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BUDGETS: Stop deferring hard decisions

Letter by George Frey, Puyallup on March 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm with 27 Comments »
March 12, 2012 1:16 pm

Why can’t politicians do what is necessary rather than putting off the hard decisions for the next person or into the next year? The federal government can’t deal with a growing deficit. It can’t raise taxes or reduce spending in an election year. Leave that for next year.

The state Legislature wants to either not make a pension payment or move spending from this year into next year to “balance the budget.” So we start with a deficit in a biennium that will probably still be running a deficit.

The City of Tacoma has a huge budget shortfall. Nobody wants to lay off police or fire personnel but that would have reduced the shortfall. We herald an agreement by the groups’ unions to defer their 2011 increases into 2012. Amount saved, zero. We just moved the problem into next year and the deferred amount didn’t come close to the amount that would have been saved by the layoffs.

The Narrows Bridge was supposed to start paying $5 million a year towards deferred sales tax on the construction. This had already been delayed once. Let’s push it off for another six years.

We elect officials to make decisions. Cut spending or raise taxes. Quit vacillating and just do it.

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  1. Because one party would rather work on party politics than do what is good for the nation and her citizens.

  2. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    George, The answer is simple. Their union overlords don’t want them to!!! It’s as simple as that.

    Want proof? Just spend some time at the PDC site and look who the major donors are for the democrats. Unions pull the puppet strings on these politicians and you only need to follow the money to prove it.

  3. Dave98373 says:

    Politicians of both parties are motivated in getting re-elected. When they do not have to pass a budget and continue to kick issues down the road, it keeps them in office longer and they will never be held accountable. Voters are too blinded by their own special interests and party loyalty to bother in voting them out.

  4. sandblower says:

    Making drastic cuts in the budget is the wrong way to go in the first place. Raising revenue by removing loopholes would be wonderful. Waiting for and working for a better recovery is also a good move.
    Cutting spending is absolutely the wrong way to go about it.

  5. Fibonacci says:

    As usual, Unions are behind every ill we have in sate country today. Why don’t you look at who donates to the “the other” party? It is not just nickels and dimes from regular citizens, and are you really naive enough to believe that THOSE donors don’t expect something in return for those donations? If so, I have some waterfront property in Arizona I will sell you.

  6. The solution to deferring is compromising.

  7. This article is right on. Whatever blame game you want to play, our representatives are not doing their jobs.

  8. I am learning a lot through these messages. Perhaps others are too. In any general topic there would have been 30 responses by now. first the left, than the right. However, when we need to discuss the budget the left just has nothing to say. They would prefer to deal with unquantifiable issues like Gay marriage and seat belt restrictions. They are now in an impossible situation. They can not blame or demonize, they must simply look at a budget and cut. They have promised so many people so many things that they just want to change the subject. That is why we discussed Gay Marriage for the first month. Well Libs, time to put on the big boy pants and get to work. You all wanted this job now prioritize and cut or let someone else do it for you. Perhaps this is why the US Democrat Senate hasn’t had a budget for over 3 years.

  9. Philichi boychick,
    All the conservacons talk about is Sharia Law, Planned Parenthood, NPR, and tax cuts for the rich.

    When it comes to budget cutting, the only difference between R’s & D’s is in which programs are cut and by how much.

    The only reason the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget is because the GOP lead part-time House has failed to pass one that would have sufficient bi-partisan support in the Senate to avoid a filibuster.

  10. took14theteam says:

    I would sure hate to live in xring’s world where republicans are the only ones who are wrong and democrats are the only ones who are right.

  11. commoncents says:

    Ppushing off to the next year to avoid layoffs is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially when revenues are expected to increase making the layoff unnecessary and if you are cutting beyond the point where your services are adequate for your customers. Hiring and training is always more expensive than people think.

    However, right now we don’t know that revenue will increase in sufficient amounts to deflect a layoff and we could be in exactly the same position next year. To that end I think, and Phil-you would call me a liberal, that layoffs should have been made. Cut the spending… But that’s exactly why I didn’t post. Simply agreeing with the original letter and patting them on the back for writing something smacks of a circle jerk and I have no desire to be a part of it.

  12. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Xring- did you see the joke BHO presented? Who is proposing budgets with no chance for any support, nevermind bipartisan?

    Harry is singlehandedly stopping Congress from doing their job as outlined in the Constitution.

    “Waiting” is a cowards course of action. It relies on the unknown. Act on what is known, change as the time goes on.

  13. commoncents says:

    should have read “potentially cutting”

  14. Took14,
    Living in Bizzrro World you can’t handle the truth.
    CT7 – You are a bad as took14 – the R’s can do no bad and the D’s can do to good.

    When has a budget passed the House on anything but a party-line vote?

