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LIMBAUGH: Let’s hoist another liberal canard

Letter by Rick Johnson, Gig Harbor on March 8, 2012 at 11:06 am with 25 Comments »
March 8, 2012 11:06 am

Re: “GOP lacks courage to speak up” (letter, 3-7).

Once again another left-leaning liberal hoists the canard that Republicans hate women. Or Republicans want to deny women the right to health care.

Maybe Rush Limbaugh should have chosen better wording to describe Sandra Fluke, but come on; take a little closer look at this “poor” 30-year-old law student and you might find that she is more of a left-leaning activist than the news seems to portray her.

I know that the left seems to think that it can once again distract the average reader with more of its “talking points” rhetoric, aimed at shaping the talk, but here are some of the undeniable facts that it won’t talk about:

• Gas costs more than twice it did when Barack Obama took office.

• Unemployment is still above 8 percent.

• Our foreign policies must be the laughingstock of most of the world.

Here’s how our president sees the future: Windmills that sit idle because we can’t use their power. Solar that’s not economical to harness (remember Solyndra?). Algae fuel and using corn (food) for fuel supplement. Class envy. And don’t forget the long-running sitcom:”It’s all Bush’s fault.”

And so it goes. How’s that “Hope And Change” working for you?

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  1. old_benjamin says:

    But Rick, how do you suppose Obama can win if the electorate focuses on the substattive issues you mentioned? No incumbent has ever with the numbers he has. If you had his record of accomplishmenets, would you run on that? Of course not. Give the Statists credit where credit’s due. They read Saul Alinsky like Santorum reads his Bible.

  2. LornaDoone says:

    Gas costs less than it did when Bush was in office.

    Unemployment has gone down since January 2009

    Obama is responsible for working with military specialists that killed the target that Bush “doesn’t spend that much time on”.


    That bush quote was in August of 2006. How much money was spent subsequent to that, until Bush’s retirement on something he “doesn’t spend that much time on”?

    Rick, did you just have some time to waste and say to yourself “I think I’ll write a letter to the newspaper and regurgitate GOP talking points”?

  3. Sonofwashington says:

    Wha??? Liberals are wrongly accusing Republicans of hating women and Rush should have chosen better words to describe Ms. Fluke, but most importantly gas costs too much, unemployment is still up, and our foreign policies are a joke??? Quite the concise arugment there.

    As a liberal, I’m not sure Republicans hate women, but Rush and his conservative ilk (Hannity, Levin, etc.) sure seem to have an inferiority complex when it comes to women and minorities. They particularly seem to have an abject fear of those who are smart and well-spoken. Thus they hide behind great big microphones and surround themselves with dittoheads to avoid honest debate at all costs. Were they to actually engage in an honest one-on-one, it is quite clear that their ignorance, ineptitude, and clear inferiority to thoughtful and reasoned beings (regardless of sex, race or ethinic group) would expose them to be fools that they are.

    BTW, “Hope and Change” is going OK, even in spite of the unrelenting obstructionism and rancid criticism of the Republican right. Thanks for asking.

  4. concernedtacoma7 says:

    What has changed? The debt has skyrocketed. Drilling for oil is now dramatically more difficult then in the past and our output will fall. Failed green agenda. The entire ME is a mess (started by supporting college students and activists over an ally).

    Oh, an after BHO took his nap to ponder his decision to go after OBL, he should have given Bush a call thanking him for the policies put in place to provide the intel. Let’s not forget BHO ran against those policies.

    We are a weaker nation, fiscally, emotionally, monetarily, militarily, then we were 3 years ago.

    Some change.

    We are divided. We have leaders in the democratic party with zero sense of responsibility or leadership.

  5. BlaineCGarver says:

    This was the game plan: ‘Crats jumped on Rush, and waited to see if the R’s running would condemn him, then make a huge deal of it regardless of what the R’s said. Putting aside all the hype, we are NOT better off than we were almost four years ago.

  6. BlaineCGarver says:

    (Hit enter too soon) The only War going on is the one ‘Crats are fomenting between the haves and have nots, and the races. For Shame, and the blood will be on you if it gets carried too far. The True 1% are the ‘Crats that have a little common sense left in their skulls-full of sponge soaked with Kook-Aid.

