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PAIN: Bureaucrats think they know best

Letter by Kathleen M. Holland, Tacoma on April 30, 2012 at 12:48 pm with 8 Comments »
April 30, 2012 2:15 pm

Re: “Relieving pain, spurring addiction” (TNT, 4-28).

Arbitrary decisions being made in Olympia to deprive chronic pain sufferers of effective opioid pain medication are draconian and abusive. I am one who lives in hell, due to a chronic, ever-worsening pain syndrome. I’ve endured this for 25 years, and am now, for all intents and purposes, immobilized.

The doctor I previously saw accused me of “just trying to get drugs.” Nothing could be more wrong or more horrible for me to hear. The physician I see now will not allow me any kind of effective pain medication because of the arrogant ignoramuses in Olympia who say she can’t do it, even though they do not know me, have no understanding of my situation or, in reality, give a damn.

All I know now is that I, like most in my situation, am not some junkie or manipulator trying for attention. I’m intelligent, informed, very educated and not a drug abuser. Yet I must endure agony 24-7 and its accompanying despair and the horror that my life has become because of a bunch of bureaucrats who insist that they know what’s best for me, much more than I ever could.

Perhaps they are counting on more suicides, which are becoming more frequent due to this problem, hoping that we’ll all eventually be gotten out of the way in this manner. I cannot imagine them thinking otherwise, since violent pain, despair and quality of life are obviously not the kinds of things they are at all concerned with.

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  1. Get a second, third and fourth opinion and see what happens. If they all deny your request with good reasons, you need to revaluate your situation in your own mind.

  2. Anyone with the choice of suffering debilitating chronic pain OR relief, but as an opiate addict would choose addiction over pain. As a society, we should approve addiction over chronic pain. Diabetics cannot function without their daily drugs, neither can many with congestive heart failure, or asthma. Withholding opiates out of fear of addiction is draconian.

  3. menopaws says:

    Our health care system does a terrible job with chronic pain management…..I have a family member who struggled every day……The medications usually only work short term and are addictive and also expensive…… Perfectly rational people end up addicted and still suffering pain…….No one wants to encourage addiction, but some chronic pain needs to be dealt with and patients should not be treated as criminals. As with all other medical matters—government should leave it between the patient and Dr……The drug companies also could step up with better drugs, with fewer side effects and less addictive traits…….But, we seem to always need to punish the patients instead of reforming the system.

  4. took14theteam says:

    Well said menopaws.

    It is none of the governments damn business if a person needs those drugs for pain.

    That is the one issue I have with voting for McKenna. This was his main goal out of “concern” for abuse.

    Good thing assisted suicide is legal here…

  5. concernedtacoma7 says:

    This is what you get from big govt solutions to individual problems.

    Imagine what we would be like if the govt ran all our healthcare.

    Author- if you are not an addict and that miserable, move. We have 50 states in this great nation. Go to Florida where there is a ‘pain clinic’ every 10ft.

  6. RLangdon says:

    Agree with took14theteam and — DON’T VOTE FOR McKENNA — if you want a chance at getting pain meds legalized for people who really need them in this state.

  7. Frankenchrist says:

    You can thank the Republicans for their efforts on behalf of Big Pharma to criminalize medical marijuana and opiates.

  8. It appears that CT7 believes Pain and Suffering are Gods will in this Vale of Tears.

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