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OBAMA: Ruthless? More like realistic

Letter by Robert Brown, Fircrest on May 9, 2012 at 12:52 pm with 9 Comments »
May 9, 2012 1:33 pm

Re: “Obama changes his turn, unrolls a ruthless campaign” (Michael Gerson column, 5-8).

Gerson, a speechwriter and adviser for President George W. Bush, called the Obama campaign ruthless. Is telling the truth ruthless? Barack Obama attempted to work with Republicans on a bipartisan basis over and over again until the Republicans made a fool of him every time.

There is no working with Republicans unless you give in on every point. Who is ruthless? I still hear a lot of hope and change in Obama’s message.

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  1. to the rpots bipartisan = dems coming over to their side.

  2. To the GOP, “compromise” means doing it their way.

  3. menopaws says:

    Amen!!!! He did try—now they can whine their way into obscurity…….

  4. chile74 says:

    Robert – your memory is failing you. Obama did not compromise from the very beginning – the stimulus. He had to pick off a few Republicans from liberal states – Collins and Snowe from Maine – to get it through the Senate. He then went on and didn’t compromise on Obamacare – no interstate purchase of health insurance and no tort reform – does this start to bring things back in view for you. If you still hear “hope and change” in Obama’s message you are clueless.

  5. RLangdon says:

    Well, lil’chile74, I hear “Hope & Change” and still believe in that and Obama, because I remember how we non-rich folk got the “screwed, blued and tattooed” message from the Bush Admin!!

  6. alindasue says:


    It is because of all the compromise provisions that “Obamacare” ended up as long and convoluted as it is. Anyone who looks at the health reform that they finally just shoved through (out of frustration, I think) and doesn’t see the compromises is either being deliberately obstructive or isn’t paying attention.

  7. bobcat1a says:

    xring, the guy who beat Senator Lugar in the Republican primary in Indiana last night said exactly that. “Bipartisanship is when the democrats come over to our side.” He also said compromise is a dirty word and he never will do it. Quite a recipe for getting things done. Apparently he favors a one party dictatorship ala Soviet style

  8. Chile,

    ‘Obama did not compromise’ – you sir have no memory because you have no brain

    ‘tort reform’ – right wing real speak for ‘protect companies for the consequences of there own ignorant, greedy actions’.

  9. “He [Obama] then went on and didn’t compromise on Obamacare”

    Right. That accounts for the 100+ Republican amendments and the lack of a public option. Thanks for proving my point.

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