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RELIGION: Church needs to enter the real world

Letter by Kenneth P. Ring, Lakewood on April 27, 2012 at 11:35 am with 41 Comments »
April 27, 2012 12:56 pm

A teacher is fired for wanting to be a mother because the only way she could get pregnant is through in vitro fertilization. The nuns have to “be brought into line” because they are helping poor, young, unwed pregnant girls (TNT, 4-27). Gays and lesbians are ostracized and discriminated against because of who they are.

The priests think they are above the law and can cover up their atrocities. I was baptized a Catholic as a baby, and so were my children. How sad.

Is it right for a religion to brainwash a person from an early age to think you will end up in eternal damnation because you can’t stomach the terrible prejudices of the Catholic Church? I hope someday the church can “be brought into line” with the real world and with an understanding God.


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  1. I think it is interesting that former Muslim/current atheist Ayaan Hirsi Magan Ali is celebrated for criticizing her former faith yet those of us who are former Catholics are told that we have nothing relevant to share…

  2. olympicmtn says:

    How easy it is to condem a religion. Easy target. Glad Ken left the church sounds like no religion is in sync with his new lifestyle choices. Don’t mock all Catholics over their lifestyle choices. I know many nuns and priests and Catholics who volunteer many hours and their lives for mankind. For your sake I hope you never have to be rescued by a Catholic since you expect them to be “brought back in line” as you state. Maybe you prefer Dr Kevorkian instead.

  3. Kenneth Ring wsn’t condemning the religion as a whole. He has a problem with priests who are carrying out Roman papal political stirrings and attempting to bring female nuns back into the fundamentalist Catholic theology.

    I am also a former Catholic who has chosen to worship outside the politics of the male hierarchy in the Catholic church. I don’t condemn the religion or the vast majority of practicing Catholics. They do a huge amount of community service in this country as do many atheists, buddhists, Hindus, Muslims etc.
    I also don’t believe in threats of Dr. Kevorkian being substituted for the old – you’ll burn in hell nonsense of many Christian sects including Catholicism – so look in the mirror when you threaten others in your species and don’t call yourself a Catholic with one breath and un-Catholocisize yourself with pseudo-priestly fire and brimstone with the other. Be kinder in your well intentioned defense of your religion and always ask first – would Jesus run around threatening non-believers with Dr. Kevorkian or who he sit and have a kind conversation with that non-believer?

  4. sumyungboi says:

    Here’s a solution: if you’re not into Catholicism, if you have a problem with following their teachings, don’t apply for a job at a Catholic school.

  5. Not applying for a Catholic job will not stop the Catholic Church from making its war on women, unprotected children and the gay community.

  6. RLangdon says:

    Here’s the deal beerBoy, and some of you others…

    If you want to change the Catholic Church, fix it, bring it back “in line” or whatever, then you have to be part of The Catholic Church. The opinions of Ex-Catholics don’t count anymore to The Catholic Church hierarchy than do the opinions of Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Baptists, Episcopalians and whatever other denomination you want to name.

    If you are a current Catholic, then The Catholic Church should listen to what you have to say about your church.

    If you are NOT a current Catholic, then what the Hell do they care what You think?

    If Ken is a current Catholic, then his opinion matters. If he’s not, then he should just shut the heck up!

    You want to change The Church beerBoy? Then rejoin it. As for me, I’ll keep my ex-Catholic opinions about changing The Catholic Church to myself. I’m okay with that, why aren’t you?

  7. RLangdon says:

    P.S. For all you who seem to think that The Catholic Church with its Pope and Priests is the one and only evil church in all of Christendom, please read this…

    UPDATE: Anthony Morris, formerly of the New Covenant Christian Center, was sentenced to 40 months in prison Friday by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Jones. Morris previously admitted to bilking friends and parishioners out of $1.8 million in a long-running fraud.

    Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/A-Seattle-minister-s-2-million-fall-from-grace-3513386.php#ixzz1tII7h8Hs

  8. smcelhiney says:

    olympicmtn said,”How easy it is to condem a religion. Easy target.”

    Yep, because a religion contains the same predators and sheep and do-gooders as the rest of the world. The same people that dedicate their lives to doing good would most likely be doing the same regardless of being nuns (who locally have been facing ex-communication for not falling in line with papal decrees.) The bad ones looking to drag us back into the dark ages or young boys into the back room would be bad regardless, religous authority just gives them a better shot at getting away with their misdeeds for a longer period of time. How many Hail Marys does it take to wipe out molesting an altar boy? RLangdon links to church fraud… if you search you can find several articles a day about that sort of thing, congregations are constantly getting ripped off above and beyond their tithings. He is right, it isn’t just the Catholic church, how many preachers get caught in affairs, with prostitutes, kidnapping, burning down their own churches for the insurance money etc. etc… It is amazing that those who profess to believe in the invisible friend in the sky and preach about the ills that will fall upon the heads of the wicked… commit ever sin they preach about. The Catholic church’s issue wasn’t so much having a couple of sicko priests molesting boys, but covering it up and allowing it to continue rather than expelling them and turning them over to authorities.

  9. The Catholic Church has the right to remain in whichever century it chooses. The Catholic Church is not a democracy. Until the Catholic Church becomes a democracy even its own members have no right to express their opinions. If a Catholic doesn’t want to follow the rules than leave or risk excommunication. As long as their rules do not violate the law of the land the Catholic Church has every right to dictate to its members.

  10. averageJoseph says:

    … and that even one of you here would put your head on the chopping block defending that religion and condemning Christianity is simply astounding.

  11. bBoy, I think just one person told you that your opinions were irrelevant about the RC church since you chose to leave it. Perhaps you are a bit sensitive on this subject.

  12. alindasue says:


    I’ve stayed out of these threads because I am not Catholic and, admittedly, know very little about the Catholic faith. However, I will post now to state that YouTube videos created by some “anti-” group or individual are not a reliable way to learn the truth about ANY religion, Islam, Catholic, or otherwise.

  13. sozo – true.

  14. Sorry if I offended you beerBoy. It was not meant to be personal. Just a statement of fact.

  15. sozo – the fact the bBoy was a Catholic and chose to leave the Church make his opinions MORE relevant because they are based on direct observation while those of non-catholics are LESS relevant.

    RL – not asking those who left the Church way they left would be like asking the Tea Pary how to reform the GOP.

  16. RLangdon says:

    xring – your logic is flawlessly wrong!

    Ex-Catholics who LEFT The Church, are no longer members of The Church. As they are no longer members of The Catholic Church, their suggestions to reform The Catholic Church are meaningless to the leaders of The Church. They chose to quit, rather than stay to try to fix it from within.

    Tea Party members of the GOP are still members of a faction within the GOP, so naturally they do have a right as members to try to reform the GOP. Tea Party members, still being members of the GOP, have every right to try to reform the overall GOP with their suggestions and ideas.

  17. RLangdon – the Church hierarchy can listen to each other and ignore the laity as well as those of us who have left the Church but, like me, still have a strong connection to it (I still read National Catholic Reporter). But, given the falling numbers of those entering the priesthood and the collapse of numbers of active members throughout the world, they do so at the risk of becoming important only to themselves.

  18. RL you are undeniably,reliably so wrong. You would ask the people who see nothing wrong with the Chruch to change it. LOL

  19. A true member of the TEA Party runs with a T after their name, not a R.

  20. averageJoseph says:

    Don’t take my link for it alinda… it’s pretty much common knowledge in the internet realm… and Islam. ;)

  21. Tomorrow I am going to stone my wife and daughter because they offend my god by wearing clothes made of two different materials; I know this to be true because my bible tells me so.

  22. a thread about Catholicism and Jimm posts about Islam……”boom” says the bigot.

