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RELIGION: Vatican denounces again

Letter by Jacqueline A. Rickert, Federal Way on June 8, 2012 at 4:35 pm with 9 Comments »
June 11, 2012 10:34 am

Re: “Vatican denounces nun over book on sexuality” (TNT, 6-6).

It looks like the leaders of my church are at it again. The article stated that the Vatican office said that the book by Sister Margaret A. Farley, “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” was “not consistent with authentic Catholic theology” and should not be used by Catholics.

I’m old enough to remember when the church not only told me what books not to read, but also what movies not to see under pain of sin and even not to read the Bible since as a layperson I was not capable of understanding it. What a breath of fresh air the Second Vatican Council was.

I haven’t read Farley’s book yet; my copy is on order. But I’ve read enough about the book to assume that the reason it is being denounced is because it discusses same-sex relationships, birth control, divorce and remarriage.

Wouldn’t it be something if all the Catholic women who have ever practiced artificial birth control purchased this book? It would probably make The New York Times’ best-seller list!

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  1. Without the benefit (and authority of) a Third Vatican Council the Church hierarchy has been actively working against the valid teachings of the Second Vatican Council.

  2. averageJoseph says:

    Why are you still a catholic?

  3. philichi says:

    First of all, there are many Christian churches.
    The Catholic church is set up to be very special. We have a Pope that helps to clarify doctrine. He can be traced back to St. Peter. We consider his views on Church Doctrine to be infallible. That means that what he says goes.

    There are other churches that don’t have this ancient structure. The Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Presbyterians are a few. Many in those groups envy our hierarchy and wish that they could manage as well.

    The nice thing about this is if you aren’t happy, there are many places to go.

  4. charliebucket says:

    as a recovering Catholic turned Lutheran, phil, I disagree. I do not envy the Catholic church nor do I wish my church was managed as the Catholic church is. As a matter fact, quite the opposite, and, I do not know anyone in my church or synod or anywhere (who isn’t Catholic) who wants to be like the Catholic Church. Otherwise they would emulate them or become one.

    Your holier than thou attitude and why you think you know so much about others is odd.

  5. philichi says:

    Charliebucket, sorry to come off as holier than though. I am just a sinner like you.

    Please read the book titled “Mega church Pastor, How I discovered the hidden treasures of the Catholic Church” Allen Hunt will explain why e left the Methodists to be a Catholic.

    If you are happy as a Lutheran, please stay, I know some wonderfull Lutherans.

  6. charliebucket says:

    no thanks. (wow you are really self righteous)

  7. averageJoseph says:

    Leave it to an Obama disciple to interpret “I am just a sinner like you” as “ holier than thou“… wow.

  8. charliebucket says:

    joe, um, I wasn’t even commenting on the sinner line because, uh, um, phil hadn’t said it yet when I said he was holier than thou. your unbridled nonsensical hatred of all things Obama and anyone unlike you renders your opinions less than useless.

  9. averageJoseph says:

    … but you felt compelled to respond. Kooky. ;)

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