  7. If you are going to give an opinion that is laced with factual-sounding statements, then get the facts right, at least.

    Drilling in 2011 for oil has increased and surpassed those of the Bush years and for any year after 1987.


    We are a much stronger nation, on the upswing, than the last two years of Bush’s failed presidency where we were struggling under decades of policies designed to drive the debt up, reward businesses that could not produce anything but paper profits and drive capital to China so more paper profits could be made at the expense of American businesses.

    Our military has never been stronger, better equipped or better trained thanks in a great part to Norm Dicks. We are paying greater attention to the needs of veterans, thanks in great part to Patty Murray.

    Even FreedomWorks can occasionally present facts:

    Current military spending is higher than at any time in our entire history. The Pentagon budget for 2010 was $693 billion—more than all other discretionary spending programs combined. That’s nearly half of all military spending on earth. Military spending has doubled over the past decade when adjusted for inflation. Under President Bush, military spending averaged 3.9 percent of Gross Domestic Product. It has increased to 4.9 percent—a full percentage point higher under President Obama.


    We are more divided because many on the far right refuse to acknowledge Obama as president, refuse to work together in Congress and just say “No” instead of finding compromises and go off to form militias that preach white supremecy and Christian takeover of the country through violent means if Obama is reelected.

  8. klthompson says:

    Contributors to these forums could be well advised to read “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich Hayak first published around 1944. I recently reread the book to refresh my memory of the content. It was a very sobering experience.

  9. Sonofwashington says:

    So Blaine, enlighten us. What did the candidate R’s say about Mr. Limbaugh? I heard not one word of condemnation from those stalwart, “family values” guys; just some limp-wristed response like “I would use other words…” blah blah blah. The fact is these hard core candidates who posture as the next great leader of the free world are too cowardly to face the wrath of their great spokesman, Mr. Limbaugh. The only R (who is really an L) to say something appropriate, was Ron Paul who questioned Rush’s sincerity.

    What is really abysmal is that there has not been one word from one Republican woman in defense of Ms. Fluke.

    But do tell us Blaine, what is your honest opinion of Rush’s repeated invective toward Ms. Fluke over 3 days and the fact that he drew her parents into it and then demanded she and her fellow classmates take videos of their sexual activities and make them available to Rush and his leering friends? Where does that stand on your values scale, Sir?

  10. concernedtacoma7 says:

    When dems react to their own mouthpieces attacking women (BM to just name one), then the left can demand something.

    How many times was Palin and her family attacked? Ann Coulter?

    Tuddo- BHO is taking credit (once again) for the work of GWB. Drilling requires exploration, permits, etc. The expanded production was started under Bush, and stopped by BHO. Read through the rhetoric. Every major oil producer has come out against BHO (ironic because they are making huge profits off of the higher prices). He is placing roadblocks on drilling that will take years to get past.

  11. Sonofwashington, There are plenty of “smart, well spoken” conservative women out there. You won’t find them on MSNBC or CNN, perhaps you should broaden your viewing choices and watch (and read) something other than Huuf-Puff Post and Media matters.

  12. Concerned? Ed Schultz was taken off the air with a three day suspension and apologized on the air. He didn’t lose any sponsors. I myself don’t demand anything because RL is an uninformed drug abusing ignorant liar. He BELIEVES that a woman has to take a pill every time she has sex?!? Its NOT viagra! And YES I’m calling him names BASED on his own rants and FACT based information. Also, I don’t see LIBERALS clogging up government by insisting (as in Virginia) that women get an invasive unnecessary vaginal probe before getting an abortion. No matter what your views on abortion are, this is by definition… rape by sodomy according to Virginia law. Thank god it was revised a bit…

  13. RL’s multimillion dollar vitriolic radio show is crumbling……

  14. concerned, please revisit your facts. The Obama administration has approved these drilling permits, not GHB. Drilling was in fact declining for a while under Bush because we started importing so much foreign oil under his administration’s policies. Importation of foreign oil peaked during his administration at 60%.

    Oil imports were down to 49 percent in 2010, and the Energy Information Agency predicts that imports will drop to 36 percent by 2035.

    Bush did make a lot of noise and started a program in 2006, but Republicans in Florida and the East Coast thwarted his call to drill for oil in offshore locations in those areas.

