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MAY DAY: Seattle police woefully unprepared

Letter by Kristin Grose, Gig Harbor on May 2, 2012 at 11:47 am with 109 Comments »
May 2, 2012 12:37 pm

Occupy (name the city) has been so emboldened this last year that it loudly announced its intentions to disrupt and destroy in the name of the “oppressed” 99 percent. Obviously it intention was to hijack another peaceful march set to observe May Day and immigrant labor.

So how could Seattle cops look so woefully and inadequately prepared to protect an area they are charged to serve? Total mayhem reigned, and businesses and taxpayers are again on the hook to pick up the pieces.


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  1. kluwer says:

    Please educate yourself as to who caused the problems in Seattle.
    It was not, repeat not the Occupy folks. It was and almost always is the anti-Government (Far rightwing) group known as the anarchists.

    Your hyperbole aside (total mayhem) ranting about something you know so little about is more telling of you then anything else.

  2. Cops are gun-shy (no pun) now, public scrutiny from excessive force in the past years have passified police response to thugs.

  3. frosty says:

    Don’t blame the cops. Blame the liberal mayor and his cronies who have tied the hands of the cops. The media in Seattle follow the cops around with cameras hoping to find one beating a punk liberal brat. If the cops had it their way, those punks would have been chased all the way back to Olympia and wherever else they came from. Cops in Seattle are expected to just stand there and let these cowardly little dirt-bags spit on them, curse at them and even resist them physically and not get upset. Mayor McGinn and the rest of the limp-wristed city council liberals are to blame, not the cops. If they had a good government in Seattle that supported the cops instead of allowing themselves to be intimidated by the Justice Department and Eric Holder and the Obama administration who all openly say they support the scum rioting in the streets, they would tell Holder and the Obama administration cronies to go to hell.

  4. frosty says:

    kluwer doesn’t have a “kluw” (pun intended). In his mind it’s George Bush’s fault. The dude is stuck on stupid.

  5. concernedtacoma7 says:

    BHO, Pelosi, and a list of leftist losers loved and supported #ows, but now they are right wing? Nope. Try again.

    #ows is symbolized by the violence, murders, destruction of public and private property, hate messages, etc.

  6. Dave98373 says:

    The citizens of Seattle do not want a pro-active police force. They have consistently undermined the police and the high crime and senseless rise in homicides that we have seen is the result. That said, the SPD still did a very good job dealing with the protestors.

  7. aislander says:

    After the 1992 “Rodney King” riots in Los Angeles there were a few “islands” prominent in the burned-out devastation. Those islands were businesses owned by immigrants who had protected them with firearms.

    A second-amendment solution would have worked beautifully in Seattle yesterday, but the city has its head so far up its PC butt that those resisting the assault would have been prosecuted rather than the surviving perpetrators…

  8. navguy says:

    Time to put a bounty on the black block vermin for conspiracy!!!

  9. truthbusterguy says:

    Seattle cops were told to back off. Those people are obama’s voters. And he will need them all.

  10. Bandito says:

    Anarchists are so far out of the mainstream that they don’t belong to either the Right or the Left. They glom onto whoever is protesting and cause damage for the sake of causing damage. Notice that the Occupy group in Tacoma was peaceful as they were not impacted by these anarchists.

  11. RLangdon says:

    OWS = Good

    Anarchists = Bad

    Right Wing detractors = Stupid

    Left Wing detractors = Stupid

    Use your brains people! Start thinking for yourselves. Don’t simply regurgitate what Fox News tells you to say. THINK!

    The Seattle cops showed restraint. They did a GOOD JOB!!!

    The Seattle Mayor issued an Executive Order authorizing cops to confiscate anything that could be used as a weapon. He did a brave thing!!!

    The media is playing this up like it was the reoccurrence of the WTO riots. It wasn’t. Not even close. They are using this for ratings.

    Wake up? See reality for a change. Take of your partisan blinders for a moment. Stop being manipulated fools for your party!

  12. frosty says:

    RLangdon, if one of the businesses or cars that were damaged belonged to you, maybe you’d have a different opinion. Some justice was done however when they also broke the windows in the mayor’s home. Maybe next time he’ll be a little more proactive.

