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CHILDREN: Foster care system needs more funding

Letter by Katie E. ALford, Graham on May 3, 2012 at 10:00 am with 7 Comments »
May 3, 2012 10:00 am

I believe that the foster care system should be getting more funding. These last few years it has been losing money until it became a shell of what it once was. Children in our foster care systems are not getting the care they need. The system has to cut corners, and they can’t take care of the number of children that need it. That number is growing. Children in the system are getting hurt because of the lack of funding.

One example is the homes that the children live in aren’t properly assessed as often or as well as they should be, resulting in abusive homes or children committing suicide. Another example is the visits aren’t planned out or supervised properly.

We need more funding to care for these children. After all, they are some of the future leaders of this nation and we need to take care of our futures.

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  1. cclngthr says:

    People also need to realize that child abuse situations (including neglect) is more severe than it once was. Growing up in foster care, kids in that system until 1970 were mostly given up, and at that time, an increase of abusive situations were seen. Now, what is seen is much worse than what was seen 40 years ago.

    The mental state of children is not very good and when you factor in continual visits (which once was completely forbidden) that is standard now, the mental state of the child is much worse than it was.

    Of course there are an increasing number of people who think such treatment is normal and should happen.

  2. pgroup says:

    Not one penny reward for failing.

    The reason there are problems is that DSHS is in the business of securing the maximum amount of federal funds. Children are merely the mechanism by which this is done.

    How about this: no removal of children unless the police have probable cause for arrest and actually make an arrest. Then, the children go back to the parents if the prosecution declines to file charges.

    If ongoing monitoring/mentoring is needed, have social workers go to the home every day. The money saved by keeping children out of foster care should be enough to cover the costs of the home visits.

    No reward for failure.

  3. cclngthr says:


    A lot of abuse cases do not involve enough criminal activity to make an arrest. It is not a crime which requires an arrest if a parent is unable to care for a child. I know a couple, both who are physically disabled who had their daughter removed from their care because neither were able to take care of the child. The child was removed, but neither parent was arrested.

    It is a civil matter, not a criminal one in many cases. The laws are not requiring police to arrest people if they cannot care for the child. If laws existed that require criminal charges for not taking care of a child (see my example), then both parents in my example would have been arrested.

  4. RLangdon says:

    The really curious thing about foster care and adoption processes in this country are simply that, for many American couples it is actually cheaper to pay all the costs including government fees, transportation, lodging, and basically ransom to the Chinese government to adopt Chinese kids and bring them back here to raise as American adoptees.

    What’s wrong with that picture? That is costs less to adopt and transport a Chinese kid, than it does to help out or adopt an American kid?

  5. commoncents says:

    RLangdon – It doesn’t cost less…it’s just less disheartening. When you go through the state you open yourself up to the possiblilty of having a child live in your home, being raised by you, and bonding with your family only to have the pulled out and returned to the biological family. Having seen this happen to friends there would be no way that I would open my family up to that possibility. I’ll do the foreign adoption any day.

  6. cclngthr says:


    The issue of American adoptions is the issue surrounding reunification of the family. Chinese have orphanages that kids are sent to. We don’t have orphanages or group homes where kids live.

  7. Raise all orphans and unwanted kids as American Janissaries.

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