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HEALTH CARE: Act is a carefully woven fabric

Letter by Pamela R. Massey, Gig Harbor on March 26, 2012 at 12:44 pm with 5 Comments »
March 26, 2012 2:57 pm

By ensuring that affordable health insurance is available to all individuals regardless of prior medical history and health status, provisions in the new federal health law protect the health and financial stability of patients with chronic conditions such as cancer.

However, ending discrimination of people with pre-existing conditions can only work if all Americans are required to participate in the health insurance system. Without that requirement, healthy people tend to avoid buying insurance until they need it, leaving insurance plans to cover a sicker population and driving up costs for everyone in the health care system.

Think of the health law as a carefully woven fabric. If you tug on and remove the coverage requirement, the entire law unravels.

Health insurance coverage is essential to leading a healthy life. I hope that when the Supreme Court makes its final decision this summer, it will end confusion and allow implementation to continue in a way that supports and strengthens the law’s provisions that enable patients with chronic diseases to access quality, affordable health care.

I say these things as someone who is battling cancer and who needs the protections offered by the Affordable Care Act. The costs on the “back end” are so much higher than dealing with early detection and treatment with an affordable insurance plan. As a society we all benefit.

(Massey is a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.)

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  1. aislander says:

    Pamela R. Massey writes: “Think of the health law as a carefully woven fabric.”

    Yeah–of lies…

  2. Speaking of lies aislander –

    One of most controversial parts health care reform is the insurance mandate, which was a republican idea rolled out in 1993 as a response to Clinton health care reform attempt. The mandate was supported by republicans including Mitt Romney as part of national health care reform up until 2007-8. Now that a democratic president has embraced this idea it has become socialism and tyranny.

  3. aislander says:

    I was thinking more about “bending the cost curve,” and “no additional taxation,” and “you’ll get to keep the insurance you have,” and many, many more…

    Guess they had to ram the bill so we could find out what’s in the bill…

    Besides, there are things (such as an individual mandate) that are allowed under some state constitutions, but definitely conflict with the Federal one…

  4. menopaws says:

    Why is expanding the insurance poll and lowering rates for both individuals and corporations a threat to Democracy??? I keep waiting for someone to explain to me why I should have my costs constantly increasing because of a bunch of deadbeats who won’t pay their own way—-and yet, requiring them to do so is socialism. Honestly, that may be the dumbest thing I have heard. So, beat that drum and allow those freeloaders to bankrupt you and our health care system. And, lets not forget those who really need help like this letter writer and others with conditions currently not covered–or dropped because they reached the financial limit on their policies. All of you bloggers who talk about your faith and Christianity—where are you when it involves the physical suffering of your neighbors??? I have not seen one truly logical argument against this health care law. What I have seen is a lot of mean spirited hypocrisy and an absolute failure to face reality of the horrible health care situation in this country.

  5. averageJoseph says:

    if all Americans are required to participate… chilling.

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