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LAKEWOOD: What has happened to standards?

Letter by Leslie Attebery, Lakewood on March 19, 2012 at 10:13 am with 5 Comments »
March 19, 2012 10:13 am

What is happening to Lakewood? One of our latest tenants is a mattress store with animals all over the outside of it! Maybe if it was covered in sheep I could understand what it has to do with sleep!

Remember when we lost the Lakewood Chop House and our city manager at that time told us not to worry but new restaurants would be appearing like the China King Buffet! So we lost one of the nicest restaurants in Lakewood to a place that was rather interesting in that it didn’t have two matching colors anywhere on it! And now it is being dismantled for yet another 7-Eleven.

Bring on the coffee shop at 40th and 100th with the same painter as China King. Not to be outdone, a new Mexican fast food restaurant on Bridgeport Way favoring even more stripes of yellow and orange is being established. We are either in a bad episode of the Flintstones or a terrible Dr. Seuss book.

Remember when we had standards and really cared about how our city looked? I eat Mexican and Chinese food and I do sleep in a bed! However, I have an even greater fondness for how our city looks.

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  1. aislander says:

    The concept of understatement has been lost to a changing America…

  2. That’s just funny. When I came to this area in 1992, I thought Lakewood was awful and soldiers were told not to go into Tillicum after dark. The crime rate has steadily gone down, the old motels are being replaced with new hotels. Ford came to Lakewood, some of the old trailer parks have been removed and the city is always improving street lights and such. I think CARRS is a great place to eat. Love Casa Mia. The Greek place next to Carrs is awesome. You have an Applebees, A Red Robin, a new Panini shop on South Tacoma Way. Color? It’s new paint! Who cares what color it is?

    Lakewood has never been Bellevue and never will be. It’s a town of hard working blue collar, with a large, diverse population of active and retired military. If you want it to look like Cannon Beach or Whistler, I think you’re off track. Those businesses are paying taxes and generating revenue. These days, if they’re making it, they’re doing fine. Have you ever thought to wonder how their food is? I don’t care if the paint is purple. If their food is good, I’ll eat there. I think it’s time Leslie moved…

    I think Lakewood is doing fine. The real tragedy is what has become of downtown Olympia. It used to be a quaint state capitol with nice shops and fine dining. Now, you have to step over the transients and heroin addicts to get to your destination. Lakewood is moving in the right direction. Now, I come here to eat these days because Olympia has gone to the dogs.

  3. aislander says:

    Lakewood, my parents and grandparents tell me, once was two localities. Near the bases, it was as slugozyx describes. Gravelly Lake Drive, though, was old-money shops and houses, and that area defined the character of the place.

    Creeping rubism defines not only Lakewood, but what is happening to the country…

  4. alindasue says:

    Personally, I like the mattress shop with the animals all over it. I haven’t been in it yet, but the paint job is cute and well maintained.

    Look at the tourist places that slugoxyz mentioned, Cannon Beach or Whistler. The buildings there do not all conform to someone’s idea of sensible painting. I don’t know a lot about Whistler, but a mattress store with barn animals all over it would fit in quite well in Cannon Beach.

    “Standards” is a subjective term that means different things to different people. The main thing is that the buildings are well kept and they attract clientele that act in a manner that is respectful of surrounding homes and businesses. The rest of the details just bring character to the neighborhood.

  5. I liked Lakewood the way is was when I came here in 1975. Being a beer drinker and smoker, I found Lakewood to be a very interesting place to have fun, there were plenty of taverns, people were friendly, Asian night clubs were all over the place. The Peking, Kuk Il Kwan, The New Peking, the Tiki where Lakewood Town center is now lacated the Aba Daba, Oriental Garden etc. Then there was the Twitter -In, Ponder’s tavern, the Red Roof, Don’s Den, Lake city Tavern, Gertie’s etc etc. I miss those days. Now Lakewood is just another town that I pass through on my way out of town. As for Olympia’s situation, that’s an example of what happens when a town is ran and controlled by demokrats. Need I mention a few of those once-great cities?

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