  13. dardena says:

    The problem comes when our leadership chooses to invent and improperly censure violence from peaceful protests (can you say “Tea Party,”) then accept and ignore the actual violence created by a minority such as the “may day” protesters.

    Where are the Nancy Pulaski’s or the Barrack Obamas condemning the left wing of *their* party for this violence?


  14. m9078jk3 says:

    Just call out the National Guard next May 1,2013 and surround and round all those causing the problems (the anarchists committing mayhem).
    Charge em with insurrection and conspiracy at the federal level.Add in rioting too.Also the businesses and harmed individuals should afterwards civilly sue them on a collective and individual basis.Prison and civil judgements hurt (especially the penitentiary system).They (those that cause mayhem,destruction and aggressive initiator violence deserve the hard knocks school.Remember folks nothing wrong with violence in defense as it’s just a normal human action.

  15. bobcat1a says:

    Anarchists=government haters. Now tell me, which political party is closest to that concept? Anarchist is just a (slightly) less distasteful word for libertarian.

  16. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Bobcat, can you reach a little farther? Libertarians are strong advocates of the Constitution. They would expect the state and local authorities to prevent this mess, without the Feds screwing things up.

    Nice try. Those flag burning losers all auto-pull the ‘d’ lever. Their fans are in the admin and DNC, not to mention hollywood’s limo liberals.

    Typical from leftists. Blame. No sense of responsibility.

  17. RLangdon says:

    dardena, Who is Nancy Pulaski?

  18. Frankenchrist says:

    OWS is the vanguard of the Red Revolution. We will organize the collective workers soviet, throw off our chains, and implement a Marxist coup in Washington. Outlaw free enterprise. Private property is racist oppression. Che, Pol Pot, and Stalin are my heroes.

    Run where you will, fascist swine. You can’t escape the divine justice of the Revolution.

  19. “they are right wing? Nope. Try again.”

    Yes they are. Just ask the self-professed expert on everything, aiSlander. He spent a considerable amount of time arguing that more government is a left-wing characteristic and less government is a right-wing characteristic. No government is the ultimate right wing goal. Right-wing hero Grover Norquist said he wanted to drown government in the bathtub.

  20. concernedtacoma7 says:

    ehill, look at the pols that support these losers. What side of the aisle are they on? Seattle and Portland, mecca for these losers, pure democrat.

  21. RLangdon says:

    ehill, has a valid point. The Right Wing is always proclaiming itself to be the party of less government. No government, anarchy, is about the least government you can get. Thus, anarchy is a Right Wing goal!

  22. donfosters says:

    What surprised me is the amount of people/citizens standing around taking pictures/video of the whole ordeal. No one lifts a finger (except for maybe a bank officer in the corner of one video) to stop these assholes.

    Funny, I haven’t read about any of that crap happening in Tacoma. Tacomans would take care of them!

  23. I have a great solution. Police publicly say, “If you vandalize during the march, we will shoot you!” Then, when they start breaking windows, shoot them. They are worthless to society, I can’t imagine anybody caring if police shoot them.

  24. RLangdon says:

    jrdndd, are you a Commie?

  25. Klu’s 1:22 and RL’s 5:55 posts are right on.

    The group that should be stopping the anarchists are the OWS group.

    CT7 – have yet to see OWS burn a US flag.

    GOP believes in less government for business, but in a strong big brother police state to control the masses.

  26. GeronimoV says:

    The SPD was, as they always are, well-prepared to control public demonstrations, herd protesters into assigned areas, and bust heads when necessary. With a century-long history of dealing with the “anarchist” element, it’s funny how the same “small group” shows up every time, dressed the same, also loaded for bear (non-lethal), and does nothing but break a few windows, garner a lot of bad press for everyone, and escape scot-free except for the especially stupid and inept.

    Anarchism as a political philosophy has nothing to do with what these people do and, even if they were acting on the out-dated “propaganda of the deed”, they would select proper targets to effectively disrupt the capitalist society. These are nothing more than misguided fools acting out like naughty children or, just as likely, agent provocateurs acting to discredit the legitimate demonstrators and provide an excuse for a law enforcement crackdown.

