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BUDGET: Kastama supports plan to cut aid

Letter by Sonja H. Lennox, Tacoma on March 13, 2012 at 1:11 pm with 28 Comments »
March 13, 2012 1:11 pm

State Rep. Hans Zeiger, R-Puyallup, should be ashamed of himself, commending state Sen. Jim Kastama, D-Puyallup, on his budget vote.

Not only did Kastama’s vote on the budget set the stage for a special session, but look what that budget would do for our working poor. It would cut 4,000 families off of child-care subsidies, eliminate food assistance to poor families, and make cuts to public education and to welfare programs.

It’s time we make our legislators accountable for their actions and follow the desires of their constituents who voted them into office.

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  1. concernedtacoma7 says:

    It is time we pass a budget within our means.

  2. philichi says:

    Sonja, wake up. There is no money! He didn’t vote this way to be mean. The sad part about this is that this will go on and on. You will know when Kastama and others have done their jobs when everyone has been given their hair cut. We have only just begun.

  3. sumyungboi says:

    As a conservative, I can say I’m proud of Kastama for doing what he knew was right, and refusing to be a rubber stamp.

    He may or may not be politicking, since he’s going to have to appeal to independents in his SoS bid, but even if that were the case, it would be telling that he would think that it’s safer to cast a fiscally responsible vote while in the senate.

  4. truthbusterguy says:

    Why can’t I find a single news story about this? This must be a democrat plant trying to stir the pot with untruths. Both Kastama and Zeiger are good legislators trying their best working with a cast of clowns that call them the democrat party in Olympia.

  5. tomwa007 says:

    Your constituents elect you to vote as a representative of them. If you do not, you do not get re-elected.

    Kastama must have been offered a few lucrative jobs without the needing to get elected.

    Any politician who votes for anything other than his constituents wishes is a prostitute for dollars.

    So goes politics these days

  6. philichi says:

    tomwa007 I assure you that no one wants to cut budgets. It is no fun at all. These folks were elected to lead. Sometimes that means cut. Sometimes leaders need to vote for the greater good, not what gets them elected again. History books are written about the real leaders. Heck even Obama worked to get his silly health care bill passed. He knew that it was unpopular. He knew that many would lose their jobs for the vote. (I hope that he does)!

  7. Tbg – maybe because you are not looking. But you are right the GOP are a pack of clowns.

  8. Kastama needs to be removed at the next opportunity. He’s a tool who does NOT represent those who voted for him. The articles are here if y’all can read. The Democratic budget was not spending unavailable money, it was leaving less in the ‘let’s sit on it and let kids go without’ pot. The GOP is against wasting money on the poor, children or adults, because you know, they might need it later for public art projects or something in some wealthy neighborhood.

  9. philichi says:

    Hohnski I am sort of tired of the rich verses poor argument that you are advancing. Do you really believe that the GOP would like to cut budgets so that they can buy art for the rich? Wake up. There really is no money. The Budget is $1.4 billion upside down. However, I am happy to see that you have figured out a way to blame someone. I would like to suggest that you blame George Bush too. Blame Gravity while you are at it. The battle here is the same as the one in Greece, Spain, and Wisconsin. Does anyone have the guts to tell the spoiled public sector unions that their party is over? You could elect anyone that you want in Olympia, Greece and Wisconsin. The budget issue will not go away. The rating companies are watching. Just wait to see what our budget will look like with a single A rating.

  10. Republicans are blind. “There is no money!” Except for that two billion bucks a week we spend in Afghanistan.

  11. philichi says:

    emoo: I assure you, the State of Washington pays no money to Afghanistan. However, I am thrilled that you have found a new excuse for our state’s budget problems. I was thinking that this would be blamed on the Koch brothers, George Bush, Gravity, gay marriage, health care for women, or global warming. Thank you for your thoughtful contribution.

  12. LornaDoone says:

    “There is no money!”

    Now, what would a business do if their revenue stream was drying up? They’d seek new avenues of revenue and increase the pricing to consumers for the products and services they provide.

    Interesting how all these business geniuses cannot apply the same practice to a governmental entity because they are afraid their share of the increase will have to be paid also.

  13. LornaDoone says:

    “the State of Washington pays no money to Afghanistan.”

    The people of the State of Washington, who provide funding for the State of Washington pay plenty to the federal government, that, if not for funding Afghanistan, could be returned to the State of Washington for use on domestic issues like feeding the poor and providing health care for all.

  14. LornaDoone: thanks, a classic response. You mean they should just raise taxes. That is what California, Illinois, and Maryland have done. It hasn’t worked. The problem is that Businesses and states have competition. Customers and residence simply go to the best deal. California charges 12% income tax on their rich. Texas charges 0% Guess where people are moving?
    Welcome to reality. Now, back to the budget, what to cut and how to do it?

  15. LornaDoone says:

    So, philichi, is your answer to a private business to cut, cut and cut some more, until you cannot serve the marketplace? The end result is a Bain Capital scrap heap placement.

    I haven’t seen New York’s millionaires leaving town and that state is one of the highest taxed places to live, not to mention the cost of living.

    Classic answer? Indeed. The oil companies use it on a daily basis and no one changes their habits.

