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FACEBOOK: Age limit should be higher than 13

Letter by Gabriel G. Morales, Seattle on March 29, 2012 at 11:15 am with 14 Comments »
March 29, 2012 11:15 am

Facebook users who identify themselves as over 13 years old are allowed to gain access to the site. Almost everyone in my classes is on Facebook, and they describe it as an easy way of communication and a
helpful resource to get help on homework through communicating with classmates.

But I know that Facebook also serves as a medium for inappropriate content. Whenever I see harsh language or inappropriate pictures, it makes me wonder whether 13-year-olds should be allowed to have Facebook accounts.

I tend to believe that the age restrictions should be stricter. Clearly, with more than half of students being victims of cyber bullying, 13 years old is just too young. At 13, people do not know the effects of cyber bullying and are too immature to be able to chat freely over the web.

(Morales is an eighth-grader at Washington Middle School.)

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  1. Good comment..

    However, it might be hard for Facebook to regulate who has an account because people do lie about their age, and have an account when they shouldn’t.

    Facebook, if age restrictions were in place, would have to verify each and every account holder to see if they are who they are. Quite hard to do.

  2. I know quite a few parents who lie about their kids’ ages so that they can be on face book. Although I agree with the letter writer about appropriate content, its difficult to legislate good parenting. Good letter, reminds us that there are good kids out there.

  3. LornaDoone says:

    Gabriel – congratulations on your letter to the editor. Hopefully as time goes on, you’ll continue to be active in media.

    That being said, the more you expose yourself to media and entertainment, the more you’ll learn that you have to discipline yourself to avoid that which offends you. The First Amendment is a tricky one in that is allows someone to say something that makes your blood boil and the best you can do is say you disagree. Facebook would lie in that arena.

    Be as smart as you appear and if Facebook offends you, don’t waste your time with it. You’ve already proven that you are worthly of much more intellectual information and conservation.

  4. Morally its a good idea; however, in the real world kid computer experts will just circumvent any age restrictions imposed.

  5. itwasntmethistime says:

    I know 7 year olds who have Facebook accounts. I disagree with parents who allow it.

  6. Frankenchrist says:

    Facebook is a waste of time, son. I don’t even have an account. However, it would be hard to enforce age limits; it’s up to parents to take an interest in what their kids are exposed to on the Internet.

  7. Facebook is perfect for the 13 year old mentality. Grownups should know better than to get hung up on such drivel.

  8. I am going to agree with a few of the comments.

    It inst up to Facebook to regulate who has accounts. Its up to the PARENTS to regulate, monitor and discipline the kids!

    Isnt that a novel idea!!?

  9. ….and I’ll agree with Bandito…it IS drivel and a waste of time. People should find more productive things to do with their lives!

  10. averageJoseph says:

    Simple, just require a check box that affirms they are 13 or older, like the TNT does :)

  11. Dcr628

    The only thing, parents can alter the settings in the profile of the kid so they can have the account, or the kid goes behind the back of the parent and does the same thing.

    No actual proof of age is required to have an account.

  12. No problem – soon the Goofy Old Party will start call for photo ids for all Facebook users.

  13. LornaDoone says:

    “Simple, just require a check box that affirms they are 13 or older, like the TNT does”

    I’m certain that many lied on that.

  14. Should facebook lower the age to get on line. I think they should up it. For example – your employer can fire you for what you have posted on face book. They can decided not to hire you for what you posted or what type of freinds you have on there. It is just a matter of time if it is not already happening that loan companies will check you out on facebook before giving you credit. Oh yes there may be laws in some states for that not to happen, but it would be hard to prove why they did not hire you unless they just told you.
    The parents that put their children on face book. Some of them are not even a year old. Now it is illegal in my state to get power in your childs name or cable it is like stealing their indenty.
    So these parents who are opening a facebook under their childrens names and lie about where they are from or something- that should be illegal too. In all states. It is their identy- that sooner or later could damage them by jobs, education and credit. If you lie about your age to get a facebook account, or your parent get you one when you are first born ( and trust me it happens). Is it not possiable for later in life someone could say well you lied here to get facebook, how do i know that you want lie to get something else you want. How can I say that you are trust wrothy…

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