  27. LornaDoone says:

    bobcat1a says:
    May 2, 2012 at 8:35 pm Anarchists=government haters. Now tell me, which political party is closest to that concept? Anarchist is just a (slightly) less distasteful word for libertarian.

    Others point out the same. Isn’t it fascinating how quick the Right Wing is to blame the Left? Kinda reminds you of when your brother blamed you for stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

    Anarchism is generally defined as the political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful

    Now which party is always talking about “LESS GOVERNMENT”?

  28. scooter6139 says:

    The right wing posters on here are absolutely desperate to blame these events on the OWS movement. How utterly pathetic. Anarchist do not belong to either side of the political spectrum: they are the antithesis of any kind of government. Wingnuts, please pause to think before posting rather than regurgitate fox news talking points. It’s like me calling all Tea Party folks racist bigots with the IQ of a snail due to the small, loud and vocal part of some of their rallies.

    Police across the nation have gotten a bad name for how they have handled the protests and marches of the OWS folks. The overuse of Tasers and pepperspray and rubber bullets was frightening. SPD handled this better than they did the last protest. For those calling for a far more severe response should move to an actual police state and see if that is to your liking.

  29. aislander says:

    So…now LornaDoone has joined tuddo and RLangdon in positing that American-style conservatism, taken to its unlikely extreme, is trending toward anarchism.

    That, of course, is the opposite of all big, totalitarian governments.

    I’m glad the left won’t be throwing around the words “fascist” and “fascism” as they have in the past…

  30. aislander says:

    …and scooter6139: we appreciate your defense of the Tea Party…

  31. scooter6139 says:

    aislander – I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but I don’t recall the answer. In your opinion, what would be the extreme right wing and extreme left wing be? I’ve always assumed that they would meet at the middle and be called anarchists.

    (This is not a snarky comment but I’m trying to understand the basis for a difference in opinion)

  32. slugoxyz says:

    Right wing, left wing…whatever. The usual suspects on these blogs are beginning to sound almost exactly alike. Kind of comical really… The people ultimately responsible for the behavior of the hooligans (some may be Anarchists but some are just destructive knuckleheads) is the protestors. Police should enforce the law and no one should have a problem with that. If I was holding a rally to make a legitimate point, I would be incensed by some guy causing people to look negatively on me. As a matter of fact, since the cops aren’t doing anything anyway (restraint), the protestors should have physically stopped anyone who was destroying property or otherwise acting outside the law.

    If you don’t like the law – then change it. The laws in this land are our laws. It’s not some rogue dictatorship imposing unjust legislation. We elect the people that make the laws. Not really a democracy but in a republic, we are ultimately responsible for the laws. So, let the police (our representatives to uphold our laws) enforce our laws. They don’t have to be more violent than is necessary to enforce the law and protect themselves. I’m a big fan of pepper spray, tasers and rubber bullets. I’m an even bigger fan of immediate compliance. After all, you are only complying with your laws.

    But ultimately, if the protestors really care about their cause, and believe that responsibility can never be delegated, the rabble that causes all the damage should be physically stopped from making all of the protestors look bad.

  33. aislander says:

    scooter6139: Thanks for asking.

    You’re talking about a model of where ideologies would be located in relation to each other. I have been involved recently in a discussion on this forum on precisely that topic, one that interests me greatly.

    The models that have been created in the last several decades are overly complex, in my opinion, and, if they include anarchy at all, it is placed as you say, in the middle between two “extremes.” The trouble is, these extremes are chosen arbitrarily, and they are essentially the same in practice. This anomaly is explained by the rather weak rationale that “extremes meet.”

    The model I prefer is the same as the Founding Fathers used, with anarchy (no government) at one extreme and total government at the other. That way, you place governments by what they DO, rather than for their explanations of WHY they do what they do. You can call those extremes right and left if you want or some other terms, such as x and y. I prefer the latter because right and left are freighted with certain emotional attachments. The Founders used the terms People’s Law and Ruler’s Law.

    I look forward to your comments.

  34. “Just call out the National Guard next May 1,2013″

    Yes thats what we need, a police state!

  35. “You can call those extremes right and left if you want or some other terms, such as x and y. I prefer the latter because right and left are freighted with certain emotional attachments.”

    Wow a lie and todays hypocrisy moment all in one!