  23. The Catholic Church is not the least bit interested in the opinions of, their nuns, their flock, those who left their flock, or any one else for that matter.

    Has the Catholic Church ever asked for your opinion?

  24. The answer is that they tell you what your opinion is and expect you to sign an initiative based on their opinion.

  25. While the opinions of the people, both those who are in the institutional church and those who’ve chosen to leave are significant, the leaders of the church are beholden only to God.

    For the record though, “the church” is comprised of all believers, regardless of denominational affiliation or lack thereof. Church leaders should, IMO, be in dialogue with all believers. bBoy has every right and even an obligation to share his views on church matters.

    For that matter, church leaders who do not listen to what people outside our faith have to say about “the church” are unwise. But let me be clear on that point. Hateful, bitter, and counterproductive commentary is essentially worthless. The only thing it indicates is that the spewer of it probably had a bitter experience and needs a measure of compassion.

    Christians should always remember that Christ warned them that the world would hate them. Why this is always a surprise to folks is curious.

  26. and sozo, Christians should also remember that Jesus told us that to be forgiven for our trespasses, we must first forgive those who trespass against us. God Bless them all!

  27. averageJoseph says:

    The thread is about entering the “real world” BOOM… maybe if you haters spared a little outrage for Islam and all their 7th century practices we could have a conversation.

    btw, xring’s snarky comment about stoning his wife ushered me to an actual case where some similar action occured… and it wasn’t a Christian. There’s TONS of such incidents on the web. Check it out.


  28. took14theteam says:

    aJ spot on with his observations, as usual.

  29. sockpuppet concurs with the hand!

  30. took14theteam says:

    At least it isn’t what you do with your hand…..

    Truth hurts, doesn’t it.

    Barbaric ways of the religion of peace gets a pass. Christianity gets demonized.

    Based on what I have read of your comments, I would think your real name is Ali.

  31. averageJoseph says:

    He’s sooo predictible and hypocritical.

    “Ali” … no, he would have to stone himself.

  32. aJo & took.
    My point was that parts of the christian bible is just as barbaric and out of touch with todays world as the koran.

    What you two proved is that you are as ignorant of the bible as you are of the constitution. A situation not uncommon on the right.

  33. LornaDoone says:

    Are there any youtube videos about Christian mothers killing their children because “God told me to”? I wonder if the bunker hunker glorified on page 1 for two days was a Muslim member of the NRA?

    LarryJoe is up to his same old discrimination.

  34. averageJoseph says:

    I understand that xring. But you’ll be hard pressed to find examples of Christians doing what muslims do because their “bible says so”. I’m merely pointing out the odd obsession some people have with Christians “enetering the real world” when the 800lb suicide bomber in the room is a muslim whose Imam condones and encourages 7th century behaviour in his religion’s name.

  35. LD – plus fire bombing aborition clinics and murdering doctors.

  36. Scottc51 says:

    This letter writer knows what the real world is. Let’s get in line with him. In the meantime, no one if forced to join or stay in the Catholic church. If they believe something that the writer says isn’t real, then guess what: that is their right.

  37. scooter6139 says:

    below average joe – you blind hatred and misunderstanding of Islam as a whole is just slightly obscured by your ignorance and obstinate view of the Catholic and Christian faith. Like most “fox” viewers, you are spoon fed a narrative that you accept without hesitation concerning the Islamic faith and the Christian faith. Putting your fingers in your ears when confronted with history and facts that do not have a defined spin is laughable at best. Try learning both the good and bad histories of either religion and then feel free to make comments. Ignorance is not bliss.

  38. wildcelticrose says:

    I personally don’t care what century the church stays in, and I have nothing to do with it..

    what I DO care about is the amount of corrupt and obscene wealth they are pouring into our political system.

    Stay out of politics or be taxed.

  39. averageJoseph says:

    Like most db’s scooter, when you can’t refute facts pull the ol’ “fox” canard out. LOL…

  40. And when aJo has no facts(snfu) it leads with fox-facts.

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