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WAR: Article put human face on victims

Letter by P. Barbara Schlotfeldt, Tacoma on May 23, 2012 at 9:45 am with 11 Comments »
May 23, 2012 9:59 am

Re: “Afghan story not a hit with readers” (Karen Peterson column, 5-20).

I so appreciate the front-page account (TNT, 5-17) of the survivors of the recent massacre of Afghani villagers. It is crucial to recognize the humanity of everyone involved in the obscenity of war and to take in the horrors that are suffered by the so-called “other.”

When will we ever learn that there is no “other,” that we are all one human family? Your featured report put a human face on the Afghani victims of our brutal, inhumane folly, and I for one am grateful.

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  1. War is stupid but will remain on this planet as long as
    humans do. But I don’t think the the majority of humans
    will remain here very long.

  2. menopaws says:

    We have refused to participate as citizens in either this war or Iraq. Refused to make it a significant part of our reality. so, we made excuses for Abu Grab, made excuses for no WMD, and continue to ignore the terrible toll of multiple deployments on our brave military and their families. As a nation, we have behaved like self-involved, whining cowards—constantly ducking the reality of the pain of this war on Afghan citizens and our own military. We have nothing to be proud of as citizens. Waving a bunch of flags on a bridge over I-5 doesn’t come close to civic duty. Our soldiers deserve far better than the lazy citizens they are sent away to protect.

  3. Menopaws? War is profit. Overturn Citizens United.

  4. BlaineCGarver says:

    Focus on the subject?
    Maybe you should consider the stress on the Military. Going out everyday and wondering if your so called “allies” are going to shoot you in the back, or if that little kid or mother has been wired with a bomb. Why don’t you go over there, ‘Paws? They will shove C4 up your butt while you are fawning over them.

  5. menopaws says:

    Why don’t you go, Blaine???? I have family serving and they have been serving for the last 18 years…….so, trust me—I know what I ‘m talking about. We have been helping and supporting them and others in the military…..what have you done, besides being rude and ugly?????? Just curious—all talk–no action? those of us with family in the military don’t have a lot of patience with “patriots” like you……..

  6. concernedtacoma7 says:

    “I have family….” Unless it is your spouse or child, you are no more or less qualified to discuss deployments and life as a Soldier than anyone else.

    When you bring up Abu Gharib but not the actions of our enemies, you insult those in the military that you claim to represent. Talk to those you claim to be so close to about Iraq. More electricity, freedom, medical care today then before the war.

    How do citizens participate? Rosie the riveter is no longer needed. You need to stop overspending on junk, entitlements, failed green crap and let the federal govt get back to its roots. You can do this by not voting in liberals. You need to stop judging the service by a few, media highlighted, incidents.

  7. menopaws says:

    Trust me—–multiple deployments to defend the freedoms of the fat and lazy is something I do know about………Everyone is really big on condemning Muslims—but, supporting military families via Fisher House, USO,—all talk, no action. Or jobs for the retuning military—-pay attention to something besides whining and complaining about your gas tank and your taxes…………Everyone claims to “support” the military—but talk is real cheap……..Pull out your checkbook and contribute to some of the charities that help them out………….And, there are Muslims in uniform protecting and defending this country every damn day……….Quit with the blanket hatred……Ignorance may be bliss—but it isn’t either helpful or productive. People in war suffer—on both sides innocents are harmed. The innocents here are the military spouses and kids—the families of those who have been injured….compared to their sacrifice you have nothing to WHINE about. Sorry, but on this weekend, this is NOT a subject I can debate without anger. Too many good people who receive tooo little respect and help for the job they do. Go to a military cemetery on Monday—go volunteer at the USO…….or a VA hospital. Otherwise, just be quiet.

  8. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Donate away, it will make you a better American then the average leftist. But it does not mean you understand the service. From your rantings, you obviously do not. You look down on the Soldier, pitty them. You are part of the problem.

  9. menopaws says:

    My son serves CT7—how dare you tell me I look down on those who serve??? I look down on scum like you whose patriotism is for sale for cheaper gas……….I understand more than you and I respect those who sacrifice—you, lots of real contempt.

  10. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Me- “Unless it is your spouse or child”. Chances are you are full of it.

    You would not demonize the military at any and every opportunity. You would talk about all the good the military does, not a couple regrettable incidents.

  11. menopaws says:

    I already did–maybe you have a problem with reading…..Don’t use the fact that you are spending another hoiliday ALONE to be abusive to those who do have family relationships….READ my posts……..My son serves his country—you flap your mouth……..Done listening to the mean-spirited on a holiday meant to celebrate those who sacrifice their lives for this country……..He makes me proud every day—the fact that he might be killed to save YOU—not so much……done here…if you can’t read the posts have someone explain them to you….I am spending my holiday doing something for those military who do make America proud……..

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