  36. LornaDoone says:

    “I’m glad the left won’t be throwing around the words “fascist” and “fascism” as they have in the past… ”

    We’ve given up on trying to educate the unwilling. For all others:

    “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual”

    If that isn’t today’s conservative movement….

  37. aislander says:

    Some may wish to compare the only definition of patriotism with all the definitions of nationalism.

    How does an ideology based on big, powerful, intrusive government square with one centered on limited government (which you say leads to anarchy, which means you’ve already ceded the argument)?

  38. MarksonofDarwin says:

    The mayor of Seattle and SPD are restricted by the constitution to allow legal protests to proceed with no interference. I’m no fan of either of them, but they followed the law and acted as swiftly as they could when the destruction of property began.

    Also, the self proclaimed anarchists were not part of the legitimate demonstration. The organizers have denounced them, and I believe them. It’s clear to me that there were disparate agendas running that day.

    The tea-party rallies were distracted by LaRouche followers, and the same is happening here….a small group of non-affiliated radicals sucking all the attention away from the main message.
    Just my 2 cents….

  39. LornaDoone says:

    “Some may wish to compare the only definition of patriotism with all the definitions of nationalism.”

    And then there are some that will make any excuse, regardless of the truth in the matter.

  40. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Larry, it is time for you to find a new hobby.

  41. frosty says:

    I saw those losers on T.V during their court appearance. Can anyone honestly say that any of those dirtbags looked like a conservative? Matted hair, pimply face, scrawny, limp writed little sissies. Perfect picture of a liberal.

  42. frosty says:

    “limp- wristed”

  43. XBJ98N says:

    Tear Gas, Hungry Dogs, and Nightsticks……Problem solved.

  44. LornaDoone says:

    Francis doesn’t have much to say.

  45. kluwer says:

    “Some may wish to compare the only definition of patriotism with all the definitions of nationalism.”

    Coming from someone that changes the definition of words to suit their twisted far right agenda on a daily basis, this truly is todays hypocrisy moment.

  46. kluwer says:

    Matted hair, pimply face, scrawny, limp wristed little sissies. Perfect picture of a conservative.

  47. frosty says:

    kluwless, great comment! You came up with that all by yourself?

  48. Pacman33 says:

    Why did it take an “Executive Order” from McGinn — for police officers to be able to confiscate the items being used to vandalize the city — after the incidents of vandalism had already taken place, despite anticipating such behavior days in advance?

  49. Aislander – anarchy results from a failure of any type of government – as you yourself pointed out on another blog.

    Just to refresh your memory – Anarchy is neither a political or economic system but is the absence of such systems.

    Main problem with the Anarchy – Total Government model is that it refers only to the amount of government control but does not address the style (democratic, republican, monarchy, communist, socialist, or conservative).

    And now that you have brought up the f-words we can now comment at will.

    Slug – so we should do away with the right of the people to peacefully assemble and to redress for grievances?

    CT7 – don’t confuse british liberals with the home grown progressives.

  50. Pacman33 says:

    Give it up with this pathetic attempt to disassociate “anarchists” and “occupiers”. They are one in the same. Anarchists have always played a major role in the occupy movement and still do today, from leadership on down.

    Only the uninformed and the dishonest suggest otherwise. With both merely endorsing this cowardly facade, while providing #Occu-creeps an opportunity to avoid responsibility for their actions, regardless.



  51. aislander says:

    “So…now LornaDoone has joined tuddo and RLangdon in positing that American-style conservatism, taken to its unlikely extreme, is trending toward anarchism”

    You have me mixed up with someone else, aislander, and if you keep it up, I will start calling you “slander” which is what a total lie about someone is.

  52. aislander says:

    Is Somalia “trending toward anarchism,” tuds?

  53. Give it up with this pathetic attempt to disassociate “anarchists” and the wrong wing. They are one in the same. Anarchists have always played a major role in the wrong wing movement and still do today, from leadership on down.

    The self-professed expert on everything, aiSlander tells everyone that less and less government is a wrong-wing desire, and what’s the ultimate in less and less government? No government at all.

    Only the uninformed and the dishonest suggest otherwise. With both merely endorsing this cowardly facade, while providing #wrong_wing an opportunity to avoid responsibility for their actions, regardless.

