops and firefighters hired so they can send money to obama from forced union dues? No way no how.

  5. No starving the beast comment taxedenough?

  6. billybushey says:

    Corporations making profits but no taxes paid, not as many jobs as we’d like but still a net gain in jobs each month, millions more insured, including children, Iraq finished, Afghanistan winding down, Bin Laden dead, 2 number 2 Al Qaeda men dead in a row, showing restraint in the Syrian situation when everyone else is screaming “let’s go shoot more brown people”, which means more men and women will live to get jobs. The private sector is doing far better than it was 5 years ago.

  7. why is Obama always misquoted?

  8. Fibonacci says:

    Yes, things are better than 5 years ago, but damn, Obama has not fixed EVERYTHING while lowering taxes and that is what the Cons promise. Those that believe more of what we had under Shrub will fix things also believe in the Easter bunny.

    The Republicans don’t WANT things to get better. They want things to stay bad so they can get back into power. They don’t care one bit for any American that is not rich. The right wing lackeys here are fools.

  9. charliebucket says:

    cuz remember fib, the #1 goal of the republican party is to make Obama a one term President.

  10. menopaws says:

    Private corporations are sitting on a huge pile of cash—billions and billions of cash…….courtesy of the Fed–the smart ones are debt free–those low interest rates have been a huge boon, along with R&D tax breaks. So, the President is NOT wrong—even our broker says business refusing to hire is more political than based on economic issues…………..But, these companies don’t like regulation, so like the Republicans in Congress, they will tank this slowly recovering economy rather than have regulations. they want their MBA President back–so they can take all those risks without anyone telling them it is not okay……..And, the voters still don’t want to pay for health care, education, roads, etc…..Reality challenged, which is a polite term for CRAZY. Watching the Pied Piper lead the rats into the river to drown is really sad……But, stupid is always rewarded as it should be………Grover Norquist and the Koch Brothers are waiting with their instructions for Romney……….he will do as he is told……

  11. “why is Obama always misquoted?”

    Because the right can’t win with honesty…..they never have been able to.

  12. I wonder where Mr. Tiff got his education in economics too.

  13. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    president obama has steered a fiscal course that will lead to more spending and deeper deficits and ultimately to vastly higher taxes…One would think his goal is to destroy the economy. Maybe his plan is to run on that sucess?

    …If you want to know the real cause of our deficits today, the answer lies primarily with obama. If you want to know the real cause of our deficits in the near future, the answer lies in entitlement spending, which obamacare increases.

    Have you read “The Road to Serfdom”? watch this and you will see obama plan for us.

  14. Fibonacci says:

    So, are you saying that things did not go to hell before Obama even got into office? I think you are wrong, the REPUBLICANS want the economy to stay bad so they can come to power. That is ALL they care about. Their goal from day one was to destroy Obama, even before he did anything. Y0u are one of those they the rich love, you buy ion their garbage that TAXES are the problem with everything. Just keep on driving the right wing kool aid. You forgot to blame public unions for the cause of our deficits, after all, they seem to be the cause of every problem this country has according to you.

  15. Fibonacci says:

    That would be drinking the kool aid.

  16. aislander says:

    I see the Glee club is in full cry today…

  17. taxedenoughintacoma says:


    Both parties are at fault. obummer made it worst. Yes, government unions are the reason many states, cities and counties are going broke. How else can you explain it that over half of budgets are taken up in wages, benefits and legacy retirements cost. Government unions are the cancer and many cities are taking steps to rein them in even liberal cities. Yes, government unions are a major part of the problem and you know it.

    Unions are not a problem in federal service because they can’t bargain for wages and benefits. No collective bargaining for federal workers. They cured that cancer in 1978. I was there and one of the first to shread my union card and dues payment book. Isn’t freedom from unions grand?

    Hopefully our state non workers will be able to opt out. I’ll let you in on a tip, legislation is being crafted to do just that.

  18. averageJoseph says:

    When was Barry mis-quoted?

  19. everything he says is misquoted by the republicans, including the phrase about the private sector which was 6 words taken from a speech.

    are you not very up to date on current events?

    since we are putting up youtube fiction about communism, it should be noted that the nazis ruled unions illegal and jailed their leaders. there is a comparison that is real.

