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TNT: Liberal bias is all too obvious

Letter by Pad Finnigan, Lakewood on March 8, 2012 at 9:11 am with 14 Comments »
March 8, 2012 9:12 am

Why don’t I subscribe to The News Tribune anymore? Its liberal bias disgusts me.

I walked by a News Tribune paper box at a retail store on the day after Super Tuesday and glanced at the front-page headline. It said, “Romney barely wins key Ohio primary.”

The real political news of the day was obvious: that Romney won six of 10 Super Tuesday contests, including Ohio, or that he more than doubled his delegate lead over Rick Santorum, and quadrupled his lead over the third-place challenger.

But you liberals can’t report the news accurately anymore. You love to put a liberal spin on the news. You promote your liberal opinions in headlines and throughout stories and find fault with conservatives and Republicans at every turn. You and most of the media have become incapable of reporting the facts. You’re not believable any more.

Until you recognize your failures and correct them, your subscriptions and revenue will continue to tail off as the public finds more reliable sources of accurate, unbiased news.

(Finnigan is a former Lakewood City Council member.)

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  1. Since the more Conservative wing of the GOP are supporting Santorum or Gingrich and the Libertarian wing is supporting Paul, it is more than a little odd to see the headline (which was true) as a Liberal agenda point.

    I guess, because they didn’t declare that Gingrich picks up the majority of delegates during Super Tuesday (which also was true), that must have been due to a Liberal bias…

  2. No wonder this dude is a “former” council member…

    The reason for the headline is that Ohio was the most important state of Super Tuesday’s results.

    Ohio has 63 delegates, and is a neighboring state to Pennsylvania; where Santorum served.

    Georgia had more delegates, but Newt was the obvious winner. While he also failed to finish even 3rd in any other Super Tuesday state. This makes Georgia definitely not the headline.

    Fact of the matter is that Romney had a big lead, and continues to have a big lead. That story has not changed; there is no headline there. “Romney Stays the Same”?

    The biggest news story, of something that actually happened on Super Tuesday, was Ohio.

  3. So Romney outspends his opponents by 10:1;

    Gets 456,205 votes thus ‘wins’ with 37.9% to Santorum’s 37.1%;

    While Obama get 547,000 votes.

    IMO – ex-councilmen Finnigan is the one that needs to recognize and correct his failures.

  4. sandblower says:

    He’s an extreme right wing conservative. What did you expect, gratitude that the republican debacle was even mentioned?

  5. LornaDoone says:


    Great to see you are not reading the News Tribune online and creating hits for their advertisers.

  6. Sonofwashington says:

    Mr. Finnigan would be well advised to seek out FOX news where he can always find “accurate, unbiased” news.

    Oh, FOX, thy very name, is “Fair and Balanced”. Can there be a doubt that the vaunted, Murdoch/Ailes organization would not have, nay, demand, the highest of journalistic standards from each and every spokesman and blond, buxom anchorwoman?

    If Mr. Finnigan were to fall prey to the insidious liberal bias of The News Tribune, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the lamestream media, it could only cause undue stress brought on by inconvenient questioning of the truth as he knows it. Not a healthy prospect.

  7. Mr. Finnigan,

    Failing to report the news the way YOU want it reported is evidence of YOUR bias, not the TNT’s.

  8. Theefrinker says:

    Yeah, I think you’re the only one who’s bias here. You are seeing what you want to see. It is an actual fact that he barely won, so the news was reported accurately. Also, if you no longer subscribe to the TNT, why are you bothering to visit the website?

  9. jerryman47 says:

    Pad, there are many people who think the same as you do. Did you know that Karen Peterson and David Zeeck believe their newspaper is balanced?
    It’s true as I have traded emails with them. I even have proof of their editorial cartoons every Sunday bashing then President Bush and not one cartoon against Obama for seven weeks straight and when they do have one, it’s so insignificant, who cares!!

    I suggest Pad, The Wall Street Journal. It can be delivered to you every morning (except Sunday) and it’s chock full of good reporting.

    As you see in the other posts, the liberals will defend their paper, as they should, heh heh.

  10. lylelaws says:


    What headline would you have posted after Romney won a razor-thin election in Ohio? “Romney wins a mandate?”

    I am a Republican and I support Mitt Romney, but the TNT can’t just print news that all readers want to hear.

    As far as I am concerned the Tribune is a first-class, fair and balanced newspaper and if you dropped your subscription it is your loss

  11. jerryman47 says:


    You say your a Republican and you believe that the Tribune is a fair and balanced newspaper? Ahhhhhhhhh, do you know I have talked to everybody I met who is a Republican or conservative and even independents, and they say quite the contrary. You are one in a thousand and I don’t mean to denounce you.
    I actually thought it was fair and balanced until people/co-workers opened my eyes and actually showed me day after day about 15 years ago or so. Then when I brought it up in conversation with other people, I found out it was true, more liberal views than conservative.
    I’ll bet you that the TNT will endorse President Obama.

  12. “’ll bet you that the TNT will endorse President Obama.”

    Oh, good lord.

    You DO realize that at the TNT there is a wall between the editorial staff and the news staff, don’t you? The editorial staff doesn’t write the news articles, and the reporters don’t write the editorials.

  13. jerryman47 says:


    Yep, there is a wall. I’m sorry that I didn’t clarify the sentence for you. I was making a generalization.

    I guess next time, I’ll draw you a …..nawww, thats not nice!!

  14. I was making a generalization.

    Yep, an inaccurate one.

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