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TACOMA: Synagogue story about favoritism

Letter by James B. Miller, Tacoma on May 29, 2012 at 12:07 pm with 13 Comments »
May 29, 2012 12:14 pm

Re: “First new synagogue in Tacoma since ’68 to open” (TNT, 5-27).

The article missed the mark. It’s a shame your reporter didn’t ask:

• Why did government allow some neighbors to ignore city codes and ordinances with respect to the new synagogue’s size and lack of parking?

• Why are neighbors who object to this favoritism afraid of being publicly quoted? It would have been uncomfortable to conclude that on this street, government considers some neighbors more equal than others. It’s a shame.

When plans to build a synagogue were first revealed, I was pleased, even delighted. It’s a shame this project was pushed with an East Coast attitude that left neighbors feeling disrespected by the developer and abandoned by the city.

June’s ceremonial opening should be welcomed as a cause for celebration by the community. But as it stands, it’s only an oversized symbol of how “justice” follows money and power.

It’s unfortunate that on my street, our government doesn’t provide equal protection under the law and The News Tribune doesn’t care to delve into the uncomfortable details. It’s a shame.

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  1. biblethumper says:

    James,,,be careful out there ,,,don’t you know the jews are god’s chosen people???

  2. josephlamarca says:

    The so-called “Jews” are NOT God’s “chosen ones,” for the simple FACT that the word Jew was not even invented until the mid 18th century. Do your due diligence.

    In fact, >90% of the so-called Jews are not even really descendants of Abraham- as the modern term, Jew, has come to imply- they are Ashkenazi Jews, who originated as converts from the Kingdom of Khazar. Think about logically, descendants from the tribe of Judea would share the same Middle Eastern physical characteristics as Muslims. Again, do your research…

  3. ::::pops popcorn…waiting for the show:::::

  4. CrazyJim says:

    A Church on a 2×4 lot without even parking in a residential neighborhood doesn’t make sense on any level no matter what the religion. They chose a bad spot………this isn’t rocket science………..and the city should not have been hindered in making them choose another spot.

  5. philichi says:

    I have seen the homes near Seward Park and on Mercer Island. They are great neighborhoods. This is a gift to your neighborhood. Orthodox Jews typically must walk to their temple on on the Sabbath. Consequently many want to live near the Chabot. You in this neighborhood have a great group of buyers to sell your homes to.

  6. biblethumper says:

    James and Joe,,,you mean the Judeo-Christian Churches have been lying to Me??? If the Jews are not god’s chosen people ,,,then who is ???
    Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

  7. sandblower says:

    thumper, there are none.

  8. biblethumper says:

    sandblower,,,your blowing smoke and that smoke is coming from hell…

  9. … Larry? Could you pass the popcorn please?

  10. aislander says:

    It looks like our little forum has its own Fred Phelps…

  11. averageJoseph says:

    The new alts are Hillarryous.

  12. Frida….nothing like a religion war in our local newspaper’s online edition, eh?

  13. biblethumper says:

    hey yo’all stop eating popcorn and read The Bible,,,see Matthew 15:24…

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