  20. since you are close friends and use is boyhood nickname, I thought you knew what he really said

  21. SwordofPerseus says:

    If you don’t understand the economy and you get your information from FOX boobs, shut up.

    The reason that the majority of state, county and city governments are in fiscal trouble is not because of Public Unions. It is because tax revenues are down. The revenues are down because the middle class (read job creators) don’t have any money.

    The one percent, big banks(the FED, wall street,CITI Group,BofA,AIG) big business(Exxon-Mobil, GE, Monsanto, Humana, Blue cross/Blue shield, Glaxo/Smith/Cline) have taken it. They are sitting on record profits and trillions of dollars that have not been taxed. The answer is not cut backs, it is more revenue from the very wealthy and under/non taxed corporations who do not pay their fair share of the cost of running this country and the direct and indirect benefits those corporations enjoy by the very fact that they are allowed to do business in the US. And spare me that drivel about “50% of Americans pay no taxes” because it’s a lie and I am quite tired of hearing the stupidity of such remarks. The reason they don’t pay Federal INCOME TAX is because they do not make enough money to meet the threshold of taxation. In other words less than poverty level income. They still pay tax on everything but food in this state.

  22. averageJoseph says:

    Watching the ever increasing walk backs by Barry and Co. is quite entertaining.

    First he says ‘the private sector is doing just fine’ and the very next day comes out and says it’s not… Kooky.

    Even Krugman (a loyal Obama kool-aid chugger) tried to clean up the gaffe the next day.


  23. averageJoseph says:

    Oh, GLC#2 SoP.

  24. harleyrider1 says:

    Misquoted? I heard him say this on TV while I was looking at him. How can it be a misquote, a misunderstanding, a political edit when the man said it?

    Now if his 33-paid White House staffers would pay their back taxes (Google any site) or if his friend, Warren Buffet’s company would pay the $2-BILLION in back taxes since 2002 (Google any site)and or some of his rich cabinet members, or other “friends of Barack”, it would set a better example for being a President, wouldn’t it? Clean up your own back-yard before preaching to us.

    Local government jobs are not private sector. Do you think teachers, or the police, or firemen are private companies owned by individuals? No, but they are voters in great numbers.

    I happen to think that most are not sheep and will vote who they think actually has a track record of building wealth in America – not just going door-to-door or flying state-to-state talking, or spending billions of taxpayer monies on their donor businesses.

    He wasn’t misquoted. He’s banking his re-election on unions, not my neighbor who has been out of work for two years or my nephew who just graduated from school. Their number is only large when they can find others like themselves.

  25. is the stock market 52% higher than it was in January 2009?

    does the stock market reflect the profits of private business?

    stop apologizing when the misquote you, President Obama.

  26. billybushey says:

    No collective bargaining for feds? Don’t know what agency you worked for, but mine is fully negotiated, with our pay and work conditions mirroring the private sector by law. And have you ever heard of AFGE? (American Federation of Government Employees). They bargain for feds at the local and national level.

    Read 5 USC 71

  27. from the christian science monitor:

    “The fuller text of Obama’s quote was this: “The truth of the matter is that, as I said, we’ve created 4.3 million jobs over the last … 27 months, over 800,000 just this year alone. The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government, oftentimes cuts initiated by … governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government.”

    Is that what you saw on the tv, harleyrider1?

  28. GHTaxPayer says:

    As usual, Obama and Dems are lying about the economy and unemployment numbers. Under Obama the private sector has lost 5 Million jobs, yet Obama and his ilk claim that he’s created 4.2 Million jobs. ?? Only on planet liberal do you understand this BS routine. Obama also said that government workers are taking the brunt of the unemployment. This also a bold-face lie. Virtually all states and fed payrolls have INCREASED under Obama.


  29. GHTaxPayer says:

    And why isn’t the media grilling Obama over $4.00 gas prices? If Bush was in office this would still be the headline: “President XXXXX’s lack of sensible energy plan is bankrupting middle class American families”.

    If Romney campaign has any brains they will focus on this issue.