    Ironic that you are one saying that we can’t blame Bush for the economy becauser Obama is the president now, but you try to credit Bush for positive current events long after Bush left office.

  15. I love how when someone on rightwing feels attacked for something stupid they brought on themselves (Like Rush) they say, Oh well the left does that too. Thinking this justifies them for doing it. I can’t help but think since when does two wrongs make a right?

  16. “we are NOT better off than we were almost four years ago.”

    o Unemployment – down from 10.1% to 8.3%.
    o GDP – up for nine consecutive quarters.
    o Stock market – almost double where it was at its low point.

    Sounds OK to me.

  17. “How many times was Palin and her family attacked? Ann Coulter?”

    Nice use of the “but daddy, all the OTHER kids are doing it” excuse. And Ann Coulter? Seriously? The woman who claimed it was legitimate to ask whether Clinton should be impeached or assassinated? The woman who claimed the best way to talk to a liberal was with a baseball bat?

    “The expanded production was started under Bush”


    When Bush took office, we were producing an average of 5,801,000 barrels of oil per day. When he left office and Obama took office, we were producing an average of 4,950,000 barrels per day. We’re now producing an average of 5,474,000 barrels per day.

    Bush administration: decline
    Obama administration: increase


    Advantage – Obama.

  18. menopaws says:

    Skip the politics……..Real gentleman don’t call women ugly names. Sewer rats use that kind of ugly language to describe people. And, secondary to that—-Rush Limbaugh is fairly DUMB. He handed the Democrats a huge issue for November. So, he’s a dumb rat!!!!!! You can debate this issue all you want—but this idiot called a women he has never met some pretty filthy names. Anyone who thinks that’s okay—remember that when it’s your sister or your wife or your daughter standing up for an issue in public. He’s on his fourth wife—anyone having trouble figuring out why?

  19. jerryman47 says:

    Great letter Rick!!! Read the posts from the liberals. Love it!! Obama is their man and they will say anything to protect him. They will attack any Republican or conservative that says different.
    Fact: Gas WAS lower in the Bush Administration.
    Fact: Republicans like women.
    Fact: Rush Limbaugh apologized. Bill Maher on tv can call Sara Palin a “C”, cut down other conservative women with expletives, no problem with him.
    The Hope & Change is working fine for the tax and spend liberal democrats. As long as taxpayers keep paying which is only 50% of us, the nanny state will provide.

  20. “Fact: Gas WAS lower in the Bush Administration.”

    Fact: Gas was also HIGHER in the Bush administration.,,&Unit=US%20$/G

  21. jerryman47 says:

    Gasoline Price History – Random Useless Info

    Saw your graph. It’s funny my neighbors and myself can’t remember paying $4.12 a gallon here in the ’80’s. We are getting older so that might be the case…..and on the other hand, do you think gasbuddy.com is wrong?

    Googled “Gasoline Price History – Random Useless Info” and got a different graph. It looks like gas was lower in that one in the Bush years.

    One thing for sure ehill. You keep Obama in there, we will see record high gasoline prices, you can take that to the bank!!

  22. Pacman33 says:

    “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”
    – President Barack Obama’s Energy Czar, Steven Chu

    When Oblamer took office, gas was $1.80/gallon. Since gas prices have seen an increase of over 100%, now @ $3.78/gallon.

    Looks like the 0bama Administration ‘Figured It Out’………

  23. Fact: Rush Limbaugh apologized.

    I’m sorry jerryman than I called you a blithering idiot. I used the wrong words to describe someone who clearly can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction who must still believe that the Easter Bunny lays chocolate eggs. Please take this apology in the spirit that was intended but, more importantly, please tell my advertisers to come back to my show.

  24. “Saw your graph. It’s funny my neighbors and myself can’t remember paying $4.12 a gallon here in the ’80′s.”

    That’s interesting, Jerry, because the chart doesn’t go back past 2007.

    How embarrassing for you.

  25. jerryman47 says:

    beer boy, take your little liberal mind and play with yourself.

    ehill, the chart I saw did go way past 2007. Don’t bring yourself lower like beer boy, your a better person….I think.
    But really think ehill, did you pay $4.12 a gal in the ’80’s? I don’t think so and I’m checking out gasbuddy where they got that figure. I’m waiting for a reply from them.

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