  54. BigAl2 says:

    ConcernedTacoma7: Just curious: About your link to “strong men likely to vote conservative.” It was interesting, but at the page it correlated strength (and an apparent excess of testosterone) with a self assessment of being “right wing.” Is “right wing” considered a compliment?

    Sorry if I missed something, but how did the link correlate to the topic of the letter?

    Aislander: What was your 2nd amendment solution? Would it involve a lot of shooting of civilians by civilians?

  55. scooter6139 says:

    aislander – Ok. (sorry if I misinterpret this) In your perspective/opinion it is not about left and right but more about none to all in terms of a government. Those are the extremes. If those are applied to today’s main political parties, where would each one fit? In my opinion, taken to a more extreme “left”, would be a total government of Big Brother proportions. On the other side, and extreme “right” would be a significantly ineffective to nonexistent federal or local system of government. Remember, I’m basing my opinion of the perception of where the two main political parties lie.


    PS – Thanks for the civility. I know that is hard to come by these days! :)

    PPS – Full Disclosure – I am on the left as most of my postings here portray.

  56. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Big Al- it was in response to an earlier post. I do not consider the article anything serious, more humor then anything.

    But, the compliment would be the right wing is stronger, with real men who smash weights. Looking at the opposite side of the spectrum, it implies that the left is weak.

    The topic of #ows and their violence is deflected at every turn by certain posters here, shifting blame and twisting reality.

  57. aislander says:

    scooter6139: You get it. Extreme left (or “x”) would be the most totalitarian of governments, while extreme right (or “y”) would be complete anarchy.

    Of the commonly used representations, some would put anarchy between two brands of totalitarianism, say communism and fascism. The thing is that, in my opinion, totalitarianism is totalitarianism, and what they call themselves doesn’t matter–their actions do. That is, however, perhaps the more honest of the common models because it DOES have a place for anarchy.

    Other models would omit anarchy entirely and put some arbitrary ideal in the middle, something with “compassion” as well as a degree of “freedom.” The trouble with that is that it is completely subjective.

    The Founders model is objective, and placement would be decided by the relative coerciveness (if there is such a word) or lack thereof of the government under discussion. For example, the Articles of Confederation were found to be too much in the direction of anarchy and were replaced by the Constitution. The Founders wanted the least coercive government that could maintain a civil society in which to do business. The Articles weren’t up to it, but the Constitution was.

    It isn’t difficult to be civil with someone who wishes to talk honestly. I appreciate that.

  58. aislander says:

    BigAl2: I had just seen the video of the destructive mob and was considerably amped when I wrote that. As much as I want to strike out at the rioters, I wouldn’t really wish unarmed people to be shot.

    A scenario in which unarmed business people trying to protect their livelihoods are attacked by thugs with pikes and hammers WOULD be easier to imagine if those business people had armed backup just inside the doorways and on the rooftops. Just sayin’…

    Was BigAl1 a character on South Park?

  59. RLangdon says:

    tuddo, aislander may be confused because you and ehill look so much alike.

  60. LornaDoone says:

    Wait a minute…..ehill is me. Just ask aislander…I mean Vox…no I mean CT7….no, wait….sumyungirl….

  61. “You get it. Extreme left (or “x”) would be the most totalitarian of governments, while extreme right (or “y”) would be complete anarchy.”

    Thanks for admitting that the violence on May Day was caused by the extreme right wing.

  62. “ehill is me. Just ask aislander…I mean Vox…no I mean CT7….no, wait….sumyungirl….”

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

  63. LornaDoone says:

    It was really good that the anarchists had enough funding to dress the same way and all have matching flags and most importantly, flag poles that were cut to a point with a chop saw and then painted them black.

    Well funded, organized anarchists. Uh huh.

    “But, the compliment would be the right wing is stronger, with real men who smash weights.”

    Oh gaaaaaaaaawd…..please tell him to stop. LMAO.

    Real men that weight lift and look at each other’s physique????? LOL

  64. LornaDoone says:

    koo koo ka choo!

  65. jrdndd says:

    RLangdon: Not a commie, but everytime these idiots do this crap, it cost you, me and everyone else money. Do you really think anyone would card if they got shot?

  66. RLangdon says:

    Kristin Grose grossly ill-informed!

