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MURRAY: Very easy to find senator’s address

Letter by Janice A. Larsen, Tacoma on June 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm with 23 Comments »
June 11, 2012 4:11 pm

Re: “Legislators aren’t listening to us” (letter, 6-11).

It took me less than a minute to find a mailing address for Sen. Patty Murray, one for each major city in the state.

The News Tribune should be ashamed to print such a letter; it may lead many to believe Murray is uncaring and/or unavailable, which certainly is not the truth.

It is so very easy to contact any of our government officials. Instead of printing this letter it would have served all better to print Murray’s many addresses listed on her website.

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  1. menopaws says:

    Political whining is the newest occupation of the lazy………I found every address too–maybe he needs to take a computer class and get a therapist to help with his whining…….

  2. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    It’s more than an address. Unless you send a check for $100,000 to dim bulb patty all you get back from her is a form letter. There is a reason she is the dumbest in congress.


  3. He’s another extreme right wingnut and he could care less about actually contacting Senator Murray. So very childish.

  4. Sound Politics should be embarrassed to have been taken by a tongue in cheek poll which also deemed Senator Cantwell “best in a swimming suit”.

    It looks like someone else bit.

  5. Frankenchrist says:

    Senator Murray is a great friend to veterans. Thank you, Senator. Keep up the good work.

  6. lylelaws says:


    While I realize that Senator Murray represents ten million or so people and can’t be expected to personally reply to everyone, I think many folks (myself included) would rather receive a response from her staff just saying, “message received” than a “I will keep your concerns in mind, blah,blah, blah” which often dosen’t relate in any way to the issue at hand.

    After getting one such reply a few years ago, I sent her a letter that required her signature to be delivered, and she was nice enough to send back a hand-written response, so that is something to keep in mind.

  7. yabetchya says:

    There ya go Lyle !

  8. 9,999,999 people wait, while someone gets his jollies forcing a US senator to attend to his infantile wishes

  9. fanciladi says:

    Apparently a lot of you have had good experience with her office, well, that isn’t always the case. And to blame others that it’s their fault they can’t get help and have been treated badly is a judgmental stone to throw. You DON’T know what they have gone through…you have NO clue, so knock off the judgmental attitude!!!

    You definitely DON’T know the inside story and etc. of those who are very disgusted with her…you DON’T know, you can only imagine and your imagination is way off base.

    I will continue to express what we have gone through because it’s true and has happened.

  10. menopaws says:

    Maybe she lives by my rule—I don’t respond to either rude or mean people. Your taxes may pay part of her salary, but she doesn’t have to put up with abuse to earn that money. I suspect your whining and rudeness turned off several people in her office. Good manners usually get respect—bad ones get people shown the door…..You may be disgusted with her, but I find your attitude disgusting……..Go to Politico’s website and read Roger Simon’s article about rude America….It is nothing to be proud of…..

  11. fanciladi says:

    She is being paid by ‘we the people’, yes, and her staff is too. They should be able to handle those who are disappointed, angry, hurt and really hurting without nasty snide remarks… Also, her ‘relative’ working at the VA Hospital should not verbally attack Disabled Veterans and brag who he’s related to!!! Hummm wonder how he got his job!!!

  12. fanciladi,

    apparently you are blaming Murray for something a person working at the VA Hospital, allegedly a relative of Murray’s, said about your son.

    In several responses to my suggestions on things you can do to help yourself you have shown that all you want to do is talk bad about Murray, not try to get the issues resolved.

    Too bad, it makes a person mean-spirited and hateful to do everything possible to create more hate rather than to work to make things right. Holding a grudge too long can affect your own health, too.

  13. fanciladi says:

    I don’t think you’ve talked to too many people who have had ‘run-ins’ with Murray… I, also, can tell you aren’t interested in really knowing the truth about her…and if she did similar to you, I’m guessing you’d make excuses for it.

    I know about grudges and health…please don’t talk down to me. When I have a chance to reply to someone on a letter, I do.

