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WASHAM: If we’re lucky, he won’t run again

Letter by Robin Farris, Puyallup on May 2, 2012 at 9:12 am with 15 Comments »
May 2, 2012 10:19 am

As the filing date for the Nov. 6 election nears, many people are asking if I think Dale Washam will run again for Pierce County assessor-treasurer. I don’t know, but what I learned over the past two years is the profound lack of voter awareness regarding Washam’s misconduct.

As an incumbent, coupled with his 30-plus years as a gadfly, the unthinkable is still possible. The county Ethics Commission ruling against Washam (TNT, 4-18) opens up the possibility of a second recall effort if he is re-elected.

Ideally the only way to ensure the taxpayers are spared the expense of Washam’s mismanagement in a second term is if he doesn’t run.

(Farris headed last year’s unsuccessful effort to recall Washam.)

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  1. kaerickson says:


    I saw you outside a supermarket trying to get signatures while fielding a barrage of calls. In the midst of one such phone call you asked me to help with a gentleman’s question about Washam, “Why the recall?” After I explained the situation, he said would be happy to sign but … alas he lived in King County. That was the major problem with your recall efforts too many signatures that were not valid in Pierce County.

    I know you have a personal vendetta against Washam but seriously you need to find something better to do with your efforts. Perhaps you should run against Washam in the Fall? Or maybe channel your political activities to bettering Puyallup?


  2. philichi says:

    Let me get this straight.
    The TNT publishes negative stories about him on the front page all of the time. The liberal establishment of Tacoma hates him.
    He must be a good guy.

  3. marigold says:

    What kind of office is it when an employee has to have deputies be present when they quit their job and want to remove their personal items from their desk? And at the same time, the employee doesn’t want their new place of employment known by Mr. Washam? Sounds like a real pit of an office. I really hope Mr. Washam doesn’t bother trying to run again as he must be the boss from hell.

  4. I could tell by Washam’s actions and words and the multiple times he ran unsuccessfully for office that he was trouble. I felt sick to my stomach the day he won. How he ever got elected in the first place is a real wonder, and tells you that the ranked choice voting system he won on was an abject failure. IMO.

  5. philichi says:

    What has he done? Did he spend $800 billion on a stimulus plan that went to his union friends, did he write a healthcare bill that has caused businesses to stop hiring people. Did he run up $5 trillion in debt to our nation in 3 year? What has he done?

  6. IQof88 says:

    What will Sean Robinson at the TNT write about for the next 4 years once Washam leaves office ?

  7. CrazyJim says:

    He wouldn’t be that crass to run again. Would he?

  8. phil you are blinded by your Obama hatred, you are not rational sounding. I am not going to try to engage someone who is irrational and makes every thread about Obama. Have a nice day.

  9. Jupiter25 says:

    It’s obvious that the establishment can’t stand th fact that Mr. Washam was legally elected to office. He has been under atttack nearly his whole term. I voted for him and I support him, but I hope he won’t run for re-election. Instead, it might be time for him to retire and to enjoy his remaining years without constantly being under attack.

  10. RLangdon says:

    Washam for Governor!!!

  11. Bandito says:

    Washam will run again. He has an ego dysfunction.

  12. philichi says:

    xring: So did you vote for a current President? Did you think that his few months as a US Senator, and community organizing history made him qualified to lead the nation? Or did you think that he simply made nice speeches? With his experience, would you let him run your business? Lemon aid stand? Balance your check book? Borrow you car?

  13. RLangdon says:

    Hey philichi, why don’t you wise up?

    Do you know what the former “community organizer” current POTUS was doing while your guys were engaged in their Circular Firing Squad of a Primary Campaign?

    The former community organizer was having his people organize communities all over this country, on a grass roots level, to establish a political organization that will clobber Mitt Romney, or whomever you guys finally pick as your sacrificial lamb in the upcoming General Election.

    In fact, Obama For America, has been renting the many of the same office locations temporarily used by Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and all the other goofball GOPs when they moved on to their next Republican hootenanny!

    President Obama will win his reelection.

    And I tell you what, I’d trust President Obama to run my Lemonade Stand a lot more than I would ever trust Vulture Capitalist Romney, who would bankrupt it and take all the profits from the sale of the assets and stuff them in his Cayman Islands account!

  14. Pchi – the TNT published truthful stories and he is not a good anything (except maybe a bad example).

    Tate – how he got elected = ranked choice voting and apathetic voters.

    Jupiter – legally elected but totally incompetent to serve.

  15. pgroup says:

    What’s the matter, Robin? Is your rainbow candidate not getting any traction?

    One of the responses to your letter said that you should give up your obsession or run for the office. I can tell you that you should not run for office because you have zero political smarts in one area: speaking only truth. In America, we allow huge amounts of spin but we don’t allow outright falsehoods.

    Washam is responsible for no costs to the county – the officials who made choices to write checks have that responsibility. If you wanted to prove Washam was a dirtbag, you should have joined me in calling for a civil lawsuit and a trial. Instead you chose to recite BS about Washam and hope that the Trib could carry the day.

    Anyway, I’m about to get my wish for a trial with public testimony under oath. Attorney Mell decided that she and her client didn’t get enough the first time so they filed another frivolous damage claim. But this one is too big for the risk manager to swallow since he knows all of us cranky people are watching. I expect a serious effort will be made to try to taint the jury pool so that they have to go out of the county to have a trial, once Mell files her lawsuit.

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