  30. charliebucket says:

    nice guy, well said.

    speaking of nice guys, I have, also, wondered why Obama keeps apologizing for things he doesn’t need to or takes the time to clarify things when some right wing entertainer misquotes him. People of sound mind recognize the spin being put on everything he does… if he said the sky is blue some nut would say he is colorblind and unfit to be President. sheesh.

  31. scooter6139 says:

    GH – Did you even read your own link? The numbers quoted are based on January 2008 onward.

    History quiz: when did President Obama take office?

  32. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Scooter- the economy did not start in 2009. While he may blame and make excuses, his job is to address the pressing issues of the nation.

    No one said the 08 job losses are his fault (because we all know it was Harry, Nancy and Barney’s). But ignoring them is.

  33. aJo – but not nearly as time consuming as watching Mittens Robme flip-flopping on each and every one of his ‘positions’.
    Harley – why single out just Obama’s staff and friends. As you neocon love to point out what they are doing is not illegal under our currently republicon locked tax codes.
    If the rich and corporations paid what they owed we would not have a debt.
    Romney’s idea of ‘building wealth in America’ is to funnel more to the rich while reducing their taxes.
    Perhaps if the GOP had not helped corporations send US jobs overseas your neighbor and nephew would be able to find jobs with benefits and a living wage.
    NiceGuy – “Greater is an army of sheep lead by a Lion than an army of lions lead by a sheep.” – Alexander the Great.
    In other words Obama’s ‘doing fine’ referred to private sector job growth.
    I am shocked, SHOCHED! That fair and balanced, law abiding, god-fearing conservatives would deliberately misquote the President for political gain.

    GHT – $4 gas – Presidents don’t set gas prices – Oil Companies do! US oil production is up under Obama, US oil exports are up.

    CT7 – you forgot to blame god is punishing us for electing a foreign born muslim President.

  34. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Blame and deflect. 5 years ago Bush was responsible for everything. Today the left sees BHO responsible for nothing.

  35. “president obama has steered a fiscal course that will lead to more spending and deeper deficits and ultimately to vastly higher taxes…One would think his goal is to destroy the economy. Maybe his plan is to run on that sucess?

    …If you want to know the real cause of our deficits today, the answer lies primarily with obama. If you want to know the real cause of our deficits in the near future, the answer lies in entitlement spending, which obamacare increases.”

    More right wing lies that must be told over and over again so the sheep swallow them.

  36. “Under Obama the private sector has lost 5 Million jobs, yet Obama and his ilk claim that he’s created 4.2 Million jobs. ??”

    How do you sleep at night knowing you are a total liar?

  37. “the economy did not start in 2009.”

    Good lord, ct7 said something that was correct!!!

    Oh wait! she followed it with her usual 180 degrees!

    “No one said the 08 job losses are his fault (because we all know it was Harry, Nancy and Barney’s). But ignoring them is.”

    Boy that was close!

  38. menopaws says:

    Dear Lord–Please protect me and my family from Dumb, dumber, TooStupid to Learn and the rest of the crowd who spit out propaganda that is sooooo reality challenged that it qualifies for a file at Western state Hospital………Why don’t some of you start looking up who is holding all the cash in this country today??? Look it up–don’t rely on fox or any other channel for that info….Try to learn some facts and save the stupid spin for someone who doesn’t read the business pages…….

  39. scooter, if you’d bothered to read GH’s link, you may have noticed the following quote:

    President Obama’s statement Friday that the private sector is “doing fine” drew so much ridicule that he was forced to backtrack hours later. But it’s clear that Obama and many other Democrats see job problems — and solutions — starting and stopping with government employment.
    A quick look at payroll stats shows that’s not the case.
    Private-sector jobs are still down by 4.6 million, or 4%, from January 2008, when overall employment peaked. Meanwhile government jobs are down just 407,000, or 1.8%. Federal employment actually is 225,000 jobs above its January 2008 level, an 11.4% increase. That’s right, up 11.4%.

    Clearly the intent was to show that federal employment is actually up since 2008. And since 2008 is the high water mark for employment in the private sector, you might have actually even been able to understand the correlation.

