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LICENSES: No rights for illegal aliens

Letter by Edgar L. Braun, Graham on May 29, 2012 at 12:55 pm with 10 Comments »
May 29, 2012 1:59 pm

Re: “Try reasonable middle way to license illegal immigrants” (editorial, 5-27).

What are you thinking? Since when do illegal aliens have rights? I cannot comprehend nor understand the mentality that desires to license illegal aliens. Send them back from where they came.

Any politician who promotes rights for illegals will never get my vote.

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  1. cadana1961 says:

    Just wondering this: What are the chances that if someone is here illegally would be upright enough to buy insurance, let alone license plates, etc?

  2. Ever hear of ‘human’ rights Edgar?

  3. Edgar, dont worry, your illegals will migrate north up Meridian.

    Puyallup is now regarded as a Sanctuary City for illegal aliens. Just a few months ago, Puyallup City Manager (Ralph Dannenberg) in conjuction with a George Soros organization held a class at the Puyallup Library for illegal aliens. The purpose was to instruct them on which local laws if broken, do not require informing the feds when they commit crimes in Puyallup. Thereby avoiding deportation.

    Nice that the Puyallup taxpayers sponsored this event including refreshments and legal advice for freeloaders. Maybe City Manager Dannenberg is bucking for a Nobel Prize. Better still, he deserves a “pink slip”.

  4. sandblower says:

    88, you can prove that of course?

  5. Edgar, quit buying produce. Chances are it was picked by an illegal who was motivated to come to the US for a job. Stop buying beef. The Nebraska packing plants have cottage industries nearby providing fake green cards for the illegals. Stop buying pork and chicken as well.

  6. Funny how the letter writer bites the hand that picks his produce and cuts his meat.

  7. averageJoseph says:

    Anybody looked at the Trib Poll about licenses?

  8. normajean says:

    I came to this country 6 & 1/2 years ago through legal channels. I would have been deported if I had not entered the States legally for I am not Mexican. The process was costly & very frustrating not to mention
    the time line (ridiculous). What amazes me is the length that some will go to in order to secure cheap labor.
    Most people who have come to the US have done so for opportunities denied them elsewhere. These individuals who are here illegally are here on the taxpayer’s dime. Who will pick the produce? Pay a good living wage to have Americans working the fields & yes I would willingly pay more for the produce. Grown in America should also be picked by Americans. Legalize those that have been here for years but put a stop to future illegals entering this country through whatever means possible.

  9. Norma? How about one whose family has been here for generations and yet because they are “chicano”, they STILL have to prove their citizenship? Everybody is afraid of the immigrant “flood” yet they forget that chances are their ancestors were part of an “immigrant flood” and they have benefitted well. Might I suggest respectfully Norma that you study up on the Mexican Repatriation of the Depression Era? You will find that America does have its flaws as well as its opportunities. And history repeats for those who are ignorant of it.

  10. normajean says:

    @Freda, you are simply talking around the issues. I never mentioned voting rights related to proof of citizenship. I also am born of an immigrant mother & so what. You obviously have not understood what I have written so I will simplify it. Legalize those here & put a process in place to prevent further illegals from taking advantage of a system that the legal citizens of this country are not privy to. History is fine but we are living in the here and now and this is no longer a ”land of opportunity” when people are losing their jobs, can’t afford health care & tuition is a great burden. When you reference ”Chicano” you are referencing a Mexican-American- a person born in the US of Mexican origins. Italian-American etc. So for generations they have come to America and by the way Chicano also refers to the ”poorest”. And so this should continue because….its always been this way or illegals have earned the right to be here illegally? Any illegal in any country today would be deported except for refugees. Americans need to fix the problems at home and having the flood gates open as you mentioned is just adding to the mess. When does it stop

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