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MILTON: City Council shows irresponsibility

Letter by Doug Andreassen, Tacoma on June 1, 2012 at 9:54 am with 6 Comments »
June 1, 2012 10:14 am

I read the bizarre logic in the article (TNT, 5-28) on the repeal of Milton’s helmet law and was shocked at the irresponsibility of this action by the City Council.

In a state that was the first to pass the Zachery Lystead law protecting youth from concussions and its impact nationwide, this action demonstrates a disregard of care and concern for our youth.

As a active participant in the education and awareness of concussions on our youth, this action tells the youth of Milton that its City Council has no regard for this public health issue that some would say is epidemic.

The Milton City Council is using the blame game for its reasoning in repealing of this law, when in fact it has exposed itself to further liability. As soon as the first unfortunate injury occurs at its skatepark or on its public facilities, the taxpayers of the city will pay the price for this decision.

This is nothing more than a roll of the dice in the world of legal liability. We elect these public officials to lead our community on a number of issues; obviously the protection of our youth is not one of these tenets.

This places continued importance of the need for awareness and education on our parents and our communities that it is critical for youth to protect their brains. After all, they need them for life.

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  1. SwordofPerseus says:

    Helmet laws for adults are ridiculous, I always wonder what happened to freedom, seems the city of Milton is restoring one of those lost freedoms. It feels good to be free…free to decide for yourself, I have been cycling for over 45 years, sometimes I have worn a helmet when I bike but most of the time no. Especially in the rain, it rains here quite often and a bike helmet is just a nuisance in most cases…

  2. Guess who pays your bills when you are brain dead? You? No the tax payers.

  3. scooter6139 says:

    What ever happened to parental responsibility? Isn’t it up to the parents to be responsible for their own children?

  4. Lynnwoodfats says:

    “Guess who pays your bills when you are brain dead? You? No the tax payers.”

    You’re right…we can’t afford freedom.

  5. itwasntmethistime says:

    You can still wear a helmet if you want. It’s not against the law.

  6. anotherID2remember says:

    Can we add a rider to this law that states “any individual injured due to not wearing a helmet will not be elligible for public assistance to treat said injury”?

    The sad part about this law is minors with head unjuries to end up being cared for by the state and paid for by tax payors.

    I understand the freedom arguement but do we want the right to free speech to include yelling “fire” in a crowded room no matter who gets hurt?

    A free society must balance the rights of the few with the responsibilities of the many. In this case a “few” got tired of enforcing the helmet law and will put the “many” at risk for years to come.

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