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BUDGET: Don’t cut benefits to the disabled

Letter by Peggy S. Riecan, University Place on April 6, 2012 at 9:55 am with 15 Comments »
April 6, 2012 9:58 am

Re: “Zarelli draws federal disability, eyes state cuts” (TNT, 4-6).

I have a brother who, through no fault of his own, is a lifelong schizophrenic. He depends on the services state Sen. Joseph Zarelli wants to cut.

Most of the people who depend on these services are mentally ill, not dependent because of “poor life choices.” Most people who make lifelong “poor choices” are mentally ill to begin with.

Shame on the politicians who want to cut out the services that needy people are so desperately dependent on. And extra shame on politicians like Zarelli who are so blantantly hypocritical.

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  1. Zarelli is like the proverbial fox who wants to guard the chicken coup. You can’t trust him.

  2. cclngthr says:

    I think Zarelli needs to have his “disability” payments permanently revoked and be ordered to pay the benefits he received back since he obviously earns more than the sustained gainful activity standard set by federal law. Veterans benefits or not, he is hypocritical because he wants people who don’t deserve the benefits to receive them, and those who truely need them to be in concentration camps where they are eventually killed due o a perfect human policy he holds dear to.

  3. BlaineCGarver says:

    Shame on a sister who won’t take care of family. This is so transparent. You’re afraid of having to spend more money on him.

  4. cclngthr says:

    What you don’t get is the family may not have the funds to spend on the person. Either this, or the family refuses to acknowledge the person exists.

    I don’t WANT to be any part of my family because they feel I must have someone to wipe my ass for me; they think I’m incapable of being independent.

    People have a constitutional right to be independent; however you prefer to dependentize people by saying you want people to be forcibly required to be dependent upon other people, or die because you feel they are burdens on society.

  5. Everyone wants his/her connected program saved; non-connected, vote no, get rid of it!

  6. cclngthr says:


    Do you want a bunch of disabled people out of society because you think they are burdens on society? Probably.

    I think Zarelli should give up his own disability benefits first because he can work.

  7. concernedtacoma7 says:

    ccl- once again you show a personal bias and emotion. These programs are charity, not essential services for all citizens.

    For an example of what a person could do if they are motivated, look at Charles Krauthammer.

    The slippery slope of govt charity has reached a breaking point.

  8. cclngthr says:

    I am being realistic.

    A lot of disabled people make the choice not to work because they are refused healthcare by insurance companies. I know I had to make a choice to either work full time and not have healthcare benefits, or go to part time and receive some type of healthcare benefits. By going part time, I am able to get needed medical care and work. By remaining on full time status, due to my health, I would be considered too disabled to work because the care I need is not obtainable without health insurance.

    It often is a life saving issue, where the person either gets medical care or they die. I suppose you want people to die earlier just because you want to save a couple bucks.

  9. cclngthr says:

    One thing though, Family medical plans do not allow disabled adult children to be on the family plan. That ends when they are 25 years old and still in school. Otherwise it is 18.

  10. Ccl>wrong again, I’m not pro or con, just stating everyone only cares about his/her programs….just sayin

  11. cclngthr says:

    It is these types of programs that allow people to be functional. Without such program, they would be completely dependent on others; and the decisions of what they do is not theirs.

    That said, I feel these programs are abused by people who think they need them; such as Zarelli, who want the program to only serve them and nobody else. Zarelli feels he is elegible for it, but wants to prohibit me; someone who was born with a disability not to receive anything.

  12. Ccl>I see, hopedully Zarelli doesn’t speak for the majority out there on this matter; take care!

  13. rockers1 says:

    Programs for the poor and disadvantaged are being cut across the country as states try to fill their budget deficits. It seems that programs for the poor are always the first to be looked at for cuts or elimination. We must practice what we preach. We cannot receive the same benefits that we are trying to cut! Please check out my blog at:


  14. alindasue says:


    I don’t know about cclngthr, but this is the first I heard of the high risk insurance pools. I looked them up on Google. Here’s the site for Washington State.

    It doesn’t appear to be well publicized. I don’t know if it’s because of the challenges to the Affordable Health Care Act or because the insurance carriers have to absorb the costs of the program. It’s not state funded.

    The premiums are still quite high, but for someone who can’t get insurance at all, it looks like a pretty good deal. Even with this though, we run into the “preexisting condition” problem.

    This from the brochure:
    “All WSHIP plans have a six-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions; the waiting period may be credited or waived based on your prior health care coverage…”

    I find the last part interesting and a little ironic because you pretty much have to have not had insurance for six months to qualify for the program.

    Anyhow, here’s the url: https://www.wship.org/default.asp

    That said, it doesn’t change the hypocrisy of Sen. Zarelli trying to cut disability benefits for those in this state while he himself is collecting federal disability benefits.

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