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RELIGION: Headline on Viewpoint was misleading

Letter by The Rev. Lyle G. Miller, Gig Harbor on May 23, 2012 at 9:39 am with 16 Comments »
May 23, 2012 9:53 am

Re: “Strong, true Christians accept and embrace their gay brethren” (Viewpoint, 5-20).

The headline created by the editor on thoughts written by the Rev. Donald Heinz and signed on by nine Lutheran retired clergy was absolutely misleading. Our intent was to speak of toleration and acceptance of all of God’s people. The editor’s chosen headline certainly inferred the opposite of this.

It is important to say that “strong, true Christians” may have varied points of view as regards our sexuality. We are called upon to live without condemnation of each other. The Church of Jesus Christ must have an umbrella big enough to include all under the canopy of grace. I regret the headline chosen.


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  1. Reverend Miller – although you and I migh philosophically disagree on many issues I think we agree that those who expouse faith, should have strong enough faith that their Higher Power is capable of taking care of stuff.

  2. Ortingmom says:

    The headline must fit the TNT’s Socialist/Liberal views

  3. averageJoseph says:

    I too love my neighbor… all of them.
    What does that have to do with me objecting to the redefining of a word?

  4. It wouldn’t be “cool” to redefine a word.


  5. Lyle, While I grant you right to expouse your opinion I resent your need to call those of us who might disagree with you names. I would think that 9 highly educated men of the cloth could do better.
    I am opposed to gay marrige. That does not make me homophobic or prejudice it makes me opposed to changeing to diffinition of marrige.
    I am also opposed to adultry, rape and child molestation as well. All of these items are listed along with homosexuality as wrong in the bible.
    I suggest that the next time the 9 of you want to give us a lecture try to use less insults and more facts

  6. I always get a good laugh thinking of McClatchy as “socialist”

  7. charliebucket says:

    homosexuality is not mentioned in the Bible.

    even if it was, it has no bearing on our secular law. one of these days this concept is going to sweep the nation.

    wait..it already did about 250 years ago.

  8. oldman – first of all, the Reverend didn’t call anyone names. I can’t, for the life of me, comprehend why you conservatives run that false flag up the pole everytime you get a chance.

    We’re glad you oppose adultery. Next Gingrich’s habits were despicable. Rape? What do you call forcing a woman to have a vaginal probe against her doctor’s orders? Child molestation? Mostly (about 97%) done by “heterosexuals”.

    This brings us to gay marriage. I’m not sure where in YOUR Bible that it says “Gay Marriage is wrong”, but I can’t find that passage.

    If you think that your opposition to gay marriage is in order with your Higher Power, don’t worry so much about what others say, right? After all, you have faith.

  9. oldman4, I must have missed the names that Lyle was calling you in his letter.

    Could you please quote the part where he called you or anyone a name? I thought he was saying that he objected to defining for anyone what a “stong, true Christian” is and their letter did not define for others what it means based on any view about this singular issue.

    Adultery, rape and child molestation that you mention, trying to equate homosexuality with them, are crimes, not because the Bible condems them, but because they harm others and harm out society.

    Gay marriage only helps strengthen families and provides children with strong support in a family relationship, and those are facts borne out by scientific studies.

    Please show me some studies where gay marriage causes harm, and I may move over to your side.

  10. oldman4 says:

    “The fine-sounding “family values” pitch is, in fact, Christian code for homophobia and historic prejudice.”
    Sounds like name calling to me.

  11. oldman4 says:

    LarryH I agree with you that Gingrich’s actions were despicable, but why didn’t you include Clinton?

  12. oldman4, sorry, I just don’t see it. You said, “Lyle, While I grant you right to expouse your opinion I resent your need to call those of us who might disagree with you names.”

    So, you are accusing Lyle, the letter writer, of calling you names.

    Then you tell me that the letter writer talked about “family values” as a “code” for calling out “homophobia and historic prejudice”.

    I can’t find the words you cite, “family values”, in the letter at all. In fact, the letter writer specifically says, “We are called upon to live without condemnation of each other.”

    Am I missing part of the letter? Where do you see Lyle calling you names?

  13. oldman4 says:

    Tuddo, The 13th paragraph first sentence.

  14. oldman, because Clinton hasn’t been running for office and telling us how he’s “reborn” via the Catholic Church.

    There was no namecalling but I am seeing some “bearing of false witness” on your part.

    You sound vaguely (not) familiar with an AVERAGE reader that misrepresents what others say and claims it as fact, then when cornered, throws out a ridiculous excuse.

    Nice cover.

  15. oldman, the letter I am looking at and responding about has two paragraphs.

  16. bobcat1a says:

    Talk about false analogies, oldman’s conflation of same sex marriage with “adultry, rape and child molestation” is pretty close to a textbook example. There are a number of churches, both here and abroad, (if you consider Canada abroad), who approve of same sex marriage, but I defy oldman to tell us which church approves of “adultry, rape and child molestation.” Please, no catholic jokes.

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