  67. RLangdon says:

    jrdndd, What you proposed is a Police State. That is a communist construct. Like it or not, we have a Free Society and Constitutionally Guaranteed Free Political Speech in America. You cannot have that and a Police State. It is one or the other, never both.

    I would care if someone was shot for exercising his or her constitutional RIGHT! You damn right I would care. If you were a true American, you would care too! Let’s think about Kent State, circa 1970’s, for a moment shall we?

  68. Pac,
    Occupiers – peaceful assemble.
    Anarchist – violent protest/riots.

    Aislander – Somalia is a textbook example of anarchy in action.

    Oh yeah, the SS were such good example of macho german manhood.

    Why are you so surprised that the right wing media distorts the truth of OWS?

    Anarchy and Totalitarian are NOT types of government.

    Anarchy = the absence of all government, laws, and enforcement = anything goes.

    Totalitarian = compete control of all aspects of culture = all that is not specifically allowed is forbidden.

    Communism, as practiced, is left wing totalitarianism.
    Fascism, as practiced, is right wing totalitarianism.

  69. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Xring, you have a very selective memory. Do you recall the incredible amount of violence associated with #ows? NY, Oakland, murder, rape, property damage, attacks on the police….

  70. XB,
    First they ignored us.
    Then they ridiculed us.
    Then the faught us.
    Then we won.

    Mahatma Gandhi

    CT7 – I have enough memory to remember most of the violence you talk about was ignited by the police.

  71. chile74 says:

    xring – “Why are you so surprised that the right wing media distorts the truth of OWS?” It’s hard to distort the truth when the OWS violence was shown on TV including the violence at their recent rallies.

    ct7 – you got it right. Left wing rallies always end in violence. I’ve seen it since the 60’s.

    Anarchists? Try left wing radicals. Has anyone talked to left wing radicals? I have. They hate America and think it is a bully. They do not believe in American exceptionalism. They can’t get their way by peaceful demonstrations because no one will pay attention to them. So, they turn to violence and breaking the law. It is predictable and people like xring, LD, RL, scooter, tate etc. can’t even see that.

    I have said several times on this thread that lefties who can’t win the debate (war of words) turn to personal attacks or violence(OWS). A perfect example was tate using “assh… and you jerk”.

    RL and scooter – The commentators on FOX are almost all attorneys or professional journalists and they have a research staff. Many of the lefties on this thread can hardly put a proper sentence together and you two are criticizing FOX? It’s laughable. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see or read about all of the violence created by the OWS radicals.

  72. “Of course you get excited when you think of fit men. Typical leftist, your homosexual tendencies are impossible to mask”

    Just when I though CT7 couldn’t go any lower.

  73. LornaDoone says:

    ehill…..CT7 is wiggling his way out of his rightwing weight lifter/body builder fantasy post. Deflection as usual.

  74. LornaDoone says:

    “RL and scooter – The commentators on FOX are almost all attorneys or professional journalists and they have a research staff.”

    Resources wasted again. How many of them and their staff had President Obama pegged as an illegal alien from Kenya?

    “A perfect example was tate using “assh… and you jerk”.

    On another thread of the same subject, a conservative used the same terminology. No uproar from the right on that one.

  75. RLangdon says:

    “RL and scooter – The commentators on FOX are almost all attorneys or professional journalists”

    Maybe, but if they were really any GOOD at their jobs they would still be lawyering, or working for legitimate news organizations instead of whoring themselves out to Rupert “Hack tat Phone” Murdoch’s crew!

  76. kluwer says:

    I see ct7’s latent homosexuality has come to surface again.

  77. LornaDoone says:

    Hey….RL….check out my response on the “Republican” thread, where you compared Pacman to me……LOL

    Thanks for the assist.

  78. LornaDoone says:

    Where are the professional journalists, staffers and (chuckle) attorneys when FOX needs them? –

    Romney is hardly a consistent Second Amendment defender, or a lifelong sportsman, or a longtime gun owner. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that he pretends to be all these things, —pandering shamelessly to voters just as he does on every issue under the sun.

