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TACOMA: What is wrong with this picture?

Letter by Marian Hagener, Tacoma on April 27, 2012 at 1:29 pm with 19 Comments »
April 30, 2012 9:46 am

For months now, the new, much-wanted and long-awaited City Grocer store in downtown Tacoma has had a parade of four to six sign-carrying picketers in front telling all passers-by and potential customers to shop elsewhere. The large signs complain that the employees are not members of a trade union.

The disproportionately large, intimidating labor union presence on the sidewalk of this new grocery store shouts the message that unless you hire union labor, new business, even if it provides needed services, is not welcome. Any prospective new business owner walking down the street would be discouraged by this show of force.

This over-the-top display of union power, forcing customers to walk around all the picketers, seems to be counter-productive to efforts the city is making to attract and keep the kinds of retail establishments that would bring back some commercial life to our city center.

I would add that the union’s interests would be better served by fewer picketers who clean up their unkempt, careless appearances, and stash the lunch boxes and coolers.


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  1. aislander says:

    Unions long ago outlived their usefulness…

  2. Ortingmom says:

    If there are unions picketing outside the store then I am shopping inside.

  3. The store is not going to make it anyway with or without the union, who gives a darn.

  4. Aslander – wrong – we the working class need unions now more than ever.

    Ortingmom – do you work in a non-union shop? Need to know so I can aoid shopping there.

    tomwa – very likley – there’ just not enough working people downtown to support the store.

  5. So, what you seem to be saying is that freedom of speech and the right to assemble only applies if you agree with the message.

  6. volvo1999 says:

    These union picketers piss me off, same people day after day, what do they do for a living other then trying to put other people out of work. Unions are the scum of the earth. What if they succeed in closing the doors of City Grocer, how many people did they put out of work? What a bunch of idioits.

  7. tacomaboy46 says:

    Lol…Might I point out that the picketers are non-union hires from Labor Ready…Way to stay classy…
    I am not non-union at all, but I shop T-Town Grocers for just this reason…

  8. Can a compromise be worked out? Store doesn’t need to be uninized, but concede to SOME of the union ideas, just saying…….

  9. Theefrinker says:

    I didn’t know people still paid them much attention. I thoroughly enjoy walking out of there with my bags of groceries to parade past the nothing-to-do picketers. That is about the extent of my recognition. The only productivity that results from picketing is an increase in the business of office supply stores and sign-making companies; so picket away!

  10. Actually volvo – they are temp help hired by the union to picket the store.

  11. philichi says:

    Our city works hard to keep the streets clean and empty the garbage cans every morning. By 9am these thugs show up. They smoke and put their crap all over the side walk. They make our whole city look like trash.

    BORG: this is not about working conditions or benifits. This is about union dues. The employees at IGA are happy with their work and pay. The union bosses want their cut.

  12. Oh, tks philichi, sounds like the union bosses need to get a real job!

  13. alindasue says:

    xring said, “Actually volvo – they are temp help hired by the union to picket the store.”

    I have to wonder if those “temp help” are members of a union. I seriously doubt it because most temp workers aren’t. There is a certain level of irony and hypocrisy there that can’t be ignored.

    While I support unions, I do not feel that employees of all establishments should unionize unless they themselves vote as a group to do so. If the employer is already treating the employees well without the need for a union to intercede, then the employer should be commended for it, not sanctioned.

  14. Unions, and union workers are what made America Great!

    Look for The Union Label, and you know you are buying quality, not garbage from scab or foreign labor!

  15. “Unions, and union workers are what made America Great!”

    Could it be possible to contrive a more false statement than that?

    The union’s legacy is one of shuttered factories and vanished jobs throughout industry. You need only to look to Detroit to see evidence.
    Union’s are far from what makes America great and in fact far from being American, considering it’s conflict with founding principles, not to mention it’s Communist origins and influence.

    To support union’s self-appointed authority to declare jurisdiction over trades, industries and territory mandated by union drafted boundaries. It’s self-declared authority of a man’s occupation, his livelihood, essentially the man himself. Is to support blatant tyranny itself.

  16. philichi says:

    This is sort of like a nice neighborhood with a car up on blocks. Sooner or later the the city steps in to clean it up. Where is our city now? These marchers, their signs, their cigarettes and their crap should be asked to leave. they are no longer welcome. this is supposed to be the “city of destiny” not Detroit.

    by the way how has the union label worked in Detroit anyway?

  17. Alindasue – shot answer is no. This whole line was hashed over when the store first opened.

    ‘Thugs litter . . ‘ second verse same as the first.
    The right use the same lie on the Occupy Tacoma Site.

  18. Pac ‘a more false post” you betcha – jus read the rest of you post.

  19. lawrencejprice says:

    Perhaps all this lost and found material left every day could be collected and after a few weeks returned to the front steps of the union headquarters along with a nice note explaining the return of this misplaced material….

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