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ORTING: Be aware of suspicious activity

Letter by Rhonda L and Jim R Madison, Orting, WA 98360 on May 24, 2012 at 10:57 am with 33 Comments »
May 24, 2012 10:57 am

Someone stole 12 gallons of gas from our vehicle last night. The same thing happened to our neighbors last week. Both were newer cars, which I thought were impossible to siphon, but somehow our gas tanks were emptied during the night.

When reporting it to the police this morning, they tell me it happened to others in our area of Orting also. We live in Carbon River Landing and want people to be aware that car prowls, gas thefts and home break-ins are happening in our neighborhood.

Please report suspicious activity immediately. Together we can keep our property safe. Either call 911 or Buckley dispatch at 360-829-3157. Please be a good neighbor.

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  1. philichi says:

    Rhonda and Jim, your state Politisions are taking thousands of dollars from you per year and giving it to Public Unions. Just so that they can keep getting elected.

    You are worried about 12 gallongs of gas?

  2. cclngthr says:

    Well, Rhonda and Jim, the siphoning of gas is very easy even on newer cars, particularly if the gas door and cap is able to be opened from the outside of the car. An easy way to solve that problem is get a locking gas cap.

    You should invest in a hidden security camera, which is focused on the car or outside the house where you can see who comes in/out of your property.

  3. BlaineCGarver says:

    Be careful…when prowlers are wearing hoody to cover their face, you will be jeered as a racist or bigot if you report them.

  4. alindasue says:


    That only applies if you follow stalk them through the neighborhood and shoot them before they’ve actually done anything wrong.

  5. Disgusting trolls

  6. Fibonacci says:

    Hey, maybe it was the public unions that stole the gas. According to you they are the cause of every problem this state has from warts to crabgrass.

    So, according to you, these people should not care that thieves stole over $50 in gas from them.Instead they should be obsessed with those big evil unions.

  7. Get a long chain, and hook it to the collar of a large mean spirited dog…..then listen to the pathetic thieves whine as the stinking flesh is ripped from their foul bones.

  8. Were Rhonda and Jim concerned when this was happening in other cities? Or is it now a concern because it’s Orting? You see, in the city we know this stuff and are better prepared.

  9. Frankenchrist says:

    Gas prices continue to fall thanks to President Obama. As gas prices get cheaper we’ll see fewer of these incidents.

  10. Do locking gas caps work?

    We had gas thieves in my neighborhood. I made sure my driveway lights were on and never got touched.

  11. TheSlag says:

    The call is coming from inside the house. Isn’t Orting just one giant gated community of like people?

  12. It was the tiger.

  13. Frankenchrist says:
    May 25, 2012 at 12:45 am Gas prices continue to fall thanks to President Obama. As gas prices get cheaper we’ll see fewer of these incidents.

    Where the hell have you been (on planet Mars as usual I would guess) Gas prices continue to rise and are supposed to hit $5/gal by mid summer. You give “O” the credit for anything good,lmol! He is by far the worse president in history, he even makes Carter look good.

  14. aislander says:

    I understand that gated communities were rare in the extreme before the advent of the Great Society, but never mind that. Orting isn’t one, either in metaphor or in fact.

    There is nothing like the sound of a pump shotgun chambering a round to concentrate the senses of a thief and persuade him he has chosen the wrong career path…

  15. I agree aislander. This will not be taken well by all of the anti-gun crowd, how sad is that..If some low life wants to come into/on to my property with the thought of stealing/raping/killing me they will be met with my trusty 12 ga., no if’s or but’s!

  16. Ortingmom says:

    Orting is a great small town like many others in Pierce County. What is so wrong with using the TNT as a forum to put the word out to keep your eyes open? There are many stories in the TNT regarding; Fife,Lakewood,Puyallup amoung others. Geez people, I for one appreciate the heads up as I am sure many of you would.

  17. Ortingmom: You are so right. It seems that many that post here only want to critize the letter writer. Very sad.

  18. aislander says:

    I detect a tone in some of these posts of not only disparaging Orting, but small-town life in general…

  19. commoncents says:

    Blaine – you give these theives far too much credit. They are cowards – which is why they steal in the dead of night.

    Nothing wrong with a well-lit area, sign notification of the alarm system, and obvious motion activated recording devices to deter these actions. Problem with relying solely on the shotgun is that while it is also a deterrent – one must remain awake and vigilante during the times that these cretins steal from us. Hard to do and maintain employment. I admit that it’s a good tool to have in the arsenal but it’s never good to be a one-trick pony.

  20. chris3dog says:

    Is Orting the only area that accepts Oklahoma credit cards?

  21. cadana1961 says:

    While I don’t live in the Orting area, I empathize with your plight … It would do us all a world of good to look out for each other … Criminal activity can be diminished by watchful neighbors …

  22. Pecksbadboy says:

    Maybe it was the tiger in your tank.

  23. aislander says:

    commoncents: When I drove a convertible and had to park outside, I had a car alarm that set off a beeper in my bedroom, which overlooked the parking lot.

    No need to stay awake to employ the shotgun. It had to have a barrel with a tight choke so as not to mar the paintwork on the car or damage anything else of value…

  24. Capybara91 says:

    Ortingmom, I like Orting and I like this letter and I like small towns. I’ve lived in downtown Puyallup for 20 years. Had my car stolen from in front of my house in Feb., gas siphoned from my mom’s car in March. Never had a gun or alarm. Never locked my doors. Never felt I needed any of that. I’m not sure what’s ironic or funny or political about wanting a quiet, sane home to return to at night.

  25. SwordofPerseus says:

    I wonder if this is due to the widening gulf between the very rich and the 99%. No can’t be, history does not repeat, humans always learn from past mistakes and moves to betterment. Roll eyes…;-)

  26. Hey there voters: Do you remember that on Inauguration day (Jan 20,2009)the national average for a gallon of gas was about $1.78?
    How’s that “hope and change” working out for you? I am afraid we will be seeing more and more of this type of crime.
    Anyone but Obama, Nov 2012

  27. sorry typo-2008

  28. “Hey there voters: Do you remember that on Inauguration day (Jan 20,2009)the national average for a gallon of gas was about $1.78?

    Hey there, baby, do you remember that in January 2009, we were in the throes of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and the economy was hemorrhaging more than half a million jobs a month? Do ya think that just might have something to do with the drop in gas prices?

  29. Can you not read?

  30. cadana1961 says:

    How stupid is it that the discourse turns political? “Anyone but ….?” Really???? Only a tebagger would think it’s appropriate ….

  31. why worry about the gas? The county did you major wrong when they let
    homes be built and sold to you in the mountain slide zone. get out
    while you still have some gas and can.

  32. anyone who thinks the 1% live in Orting is a fool.

  33. averageJoseph says:

    Ah, namecalling xring. Nice.

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