    When Romney against Ted Kennedy ran for Senate in Massachusetts on a platform of gun-control measures like the Brady Bill and assault-weapons ban, he asserted, “I don’t line up with the NRA.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0412/75087.html#ixzz1tupVu0bK

    All FOX shows is Romney talking to the NRA hoedown.

  79. Chile –

    Fox news once made 30,000 people look like 300,000.

    OWS believes in America and Americans – that is why they want to reverse the flow of US jobs overseas.

    More left wing rallies end in violence be cause police attach left wing rallies much more often than they do right wing rallies.

    When it comes to the war of words it helps to know the meanings of the words -something as rare on the right as common sense.

  80. LornaDoone says:

    In addition to professional journalists and attorneys, xring, FOX hires CPAs to make 30,000 look like 300,000

  81. At Glenn Beck’s rally on the mall fox made 30,000 people look like 300,000 tea baggers.

    I thought a good accountant could made $300,000 look like $30,000 taxable.

  82. “Do you recall the incredible amount of violence associated with #ows? NY, Oakland, murder, rape, property damage, attacks on the police….”

    I’ll see your #ows violence and raise you Timothy McVeigh.

  83. slugoxyz says:

    Xring – No, not at all but you said the key word in your question. “Peacefully” assemble. The minute you stop doing that, you are no longer protected by the Constitution. If people want to march and speak out against this or that, our Constitution says they can. The very instant they begin to smash stuff, hurt people, or otherwise break the law, then if the people they are with won’t do anything about them, then the law should.

    Redress for grievances? That’s what you’re doing right here. But if you want to go out there and whine about the way you think things ought to be…and you can get people to listen (or care), then by all means, do it within the confines of the law. Your law. If it is your protest, then you police the idiots hiding behind your cause before someone else has to.

    RLangdon – it’s not a police state when law breakers are subdued. The Constitution allows for peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. The smashing of stuff is NOT covered by our laws. It is outside our laws. I’m not sure they should be shot but like jrdndd says – I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they did. I know. Due process… I didn’t say it was right, I just wouldn’t lose sleep over it. Seriously, they should be arrested and if they resist, they should be arrested anyway (the hard way). The other side of the coin at Kent State was that the National Guardsmen were being pelted with stones. A stone constitutes a deadly weapon. The answer to a stone is a gun. So, your attempt to conjure the emotion of some girl crying over the body of a dead Kent State student fails when you wonder what that student was doing right before he was shot. I’m not exactly sure but I would venture to say he was either throwing a rock or standing right next to someone throwing a rock. Again – if your peaceful demonstration is disrupted by people hiding behind your cause, then YOU are responsible to police the rabble. If you won’t do it, someone else will have to and then you lose your right to complain about how they do it. At Kent State, the NG stepped in and severely stopped the rock throwing rabble. Right after a few shots rang out, I’ll bet a dollar, the rocks stopped flying.

  84. slugoxyz says:

    “Fox news once made 30,000 people look like 300,000” and the organizers of the “Million Man March sued the park service for saying there were only a 100,000.
    OWS has been so contaminated with law breakers their original meaning has flown away – bye bye…

    I do despise the people that point out the flaws of the opposing side when their side does the same thing. The extreme right lies about as much as the extreme left and both conceal their true feelings to appeal to the middle (where the available votes reside). You’re all liars pointing out the lies of your opponents with lies of your own. And you guys do this every single day.

  85. “Fox news once made 30,000 people look like 300,000.”

    They also aired footage of a riot, complete with palm trees, and claimed it was Madison Wisconsin!
    One thing that is certain, you can not trust fox news or any conservative.

  86. “The extreme right lies about as much as the extreme left”

    Except when the right lies much much more often.

  87. LornaDoone says:

    “I’ll see your #ows violence and raise you Timothy McVeigh”

    And then there is “The Army of God”….

  88. LornaDoone says:

    “Million Man March sued the park service for saying there were only a 100,000″ – slugozx

    “The National Park Service issued an estimate of about 400,000 attendees,[6] a number significantly lower than March organizers had hoped for.[7] After a heated exchange between leaders of the march and Park Service, ABC-TV funded researchers at Boston University estimated the crowd size to be 837,000, plus or minus 20%.

    I wonder where slug got that quote?

  89. Slugo,
    OWS was peacefully protesting. It was the none OWS anarchist thugs that were not and deserved what they got.

