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DOONESBURY: Uncensored comic strip preferred

Letter by David L. Schimer, Tacoma on March 12, 2012 at 2:37 pm with 32 Comments »
March 12, 2012 2:39 pm

I see that this paper is one of the papers choosing to censor Doonesbury. I prefer to read Doonesbury as it was intended to be published, and not the backup strip being offered.

I will make my own decision if I want to read this particular series of Doonesbury or not.
I am not happy about this. What other editorial decisions are you making for me?


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  1. tommy98466 says:

    “What other editorial decisions are you making for me?” Its their newspaper. They make all of the editorial decisions.

    Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2012/03/12/censorship-doonesbury/#storylink=cpy

  2. lylelaws says:


    Do you mean that Doonesbury is still in the comic section of the TNT? I have skipped over his panels for so long that I hadn’t noticed.

    He is so filled with distain for anyone who doesn’t share his ultra-liberal point of view that it is pathetic.

    His attempts to use humor as a way to smear people is a joke.

  3. So much for the claim that the TNT is biased to the left…

  4. sandblower says:

    “His attempts to use humor as a way to smear people is a joke.”
    You must be joking.

  5. pantomancer says:

    He never belonged in the comic section in the first place.

  6. bobcat1a says:

    I’m baffled by people of whatever political persuasion who are afraid to see an opinion they disagree with…or is it that they are afraid other people will see it? Either way it’s cowardly.

  7. lylelaws says:

    Bobcat 1a,

    I’m not fearful of Trudeau’s nonsense, but if I wanted to look at garbage I would drive out to the local landfill.

  8. Ok Lyle we get your phony righteous holier than thou indignation. Can you even conceive that not everyone thinks like you?

  9. APinkFreud says:

    Stories about the remarkable increase in restrictive abortions laws passed by conservative Republican state houses? Nope.
    Censoring a cartoon that accurately depicts this travesty? Yep.
    Shame on person that made this call in the editorial meeting.

  10. APinkFreud says:

    One more thing…this is what censorship does not look like:

  11. LornaDoone says:

    Now, cat calls aside, what is really sad is that any media would censor what is happening at the state government level in several locations, in terms of women’s health care.

    Conservatives are trying to make women into a three ring circus of their doing, all the while smirking about “smaller government” as they increase mandates to satify governmental entities and have to administer these programs, unless, of course, they are going to outsource all services and record keeping to private businesses owned by their cronies.

    Make colonoscopy and cardiac stress exams mandatory for dispensing of ED drugs and watch the direction change change rapidly.

  12. “if I wanted to look at garbage I would drive out to the local landfill”

    When you can’t refute the message, call it “garbage.”

  13. LornaDoone says:

    I note that we do have ads for topless dancing, though.

    Just when I thought the media had really wimped out.

  14. commoncents says:

    At what point does the Church cease being a Church and become a hospital, college, or PAC?

    Yes, I too bit…

    As for Doonesbury? Censoring of it is fine by me…just don’t pretend to be a news organization. And yes, moving it from it’s normal place is censoring it.

  15. I’ve never had probes and things stuck up me against my will and made to pay for it by the government.

    Oh, I forgot, except for military service, and I signed away a lot of my rights by being in those organizations.

    I didn’t know women signed away their rights to be probed and have foreign objects stuck inside them against their will, made to pay for it, and then required to say, “thank you” to far right conservatives who know nothing about the Constitution.

    OK, so the “thank you” part is satirical, but not by much. Governor Perry said it was “in the woman’s best interest”, so I could safely say he thinks women should thank him.

  16. Obama’s approval rating, March 2012 – 49%

    Rick Perry’s war on women approval rating in Texas, March 202 – 38%


  17. sumyungboi says:

    letter writer: “What other editorial decisions are you making for me?”

    Zero. You can read anything you want.

    I personally consider the TNT to be nothing more than a megaphone for leftist propaganda, but they have a right to their political opinion, endorsement, and what political cartoons to run, don’t they? And I wonder what their opinion is of Citizens United v The Federal Elections Commission? Do media conglomerates such as McClatchy news feel that their industry should be the only one allowed to promote candidates? But I digress.

    In any case, bottom line, anyone that wants to read Doonsbury can do so.

  18. LornaDoone says:

    “I’ve never had probes and things stuck up me against my will and made to pay for it by the government.”

    Thank you, tuddo. It’s nice to see that there are a few intelligent men still out there that can see past the ignorance of the masses.