    SO……I guess that’s the way it is!

    Don’t know if you’re a guy or not…but, wondering if I know someone you’re married to…..her husband worked at the VA in the Psychology dept. Probably not… :)

  14. menopaws says:

    “We the people” need to behave like civilized human beings…..not like a pack of rabid dogs. No one should EVER have to take verbal abuse in any job…….Period……Your tax $$$ don’t buy you that right and it’s not in the Constitution……So, maybe try to ask for help nicely next time………I wish you well and hope your problem is resolved.

  15. fanciladi says:

    Another one posting who doesn’t understand that things aren’t as they seem/look! You are very STRONG in your words…but, verbal abuse can go both ways: from their office and then thrown back!!!

    Thanks for your wish…I do, too!!!

  16. LeePHill says:

    Let me see if I understand. “fanciladi” who is making a judgement about Patti Murray is telling others to “knock off the judgemental attitude”

    No elected official is required to respond to an abusive, hypocritical person

    According to politicsdaily.com:

    Is Patty Murray married?

    Who is Patty Murray’s husband?
    Murray is married to Rob Murray.

    <b?How old is Patty Murray's husband?
    Rob Murray is 60 years old.

    What does Patty Murray’s husband do for a living?
    After his graduation from Washington State University, Rob joined the Coast Guard and then worked loading ship cargo.

    How long have Patty Murray and her husband been married?
    Rob and Patty Murray were married in 1972.

  17. took14theteam says:

    Give it up, Olympia boee…..

  18. fanciladi says:

    LeePHill…nope…you don’t understand!!! Your reply was way off what I was talking about…

  19. menopaws says:

    I sincerely hope this person gets his situation resolved…….But, mean-spirited, rude behavior should NEVER be tolerated by anyone. Maybe, if all of us stop putting up with it—some of the more rabid politicians would get the hint too…and knock it off……I have reached an age where I am personally offended by nasty behavior and refuse to deal with anyone who behaves badly……..Won’t do business with the angry store owner, won’t vote for the rude politician, won’t support teams that pay players who abuse spouses or others………Life is short—being pleasant and polite makes every day a bit sweeter.

  20. LeePHill says:

    fanciladi, then possibly, your ability to create a cohesive thought and to tranfer that though to others in a manner which constitutes clear communication is failing miserably. Your problem is obvious.

  21. LeePHill says:

    fanciladi, one more thought – don’t you find it interesting that you appear to be the only one that is having so much trouble communicating with the Senator’s office?

  22. fanciladi says:

    Menopaws…I agree with your comment in part.

    All employees need to be trained in sensitivity to their callers…in the private sector and government. They need to be trained in HOW TO defuse a problem without lashing back with abuse. They need not to hang-up on a caller. They ARE being paid by ‘we the people’ to be office support for the elected officials they work for.

    In the government area, they should really be alert to these issues. There are many ‘we the people’ problems and issues, plus questions. They get many calls on many issues. Some are people who are are in great need and hurting!!!

    Maybe you’re the same age as I am. I’m learning a lot more about people… As for a store with rude owners/employees, I’m with you there…plus voting for rude politicians who are full of themselves and their power…no business and no vote from me.

    The government area is different than the private…I’ve found that out big time. They/some do flaunt their ‘power’.

    Yes, you can attact more bees with honey…BUT…in some areas it doesn’t work…plus there is payback for those who cross them…big payback and I won’t get into that. Sweet is fine…but when it comes to kissing someone’s backside…I draw the line!!!

  23. fanciladi says:

    LeePHill…your problem is that you read with a preconceived idea, which stops anyone else’s writing from getting through…you don’t believe it before you even read it.

    I’m not the only one who is having problems…perhaps the other who are having problems aren’t posting/replying to letters or articles or maybe don’t want to get attacked by those who can’t and won’t believe them. Visiting the American Lake and really listening to some of the Vets will tell you different…I mean really listening to them! She has helped some and many she has brushed aside.

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