    My advice to OWS – carry plastic tie-ties and any one showing up dressed like the thugs gets hogtied and left for the police.

    ‘a few shots’ try 67 in 13 seconds’

    Eighty hours of formal military riot control training and two years duty with reaction units = bullets are not the response to rocks.

    While rocks had been throw earlier in the day, at the time of the Kent State shootings there where no rocks being thrown, and the distance between the sostudents and troops was to large to have made thrown rocks effective.


    Kent State is a classic study of how not to conduct riot control operations.

    First, back then all riot control tactics were based on the assumption that the riot would be in a downtown area were crowds could be contained.

    Kent State was too open and would have required many, many more troops to contain the rioters.

    Second, somebody (actually a lot of somebodies) blundered in passing out ammo to the troops.

    Other options include tear gas, fixed and sheathed protected bayonets, fixed and unsheathed bayonets, fire by selected marksmen.

    The Kent State Massacre occurred 42 years ago today.

  90. RLangdon says:

    xring, Yours is an absolutely EXCELLENT response to slugo’s BS. Great job xring! I mean that!!!

  91. RLangdon says:

    LornaDoone33, are you talking about this…

    Langston…..if you only knew how badly Pacman wants to be me….

    Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2012/05/01/same-as-it-ever-was/#storylink=cpy

    Pretty lame response actually!

  92. LornaDoone says:


    How can the truth be lame?

  93. RLangdon says:

    Because LornaDoone IS Pacman33, and Pacman33 IS LornaDoone! It’s just another one of your many many monikers. Everyone knows that.

  94. jrdndd says:

    RLANGDON: “That is a communist construct. Like it or not, we have a Free Society and Constitutionally Guaranteed Free Political Speech in America.”

    Are you an idiot? Im all for free speech. I’m not talking about shooting the 99% that were marching. I’m talking about shooting the 1% that are idiots breaking windows and such. Perhaps one of them was you?

  95. RL – thank you. Kent State was a recurring topic in my unit – whose responsibilities included being the first responders for Casa Blanca del Pacifica (Nixon’s retreat at San Clemente California).

  96. XBJ98N says:

    LornaDoone says, “koo koo ka choo”……

    I believe the proper terminology is “Goo Goo Ga Joob”….Lets get it right.

  97. RLangdon says:

    jrdndd ARE YOU AN IDIOT? Can you absolutely guarantee that in the process of shooting an anarchist is a crowd that the person shooting would never ever miss and accidentally hit, injure or kill an innocent person who is only exercising her Right to Free Speech. Stop being STUPID with this talk of shooting protesters. That’s just a dumb dumb dumb non-solution.

  98. Why does it have to be far away? Walk up to them and shoot them. I’ll buy the bullets, I’ll buy the guns..who brought up shooting protesters?????? The morons who were breaking windows, were no where near the protesters. I ask again, were you breaking windows???

  99. kluwer says:

    “jrdndd ARE YOU AN IDIOT?”

    After reading his posts, you don’t really need an answer to that do you?

  100. RLangdon says:

    No, I guess not kluwer. The answer is fairly obvious.. Thanks for pointing that out.

  101. took14theteam says:

    Nice to have you back, muck.

    I guess.


  102. L.D, are you still a newspaper boy for the TNT?

  103. RLangdon says:

    tookybird,,, Shhhhh! (but thanks!)

  104. ‘walk up and shoot them’ – must be one of those 2nd Amendment solutions I’ve been hearing about.

  105. Pacman33 says:

    Good eye t14.
    It never crossed my mind, but reading your observation was like a slap in the face, it is so obvious.
    That is quite an impressive gift you have there my friend.

  106. Hey KLUWER, RLANGDON….put this to a vote and 95% of america says shoot these pieces of crap. There is no way for an innocent person to be shot where the were breaking windows. In fact, 95% would say shoot to kill. I’d agree. No need for these people on earth.

  107. RLangdon says:

    jrdndd, prove your 95% comment with a verifiable source, or admit you made it up and that you are just another run-of-the-mill liar. We all know what you are. At least 95% of us do!

  108. jrdndd says:

    As Abraham Lincoln once said, “half of the stuff you read on the internet is made up.”

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