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TNT: Is newspaper trolling for dirt?

Letter by David Saline, Phoenix, Ariz. on March 21, 2012 at 9:31 am with 14 Comments »
March 21, 2012 9:31 am

I was appalled to see this on The News Tribune web site:

CALL TO READERS: The News Tribune is interested in talking to friends and acquaintances of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. E-mail newstips@thenewstribune.com if you can help.

Are you kidding me? I cannot understand what meaningful purpose this information will serve other than to  exploit a tragic situation. I expect more from The News Tribune. You are not the National Enquirer, TMZ or “Inside Edition.”

Or are you? Shame on you.

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  1. slugoxyz says:

    Exactly! The news is desperate to keep this up front, the defense team is desperate to spread the blame, the Army is probably dying to put distance between themselves and this guy and the people are calling for blood. But not until they sacrifice their goat.

    Give it a rest people. The information will come out and it needs to so we can help the appropriate people, make amends however that might look and get on with our lives. Patience is not a real virtue in this country where the internet feeds our fancy but we need to know what really happened over there, that night and the few days before. Did the guy do it? Were there signs that could have been spotted? What played into a guy who appeared fairly normal to wander off and allegedly kill 16 people?

    Who cares about his neighbors? Who cares about a misdemeanor assault charge? We’re not looking at Ted Bundy here. We’re looking at a guy who (and all this is alleged) suffered some sort of break whether it be from post traumatic stress, some brain injury, maybe just the stress of multiple deployments or maybe it had nothing to do with any of those things. Whatever it was, we need to wait and stop making stuff up. We don’t need to create a villain here half as much as we need to help the guys and gals still there or recently returned. We need to be concerned more with prevention and getting help to those that need it and forget the gladiator games that the media will make of this court case.

  2. olympicmtn says:

    Hey TRIBUNE “CALL TO READERS”: We have scoop on editors corresponding with more than one elected official to limit a candidates first amendment right during an election. Shall we do the same and call out those who have received similar emails from editors orchestrating a planned (conspire) to limit a candidate’s constitutional rights. Confirmed by a Seattle Constitution lawyer eh?

    This is the junk the Tribune pushes on behalf of their political PAC.

  3. Yeah, slug, this guy is the sacrificial goat, not the people he (allegedly) killed.

    People all over the nation and world are wondering what kind of peson would do such a horrible thing. Getting as many first-hand accounts of his family life, usual behavior and past history helps shine a light on this incidence and keeps us from forming too many first judgments about him.

    At first, I assumed he was an out-of-control Muslim hater, but the articles that TNT is sharing with us has helped make me more circumspect and take a more waitful attitude.

    If he has a mental illness that keeps him from mking rational decisions and knowing right from wrong, and it wasn’t just an alcoholic haze binge he went on, then I hopoe he gets the medical treatment he needs.

  4. This represents the problem with today’s journalists. They are too lazy to go out and do real reporting, it’s easier to get their news from sources such as Media Matters and Moveon. Org

  5. sumyungboi says:

    This is a huge international story, and the news wires are always looking to local news media to offer up something worthy of them being mentioned in the wire story. The TNT is scrambling to come up with something, anything that’s original enough to make that happen, regardless if it’s tabloid trash. Sad as it is, that’s where we are.

    olympicmtn: “Hey TRIBUNE “CALL TO READERS”: We have scoop on editors corresponding with more than one elected official to limit a candidates first amendment right during an election”

    The TNT has also spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to run Washam out of his office, and you can bet the farm that it’s not just journalistic inquisitiveness. Separate groups have people have been pushing that since he was elected, and the TNT is in bed with one or more of those groups. Oh well, as long as the employees in the auditors office can go back to wasting money, pulling numbers out of thin air, and spending their days on facebook, all is well. :)

  6. BlaineCGarver says:

    TNT has identified another Military Man on their enemy list, and will try, and convict him before he even sees the inside of a courtroom….Not that long ago, that was cause for a dismissla of charges.

  7. BlaineCGarver says:

    Ugh…sorry for the typo

  8. Once again the conservatives and their comments make me vary glad I am NOT a conservative.
    To be that hateful and bitter…….

  9. sumyungboi says:

    klu, do you just go from letter to letter and type negative comments aimed at conservatives, regardless of what’s been written, or even what the topic is?

  10. slugoxyz says:

    Tuddo – THAT is the problem. “At first, I assumed he was…” You assumed. Your very first mistake. What makes you think you’ll ever know the truth? Give it a rest! If he killed those people, he will be sent away. That’s pretty much the end of the story. Why does anyone kill another person? The news won’t get to the bottom of it. They want you to keep logging into their website so they’ll scrape up anything truthful or not. The military won’t release anything it doesn’t want to so the media has to essentially make stuff up or post stuff that is so far removed from the actual issue.

    Just wait a minute and the truth will come out. It will come out in court. Stop assuming tuddo. You already know what assuming does right?

  11. PumainTacoma says:

    I never heard the Trib send out an alert for Mohammad the DC Sniper? You know the guy worked for an area non-profit? He also worked and assisted the black leaders in Tacoma and was hob nobbing with some elected officials, too? Where is that inquiry about the DC Sniper and its influential Tacoma connect? Waiting.

  12. slug, sorry that you have no intellectuial curiosity or concern about why a human does things like this. I read the paper among many sources of information, to learn, to be informed and to gain insight. I don’t know why you read the paper if you want none of those things and think it does not enrich your life.

    Cynicism can be taken too far, and in some people, its reached the outer limits.

    And, Pumain, I guess you didn’t read all the real articles at the time. TNT called me as well as a number of other publications nationwide because I happen to have a name that is exactly the same as one of the characters in your alleged drama. They wanted my story and my relationship to the sniper. And, btw, the info you alluded to was fact checked and it was totally fabricated, so that is why you are still waiting for your conspiracy theory to be validated. Don’t hold your breath, or wait,….

  13. itwasntmethistime says:

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. This is a gossip rag, not a NEWSpaper. I would love to cancel our subscription but my husband likes reading the sports page.

  14. slugoxyz says:

    Sure tuddo. Intellectual curiosity for things like religion, what makes a politician tick, the meaning of life, evolution vs. whatever else… I have a sense of curiosity about a great many things including why SSG Bales may have killed all those people. Here is the problem. You aren’t going to find that out here. All you are going to do is tantamount to rubber necking at the scene of an accident on the highway. You’re going to see the wreckage but no one is actually going to tell you what happened. So, people like you are going to fill in the blanks all by yourself. It’s what you do. And the TNT knows there are people out there like you so they’re going to feed your impatient curiosity with garbage which you will eat with a knife and fork. And because of people like you, they get to charge for the advertisement space.

    I read the paper to find out who is dead, who might have done it, and like itwasntmethistime’s husband, check the scores. I read the opinions because you people entertain me. Sometimes I have an opinion of my own. Hopefully, I’m entertaining someone.

    Unlike you, I don’t expect to find the world’s great mysteries by reading the paper or asking the neighbors what SSG Bales was like. I do love a person who fancies himself as an intellectual and then uses ridiculously non-credible evidence to fortify their already flawed theories. You are why I read these things. You crack me up.

    So fine. Read the paper and then you tell me all about what happened according to tuddo. Think for yourself tuddo. I know that’s scary but you can do it!

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