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WAR: “Winning” still dreadful

Letter by Norm Eklund, Bonney Lake on April 9, 2012 at 12:39 pm with 23 Comments »
April 9, 2012 12:39 pm

Re: “Sarajevo remembers, mourns Bosnian war” (TNT, 4-7).

This former Yugoslav city marked the 20th anniversary of another senseless and brutal war by leaving flowers and gifts on 11,541 red chairs lined up in the center of the city. That many souls were needlessly killed in this conflict that lasted longer than the epic siege of Leningrad in World War II.

To quote the Duke of Wellington, “The next dreadful thing to a battle lost is a battle won.” Another way of looking at it might be that you can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.

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  1. “What is it good for. Absolutely nothing. Uh-huh.”

  2. alindasue says:

    “…you can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.”

    Well said.

  3. It is well that war is so terrible – otherwise we would grow too fond of it

  4. alindasue says:


    The sad thing is that it appears some people already are…

  5. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Grow up. Some evils cannot only be defeated through war.

  6. CT7 – not a very Christian attitude.

    The best way to win a war is to not start one.

  7. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Not always an option.

  8. Frankenchrist says:

    CT7 speaks like a typical Republican armchair warrior who never, ever served.

    The GOP has a long history of draft-dodging punks advocating war:

    • Rush Limbaugh – draft-dodger
    • Dan Quayle – draft-dodger
    • George W. Bush – AWOL druggie
    • “What a Dick” Cheney – draft-dodger
    • Newt Gingrich – draft-dodger
    • Willard “Etch-a-Sketch” Romney – draft-dodger

    (Still waiting for those WMDs that Chimpy McBush promised we would find in Iraq.)

  9. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Please, the last president to serve was HW Bush. Get over it.

    One could list just about every dem in politics and the response would be the same.

    McCain and West are 2 well known veterans. Kerry? A loser who shot himself.

    You are one bitter little child. Either an ex-hippie flag burner or fat 14 year old blogging between games of WOW (or you log on after your ‘performances’ _nos)

  10. Frankenchrist says:

    lol, facts are stubborn things and they have you flummoxed. Allen West is a raving criminal lunatic who was drummed out of the Army. He took early retirement instead of a court martial so he could collect his taxpayer-funded pension. Now he’s in Congress still sponging off the taxpayer. Since he’s about to lose his seat maybe he’ll finally get a real job instead of working for the government and leeching off the taxpayer like he’s done for the past thirty years.

    There are more veteran Democrats in Congress than Republicans. Your nominee, the liberal flip-flopper from Taxachusetts, dodged the draft by going to France on a brainwashing mission for his cult. Meanwhile, his peers went to Vietnam. What a sniveling coward.

  11. Some Vietnam vets seems to think that anyone of age who didn’t serve dodged the draft. You should know, since you lived during that time, that only a minority of age-eligible men were drafted (or volunteered, for that matter). Most the population were not called up. If you attended college, chances are you got a deferment. I’d not be so quick to call out those who didn’t serve as cowards – makes you sound like an ignoramus.

  12. Frankenchrist says:

    Yep, Mittens has five healthy sons and not one saw fit to serve their nation at a time of war. Like all repukes, they are too busy firing people, destroying companies, and sending the jobs to China. An entire family of gutless wonders. At least they have multiple Caddies and elevators in their garage.

    I hope Mittens selects that crazy blockheaded Erkel-wannabe West for his running mate. It will make Obama’s reelection even easier.

  13. alindasue says:


    This link is for your benefit. xring is not alone.


  14. “CT7 speaks like a typical Republican armchair warrior who never, ever served.”

    Goes without saying.

  15. CT7 – Never saw, nor do I know, Vietnam Vet get spit upon, unless it was as staged media event.

  16. CT7 – the high desireability of having Congressmen and Presidents who have served under fire is that they are FAR less likely to commit our men and women to war unless it is the absolute last resort

  17. concernedtacoma7 says:

    So you voted for McCain and not BHO?

  18. alindasue says:


    There is much to respect about John McCain. Unfortunately, some of his hawkish comments about the conflict in Iraq and, even more so, his unfortunate choice of running mate led to people, including many veterans like my husband, to vote for President Obama instead.

  19. concernedtacoma7 says:

    So if VP mattered you pick Biden? Please.

    I still, to this day, do not understand the hatred of Palin. Popular with the people of her state, experience managing, etc. So she has an accent. SNL tore her up and simple minded people fell for it. Truth be told I personally feel the left is scared of a powerful woman (hence BHO over Hillary).

    I ask again, Biden?

  20. I was disgusted by Biden’s sycophant fawning over Clarence Thomas during the confirmation hearings – I came to the conclusion that he was afraid of being accused of being a racist if he put forward anything resembling a challenge to the very weak candidate for SCJ.

    BUT – Palin is a complete disaster. Only the soft-headed could imagine her as being qualified on any level to be VP.

    Regarding McCain – if he had been the same man who had campaigned against W in 2000 I would have voted for him as I thought he had integrity but, alas, the ensuing eight years revealed his “straight talk maverick express” was just a bunch of B.S.

  21. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Palin unqualified but BHO qualified? No, sorry.

  22. alindasue says:

    concernedtacoma7 said, “I still, to this day, do not understand the hatred of Palin. Popular with the people of her state…”

    As a former resident of Anchorage (my son was born there), I go to the Anchorage news sites from time to time to check things out. I distinctly remember the feelings about Sarah Palin being somewhat mixed during her run for vice-president – but I didn’t feel the need to bookmark any specific articles at the time. However, a quick Google search of “Palin Anchorage” tonight turned up this article on the first results page:


    She is so “popular with the people of her state” that in September 2008 “…the ‘biggest political rally in Alaska’ took place last Saturday to protest the GOP selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as its vice presidential nominee.”

    So, you asked, “So if VP mattered you pick Biden?”

    Joe Biden was re-elected to the senate six times and was the 15th longest serving senator in US History. He served on the senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, amongst others. Say what you will about his political leanings, his experience cannot be denied.

    Sarah Palin, on the other hand, was a beauty queen turned news anchor (sports reporting mostly, from what I’ve seen) who served a term on the Wasilla’s city council, then a term as its mayor. She was Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for three years before being elected governor of the state – which she serve 2/3 of a term before quitting, citing too much pressure from the press.

    My question is: if she couldn’t handle the press on her as governor, how the heck would she have made it in a position like vice-president where the world’s eye is constantly on you and your family? She wants press, but only on her terms. It just doesn’t work that way.

    You said, “So she has an accent. SNL tore her up…”

    SNL did what it does with most political figures (including Presidents Bush and Obama), they lampooned her by exaggerating some of her statements and mannerisms – and she, unfortunately, gave them plenty of material to work with.

    As for her “accent” – it’s an affectation, not an accent. I lived in Alaska. The only people who had accents different from ours here in the Puget Sound area were people who didn’t natively speak English.

    “Palin unqualified but BHO qualified? No, sorry.”

    In 2008, Sarah Palin had served less than two years as Alaska’s governor. President Obama had been a senator for three years and a state level senator for three full terms before that. That alone, even without taking the other things into account, makes him more experienced and qualified than she is.

  23. alindasue says:

    To put this thread back on topic, one of the reasons I personally don’t care much for Sarah Palin is that she speaks like a hawk, too ready to advocate sending our troops to war without understanding the price such an attitude has on our country or the world.

    Maybe in a few decades when she’s learned something of diplomacy…

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