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SHOOTINGS: Prosecute officer and wife as well

Letter by Chad J. Legg, Tacoma on March 14, 2012 at 1:19 pm with 10 Comments »
March 14, 2012 2:15 pm

It is appalling to me the hypocrisy floating around the media regarding two separate incidents in which children were shot.

The first instance was the situation in Kitsap County where a young boy gained access to a weapon while at his mother’s house. This weapon was accidentally discharged at school, nearly killing the boy’s fellow classmate.

The media went crazy talking about how severely this mother should be punished for allowing access to a weapon that nearly killed a young girl, and I say rightfully so. The hypocrisy begins when, a little more than a week later, a Marysville police officer and his wife leave two children unattended in a vehicle with a loaded weapon. The older of the two gets this weapon and fires it, killing his sister (TNT, 3-11).

Instead of outrage, the media rush to support the officer. This officer and his wife are at least as at fault for their daughter’s death as the woman in Kitsap County is.

In fact, they are more culpable due to the fact that he is a trained law enforcement officer and should know the dangers of having a loaded weapon accessible by children and he and his wife left their young children unattended in a vehicle with a loaded gun.

Were it not for their negligence by providing access to this weapon, their daughter would be alive. They should both be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law just like the woman in Kitsap County should be.

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  1. commoncents says:

    I think the difference is that the mom in the first shooting was a felon and shouldn’t have even had a gun in her possession whilst obviously that isn’t the case in the latter shooting. Different circumstances warrant different charges.

  2. olympicmtn says:

    Amen! No difference. If there was a warrant issued for the arrest of the mother in Bremerton, then where is the warrant for arrest of the cop and his wife in Marysville? We are a country of laws and not a country based on preferences or caste society. Prosecute the cop. Get the warrant issued today.

  3. Chad, I’ve heard numerous commentators on radio calling for the police to investigate and make a referral to the district attorney because the police officer should have known better.

    PS: Last night another three year old child was killed when he retrieved a gun from under a seat while the gun owner was pumping gas. The gun owner had a concealed weapons permit. He put the gun under the seat while he pumped gas and his female rider went into the store. Another child killed because of an adult’s careless actions.

  4. oly, my friend, there is a difference, but for some reason you are not able to comprehend it. Not my fault.

  5. chadjlegg says:

    I agree with Publico, there is a difference. The difference is this was a law enforcement officer who is trained how to responsibly handle weapons. I guess at some point in that training they cover leaving a loaded weapon in a vehicle’s glove box for an UNATTENDED child to recover, point at his sister and pull the trigger. Kitsap County is charging assault 3 for the very same thing. A felon in possession of a weapon is a completely different charge. The fact remains that ALL of the parents as it relates to these tragic events are guilty of using poor judgment and as a result recklessly endangered the lives of these poor children. They should answer for that and a badge should not shield them from answering for it.

  6. cclngthr says:

    The only difference is the parents in Kitsap County are felons, who should never had the guns in the first place. The cop on the other hand is supposed to have a firearm.

    In any case, the law is clear that gun owners are responsible for their weapons. No additional laws are needed; using existing laws are enforeable.

  7. chadjlegg says:

    I love when people try to rationalize this by saying that the sheriff is less guilty because he was supposed to have a weapon. Please, I beg you, tell me how it is ok to store a loaded weapon in a glove box with two unattended children…seriously. And please, tell me how it is ok to leave two young children in a vehicle unattended in the first place. Are you serious? To me this is blind support with not one shred of “commoncents” behind it.

  8. scooter6139 says:

    The police officer should be suspended immediately pending investigation and court proceedings. Any law enforcement officer knows the laws governing handgun carrying and concealment thereof. Same goes for anyone with a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) which MUST be kept on the holder at all times when around others (putting a loaded handgun under the seat is breaking the law just as putting it into an unlocked glove box is).

  9. commoncents says:

    Wondering where I ever even hinted that it was ok or less guilty. Offering up a reason that the prosecutor might have filed charges in one case and not the other does not imply support. I might add the fact that a child from a different family was shot in the first instance. That does have some bearing in the equation whether you want to admit it or not.

    By the way, when a child of yours shoots another child (even if by accident)…and you’re not supposed to own a gun? You might want to secure your other guns. That in itself might have prevented charges or at least kept them at the misdeameanor level which is likely what the officer in Marysville ultimately will receive.

  10. schipperke says:

    There are now two incidents involving a child left in a vehicle with a loaded gun leaving two children dead. Why are these two cases being handled so differently by the police investigators, prosecutors and CPS? The Stanwood incident is in contrast to the Tacoma incident. The news media needs to do some serious investigation themselves to find out why these two cases are being handled so differently by all involved.

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