    Using 2008 (onward) as a base year to illustrate that federal employment is actually up compared to the same time period in the private sector was not an effort to slip responsibility onto Obama for anything other than his own laughable attempt to justify more keynesianism.

  40. Oxbo = funnier still is you are still taking Obama’s remarks out of context.
    As NiceGuy showed above the;

    ‘doing well’ applied to the growth in private sector jobs,

    ‘not so well’ applied to TOTAL government employment.
    TOTAL as in federal, state, and local

  41. averageJoseph says:

    Private-sector jobs are still down by 4.6 million, or 4%, from January 2008, when overall employment peaked

    Kooky, and that was just before the dems took over both houses and writing the budget. It tanked right after.

  42. anotherID2remember says:

    A socialist will always believe that the private sector is doing fine and will not be harmed by the taxes required to boost employment in the public sector. Think about it for a minute. If you realize that taxing the private sector to grow government could harm the private sector then you might become a capitalist. The opposite of a capitalist believes that the private sector is always “doing fine”.

  43. LeePHill says:

    What kind of a misinformed, ignorant fool would blame the Wall Street crash of 2008 on the leader of the house, leader of the senate and one congressman of 435 in the house?

  44. “Haven’t we determined already the long-term impact of increasing the size of government”

    Executive Branch employees per 1,000 population, Bush: 9.1
    Executive Branch employees per 1,000 population, Obama: 8.4

  45. “Under Obama the private sector has lost 5 Million jobs”

    Number of jobs, February 1, 2009 (9 days after Obama was sworn in): 132,837,000
    Number of jobs, May 2012: 133,009,000

    Facts. They trump wrong-wing lies. Every time.

  46. SwordofPerseus says:

    Conc7,Avgjoe,rld2,GHTP=living proof you can’t fix s***id. Please don’t let me cloud your beliefs with facts. Right does not mean correct.

    The truth is out there, it just is not broadcast on your TV or radio. Well only if you tune into a very few stations and are capable of piecing multiple threads together. Too bad investigative journalism is all but dying without a broad public outlet…it does not fit into the profit model of Big Media.

  47. averageJoseph says:

    This IS fun.

  48. took14theteam says:

    NiceGuy, LeePHill, charliebucket, ehill, kluwless,meno.

    It is all the same. Socks and the puppets.

    What a pathetic bunch……. of the same person.

  49. concernedtacoma7 says:

    He worked 45 minutes today.


    So he must think things are fine. Do you? Is the private sector fine? Is a recovery natural? If so, does he deserve credit for any job gains? Since any measurable recovery is in the private sector, are corporations still evil for ‘sitting on trillions of dollars’?

    45 minutes! Some priorities. And his day starts at 11am.

  50. “It is all the same. Socks and the puppets.

    What a pathetic bunch……. of the same person.”

    you are truly an imtellectual giant. ROFL

  51. “45 minutes! Some priorities. And his day starts at 11am.”

    Duhhhhhhhhh. Those are only the public meetings, genius.

  52. concernedtacoma7 says:

    The daily briefing? Duhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Closed to press. Idiot

  53. “Idiot”

    So much for your repeated whining about the tone in here.

  54. menopaws says:

    Look, corporations are sitting on a huge pile of cash and not hiring……..How that translates to Obama’s fault is beyond logic….Unless all of you righties want him to FORCE the private sector to hire……And, that moves into that communist/socialist crap you like to throw around….so, maybe you need to think about the fact that corporations want their POWER back and the way to make that happen is to put another Republican in power………Someone who will take orders from Wall Street and Grover Norquist…….I already saw how that worked out with the MBA President……..I’ll pass on Wall Street and Grover calling the shots.

  55. averageJoseph says:


    you are truly an imtellectual giant. ROFL


    So much for your repeated whining about the tone in here.

    = double entendre

  56. averageJoseph says:

    Comedy Gold ;)

  57. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Meno- I thought 4+ million jobs were made by the private sector? Kind of blows up your theory.

    Ehill- did he work 45 min or not? We all know the answer. Scary.

  58. “Ehill- did he work 45 min or not”

    He did. If your IQ is smaller than your shoe size and you stupidly think that scheduled meetings and appearances are all there is to the job. Is that what you think? I’m not surprised.

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