  15. philichi says:

    xring, thank you for coming back. I assumed that you had moved to a state that was running a surplus like Wisconsin. (we will be there some day. Just think of the marches and protesting when Olympia decides to get serious) This is a hard time to be on the left. I know. All of the little ideas just haven’t panned out too well.
    As far as the US budget goes, not even President Obama’s budget passed the Democrat Senate. It only got 3 votes. Is that also the Republican’s fault? Admit it. Your guys just hate this. They just do not want to lead. Could you imagine if they ran a business? They want to discuss contraceptives and hair color regulation. Well the bond rating companies are watching.

  16. “I assumed that you had moved to a state that was running a surplus like Wisconsin.”

    WI is most assuredly NOT running a surplus!

  17. philichi says:

    kluwer of course it is. $300 million for 2012-2013. Washinton will get there some day. However, there will be crying and mashing of teeth. Just like Wisconsin and Greece have had to do.

  18. philichi says:

    kluwer of course it is. $300 million for 2012-2013. Washinton will get there some day. However, there will be crying and mashing of teeth just like Wisconsin and Greece have had to do.

  19. Philichi,
    Do you expect that the failed policies of the right will work any better this time than they did in the past?

    When was the last time the Rpot House passed a budget that had sufficient bi-partisan support?

    The people actually talking about contraceptives is the zombie right.
    Dems and progressives are talking about how stupid the GOP has trying to make a Constitutional / moral issue out of what is really just a tempest in a teapot.

    The truth about Wisconsin

    The Wisconsin State budget panel OKs $123 million in cuts

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | by Jason Stein and Patrick Marley | February 16, 2012

    Gov. Scott Walker’s administration this year is making the spending cuts and some raids on pots of state money to help balance the state budget, which still has an additional projected deficit of $143 million through June 2013 even after this latest round of spending reductions.


  20. philichi says:

    Xring thanks for helping me with the wisconsin budget. Don’t you wish that our state’s problems were only $143 million? At least they have grown ups making decisions.

    The point is that they have flexibility. Our leaders are hand tied because of union labor agreements. You can bet that there will be marching and tents in Olympia and every other state in the next few years. The bond rating companies are watching us.

  21. “kluwer of course it is. $300 million for 2012-2013.”

    You are wrong of course but I doubt you would ever admit it.
    WI didn’t have budget problems until the soon to be recalled Gov. walker created them with tax cuts for the rich and Koch bros industries.
    Now they are in serious trouble and so is the bought and paid for Gov.

    why would anyone want that for their state?

  22. “Our leaders are hand tied because of union labor agreements.”

    You have to love the failed talking points of the right, no matter what they just keep on parroting them.

  23. philichi says:

    Kluwer, I know that I will not be able to convince you that you are wrong. You will have to learn that on your own. Unfortunately, the Greeks spent them selves into a corner and than blamed the Germans for not sending money fast enough. You blame the Koch brothers for Wisconsin. OK, who do you blame for California and Illinois budget problems? They have raised taxes. I assure you there are no Republicans in charge there.
    I think that you will finally settle on the fact that these budgets, like ours, just spend too much money. You will than have to ask why? You will than have to look at the biggest cost of any state. Labor. You will than have to figure out how to make them affordable. You will want to provide the same services for less money. I assure you my friend, Your solution will not bring you to the Koch brothers. However, as an armature political scientist I am interested in learning from you where you will go when faced with budget reality. This is sort of like getting to “check mate” in chess and the opposing player wanting to discuss gay marriage and the Koch brothers.

  24. OK, who do you blame for California and Illinois budget problems?

    California: Prop 13 artificially has suppressed property taxes, Enron’s traders were gouging the California market, taking power plants off-line to create shortages – made possible by privatizing Electricity, this was exacerbated by investments in Enron by UC which became worthless….and then, of course, there was that world wide economic crisis brought about by deregulation of the financial industry.

  25. BeerBoy, thanks for the help here. I suppose that you could add a few more excuses for the budgets being out of wack in California, Greece, Spain, and Washington. You see this is a global problem, not California alone.

    However, now you are the big boy making decisions. What are you going to cut, and how are you going to do it? That is what your fellow Dems are being faced with right now. There is no one left to blame.

    This is why the Democrat senate can’t write a budget in DC. Is it that you all can’t concentrate on numbers? What is the issue?

  26. “Kluwer, I know that I will not be able to convince you that you are wrong.”

    That’s because I’m not wrong, you are.
    And for the record I don’t blame the koch bros, for WI, I place the blame where it belongs, on the soon to be re-called governor.

  27. kluwer: Ok so the the budget was fine until he got elected? What about the budgets in Washington, California, Illinois, etc? Are they also the governor from Wisconsin’s fault.

    I’ll give you a hint. Government budgets are out of balance all over the world. Some are moving faster than others. We haven’t cut yet. Wisconsin took their medicine. We will have to eventually. The bond raters are watching.

    Do you notice that I am not blaming anyone. I am simply asking to deal with the issue at hand. sort of like when a doctor sees a patient with cancer. He doesn’t go on and on about how the patient got it. He moves to begin the cure.

    Can the left think in this way? Help me with this. It is no ones fault. We just have to cut. No gay marriage, no global warming, just cut. sorry, time for the left to grow up.

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