  16. LornaDoone says:


    It ranks 6th, where as NY/NJ ranks 2nd and 1st respectively.

    Considering the amount of square miles the California state system must serve, their tax base is a real bargain in comparison. Think about criminal justice alone, on a statewide basis. How many troopers are needed to patrol California. Then add Transportation.

    These are just basics.

  17. sumyungboi says:

    lorna: “The people of the State of Washington, who provide funding for the State of Washington pay plenty to the federal government .. blah, blah ..”

    Which has zero point zero to do with Kastama’s vote as a state senator.

  18. LornaDoone says:

    Read for context. You’ll have to read ALL of the comments. I know this is a challenge, but you’ve got all day to do it.

  19. sumyungboi says:

    Don’t care, lorna. The topic is Kastama’s budget vote in the state senate. Leftists whining about “what-if’s” with regard to federal funding of the Afghanistan war have absolutely nothing to do with a Washington State senator casting a budget vote in Olympia. Grow up.

  20. LornaDoone New york, Millionaires leave every day. This is well documented in the Wall Streeet Journal. My company was in New York. they moved.

    Back to business. A business keeps cutting and getting more efficient as long as they need to. There are others every day looking to take their market share. Look at Kodak today. Look at Brittania. Have you bought and encylapidea or film lately? Businesses go and come. It never ends.

    Now, back to the budget. It is time to cut. sorry there is no one left to blame, nothing left to do. I am really sorry.

  21. LornaDoone says:

    “boi” is telling Lorna to “grow up”? Oh my.

    Back to business, philichi.

    Businesses that cut and don’t plan for the marketplace, will end up dead. You toss them aside like so much rubbish, forgetting that their employees are what makes the marketplace function. Henry Ford, although a tough industrialist, knew that he needed to have a work force that could afford his vehicles. Without sustained employment, everyone suffers, as we’ve witnessed since the BushBonanza of September 2008.

    Imagine the reduced cost of doing business in the State of Washington if they wouldn’t have created all those ferry routes and bridges. The people living on the west side of the Sound could have just learned to bootstrap it for the services that they seek on the east side, not to mention the employment. Let them all be farmers and loggers, I say! They need not the fancy stuff that the city brings to them. If they want to get to Seattle, those people of Port Angeles will just have to get used to that 3 or 5 hour drive, on a good day with minimal traffic.

    Your problem is you want prime stock for a penny stock price.

  22. LornaDoone says:

    philichi –

    Why don’t you tell us specifically, which programs should be cut. I’m wondering how much you know about matching funds from the Feds.

  23. LornaDone. If I were a leader in state government, I would have to do this hard work. I would first look at the expected revenues for next year. I would than set the budget up to spend no more than that. It would be really hard work. I, like any business, would first look to see which programs could be done for less money. Salaries would have to be cut, and benefits would have to be cut. I would hate every bit of having to do that. However, the alternatives will be far worse. If these hard decisions aren’t made soon, bond raters will lower our rating. We will than be forced to pay higher interest. That is money that could be spent on programs etc. I don’t enjoy having to tell you this. This is reality. It is like telling you about gravity. It isn’t nice or fair. However, it is real. As you can see, I am not blaming anyone for this. I am just telling you the reality of the situation that we are in. Sorry, there is no alternative. I know that is sucks.

  24. LornaDoone says:

    “hard work”

    That all sounds so familiar.

    So what you are telling me is that you are not informed on which state programs have matching federal funds, so cutting them is like cutting them twice because the matching funds allowed for local money to be spent in other needed places.

    What “sucks” is a group of people that barely understand the problem, much less the solution.

    If I were to match your mortgage if you ponied up the same money, and you could escalate your debt payment because of the extra funds, would you eliminate your current housing in leiu of saving on the mortage if you purchased a less expensive house that your projected budget could afford? Would you possibly move money around and eliminate wasteful spending (like allowing your relatives to live free at your home) to budget the money to get my contribution?

  25. LornaDoone says:

    “Salaries would have to be cut, and benefits would have to be cut.”

    So you don’t honor the contractural committments you made? Can you do the same with the bank? You know, don’t pay off a loan you promised to pay?

    That would make budgeting real easy.

    Thom Hartmann, progressive media man from Portland, has a great saying:

    “Give me a trillion dollars credit without repayment and I’ll show you how to live”

  26. Phillichi you are giving talking points. The u.s would have a different financial Outlook if we ceased the imperialism and developed our own citizenry.

  27. LornaDoone says:

    “Phillichi you are giving talking points”

    Emoo – you mean like “hard work”?

  28. concernedtacoma7 says:

    LD_nos, what did most big businesses due from 08-09? Fire or layoff thousands of workers, streamline production and lower output. They became more efficient and smaller.

    THEY CUT. Are you really that dense? Look at auto companies that lay people off all the time based on demand.

    California is getting crushed by states like Tx (Apple is opening a huge new plant where?) because of taxes and regulation.

    The left coast is broken due to progressive, failed policy.

    And the cost per mile argument? Please explain Alaska then. The cost of policing is effected by population primarily.

    As pointed out this has nothing to do with one brave vote. Someone voting for reason over emotion.

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