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MARRIAGE: What else the Bible says

Letter by Jeanne J. Maxon, University Place on May 29, 2012 at 4:59 pm with 14 Comments »
May 30, 2012 10:15 am

Re: “Sin is never acceptable” (letter, 5-25).

When I hear people quoting the Bible to support “traditional” marriage as always being between one man and one woman, I wonder about the other things the Bible has to say about marriage.

For example, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had multiple wives, concubines and slaves. Then there is the admonition for a younger brother to marry his older brother’s widow. Of course, girls were routinely given in marriage without their consent, and the wives of conquered tribes were considered “spoils of war.”

Jesus had nothing to say about same-sex unions, but he viewed divorce in a fairly unfavorable light. Oh, and what about the “judge not” and “loving your neighbor as yourself” parts?

Those don’t seem to get quoted much anymore either. So I guess it’s pretty much “pick your verse.”

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  1. YAWN! Same old liberal twists, turns and barrel rolls!

  2. Ortingmom says:


  3. Theefrinker says:

    I’m only yawning because the “marriage” letters have been done way too much now…. not because I don’t agree.

  4. The part of the bible Jeanne quots about multiple wives is from the old testament.

  5. Chippert says:

    And of course since it is Old Testament, it is invalid, no longer the Word of God. That’s why it is not included in the Bible with the New Testament, right? Didn’t Jesus himself say that he did not come to abolish the Law? Or is it just OK to only believe the parts you agree with?

  6. The blinding incite and vast input from the right wingers is breath taking.

  7. Darlin – the part of the bible consercons quote about homosexuality is found only in the OT.

    The number of times Jesus spoke against homosexuality and abortion is ZERO. This is far less than the number of times he spoke against being wealthy.

  8. TacomaPastor says:

    “the part of the bible consercons quote about homosexuality is found only in the OT”

    On the contrary, xring. The New Testament, which (along with the Old Testament) forms the Holy Word inspired by God, and thus the Epistle of Jude speaks clearly about the subject.

    God’s Holy Word is clear and unambiguous, no matter what those would say who wish that God would change himself to suit their sinful lifestyles.

    I suggest that you, yourself, if you consider yourself a Christian, read it. It’s rather short.

  9. scooter6139 says:

    x-ring – Actually, we don’t know all what Jesus the historical figure said because we only have the four short books chosen by the early church. I would love to more more of the historical figure but that gets in the way of the sacrosanct Christian beliefs in their God.

  10. Pastor,
    Try reading my post again. I never said homosexuality was not mentioned in the NT. I said Jesus never mentioned it.

    Fortuntily, we live in a secular society, under a secular government, with secular laws. You bible thumpers will just have to render unto Caesar.

    ‘holy word of god’ – show me the original documents before men edited them.

    I do not consider myself a christian although I did graduate from a chrisitan liberal arts college and have read your bible several times.

    Good points. When read critically using history, reason, and science, the bible belies the idea that it is the inerrant word of anyone.

    One of my favorite errors is the idea that the Roman Empire would require everybody to return to the place of their birth to be counted and taxed.

  11. So, Pastor, since you cite Jude, just like those who were against interracial marriage did as one of their strongest arguments, do you disagree with the decision to allow interracial marriage?

    After all, Jude talks about those who would leave their natural habitation, even under duress, and then involve themselves with “strange flesh”.

    My belief is that the real message of Jude is to the leaders of the faith that false teachers will try to deny the real message of God. They will preach in flowery language that emphasizes “filthy lucre” as Peter says, such as the current-day heresies of faith healing and prosperity preaching.

    The real message is that the no one can serve God apart from serving others. The person who has experienced God’s love will then share the gift of love they received on to others. Biblical love is the sincere desire for the well-being of others that is placed into action, even people different from ourselves or who have differing views, even people some think are committing sins, for who are we to judge since that is God’s sole prerogative.

    Denying others freedom to choose their path was not Jesus’ mission, and it certainly shouldn’t be done in His name. Denying equality under secular laws of a nation is not showing love for other people, and any church that teaches that we should vote against freedom and equality of others is apostate.

  12. Xring says, “Try reading my post again. I never said homosexuality was not mentioned in the NT. I said Jesus never mentioned it.”

    Haa! Now how’s THAT for even more entertaining liberal double speak! I swear those goofy liberals look funny with those two flapping, gaping mouths on each cheek!

  13. XB – here is some right wing doubletalk for you to ponder.

    Being gay is a choice, hence it should not be protection.

    However, being religious is also a choice, and is protected.

  14. However xring….Being homosexual is not the same as being religious, and homosexuality is not the same as religion….well I might have to re-think that, knowing that these days depravity is perversely worshiped! :D

    nice try anyway Mr. X

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