  19. LornaDoone says:

    Oh, if Citizens United takes up a case, you know that it’s fair in its intent.

    The real issue is that the TNT “moved” Doonesbury because its content reflected a real issue that is reported on media all over the country.

    Very sad for a supposed journalistic stand.

  20. sumyungboi says:

    Michael Savage also editorializes on current events. Is it also a sad day for journalism that the TNT doesn’t print his commentary?

  21. LornaDoone says:

    Has the TNT ever published Savage, but then pulled his column because of a controversial subject that is in the news every day?

    focus, sumyungboison

    I’m somewhat certain that if Savage had the readership that Trudeau has, the TNT would at least have considered it. The only place I can find Savage is World Net Daily. Maybe the TNT doesn’t place itself in such company.

  22. sumyungboi says:

    What you seem to be saying, and especially with regard to your snarky Citizens United comment, is that the TNT should run political satire, as long as you agree with it.

    I guess the big question here is, why do you even care? Have you seen the cartoon? Of course you have.

    Your beef with the TNT is not that they didn’t show the cartoon in question, but that you feel that people who don’t have an opinion about it one way or another should be influenced by a politicaly left leaning satirist that you happen to agree with. That’s my opinion, and I’m almost certainly right.

  23. Sumyungboi, where do you get the right to tell someone what their beef is as if you would know more about it than they would. Also, if you have to tell yourself that you are usually right, odds are you are wrong.

  24. sumyungboi says:

    amber, there’s this little thing called “The Constitution”, something that most progressives abhor. That’s where I get my right. You don’t have to listen, and the TNT doesn’t have to print it, but don’t _ever_ tell me that I don’t have a right to express my opinion.

  25. Excuse me all but the word slut is simply an insult to all women and should not be used by Rush or Doonesbury espescially in the comic section of the paper. One who is suposed to be a professional should be able to make their point without insulting others. Thank you TNT for a little decorum. This is not about censoring someone but about requiring one to be professonal in their work. Pleases remember the manis paid for his cartoons. How sad it is that he feels he must be so insulting to make his point.

  26. LornaDoone says:

    OK, let me add this all up.

    If I voice an opinion it’s (1)snarky (2)an opinion, that I shouldn’t voice because I just want what I want.

    Now, if sumyungboi voices an opinion, The Constitution jumps out of his pocket and begins audio protection of his rights.

    During the past few weeks we’ve seen living proof of how the First Amendment allows the Catholic Church to decide the birth control practices of employees that are not Catholic, thus evidently have no rights. This Amendment is now protecting those of a Conservative persuasion, but if you oppose the conservative persuasion, the Amendment protects their right to criticize you, while protecting them.


    On the other side, I’d like oldman and a couple of others tell us who Trudeau is “insulting” in the cartoon, as if women aren’t insulted by government officials that seem to want to stick their collective noses in their private business before they and their doctors can determine their health care needs. Are you thinking that Trudeau is insulting the government? You’re possibly correct and since plain English doesn’t seem to work for those people, a public embarrassment, sort of like what they are trying to inflict on women, would be apropo.

  27. Nothing like a like censorship to get people to read something they would otherwise ignore!

    The right just can’t buy a break these days!

  28. LornaDoone says:

    “Trudeau was insulting anyone who received a “satisfactory” or above in grade school where it mentions any social skills”

    I see, you really don’t have an answer to the question.

    If Trudeau’s humor rates so low, where would that put Limbaugh? Wait, is Rush a journalist or a humorist today?

  29. “there’s this little thing called “The Constitution”, something that most progressives abhor.” — Please be so kind as to post actual quotes to back this claim up. Don’t be a poltroon, now.

  30. Frankenchrist says:

    Conservatives would censor Bill Maudlin’s “Willie and Joe” comic strip if it ran today. Can’t let the public know the true facts of war, people.

  31. oldman4 – there is a huge difference between Rush Limbaugh calling an actual person a slut due to her testimony about a friend who needed birth control pills for a medical condition and Trudeau employing it with a fictional Texas state senator referring to a fictional woman in a comic strip.

    The TNT auto-censor let you write the word. Clearly it isn’t the word itself but the context that it is given.

  32. “Be a man and read the article”

    Nope. No quotes supporting the claim that progressives “abhor” the constitution there. Try again.

    “annoying to post a link an quotes from a phone”

    And yet you followed this statement with a link to someone’s vacuous opinion. LOL – this is why you crack me up!

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