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BIRTH CONTROL: Not everyone can afford to pay for what they need

Letter by Janet E. Wicks, University Place on March 6, 2012 at 11:32 am with 13 Comments »
March 6, 2012 11:32 am

Insurance premiums are designed to benefit the for-profit insurance companies. Health insurance seems to be the hot political topic lately as we challenge who should actually be receiving these benefits. Having health coverage is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Recently several letters on this subject have suggested that we be allowed to create our own “a la carte” insurance plans. One writer tells us: “There is nothing preventing people from purchasing supplemental policies,” all we have to do is decide to pay extra for things that aren’t covered in a basic plan. This writer ends his letter saying we should focus on the economy and getting “unemployed people” back to work.

One other writer wants to know why she should be expected to pay for contraceptive coverage for women of childbearing age when she is a senior citizen. Perhaps she hasn’t seen how expensive the basic premiums are for young women in this category even without the “frills” of the pill.

Insurance companies would love to sell extended benefit riders and more expensive supplements. They would also love to deny paying for our medical expenses by creating controversy and conflict between those who have high-quality health insurance and those who have very little or none.

As a society we live in community with one another, and who is going to advocate for us if we don’t stick together? You cannot solve this issue by suggesting that all of us (can) simply buy what we want.

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  1. itwasntmethistime says:

    Without getting into politics, Planned Parenthood has been providing contraceptives to women on a sliding pay-scale since sometime before I went to college. Inexpensive birth control is readily available to any women willing to get off her duff and go get it.

  2. pantomancer says:

    Cigarettes became too expensive for me so I quit. :)

  3. alindasue says:

    itwasntmethistime said, “…Planned Parenthood has been providing contraceptives to women on a sliding pay-scale…”

    There is also the Community Health Care system. Their clinics and pharmacies all operate on a sliding fee scale as well.


  4. fanciladi says:

    It used to be that we all had to get our own protection…then the insurance companies started covering a woman getting her tubes tied and then after a while they started covering vasectomies! Well, before all of that ‘we’ all had to pay for these protections…or refrain from sex!

    It starts out slow/small and then escalates into a mushroom cloud with everyone wanting everything provided and paid for so there is no out-of-pocket cost.

    There are some women who really need birth control pills for health reasons…female problems…that may be a different story…BUT even with that there will be fraud…will be is right…it’s human nature to want things ‘free’ and to backdoor getting it for free!

  5. We used to just let people die when they had lung cancer or heart attacks from smoking. We used to not pay for alcoholic and drug rehab. Why do I have to pay for their coverage now? Everyone just wants something for nothing. I am 75 years old and haven’t been to the doctor in five years. I am in perfect health, except for eyesight acuity problems, and my insurance doesn’t cover glasses. Why must I keep paying for other people who didn’t take care of themselves. They just want stuff for free.

    The above sarcasm is to show how silly fanciladi’s argument is.

  6. “Some men see things as they are and say why – I dream things that never were and say why not.”

    I dream of a day in America when health care is available to all at a cost to no one.

    When you feel ill, or are injured your first thought is: how to make it better, not how will I pay for this.

    When you check into a hospital the first question they ask is, “Where does it hurt.” Not, “Do you have insurance?”

    When you look at Americans you say, “What a healthy bunch of people!” Not “Oh my God, what an epidemic of obesity!”

    And, when it comes to Birth Control, you can get whatever you need from any number of sources for FREE, and NONE of them have to be Religious Organizations.

    I have a dream!

  7. nino8236 says:

    I think society is going too far out of the real situation and looking for a way to make THEIR lives as comfortable as possible at anyone’s expense.

    If you cannot afford birth control and do not want to have a baby, then either: take the risk of becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant, or (this may sound too simple) DON’T HAVE SEX.

    If you are willing to engage in sexual intercourse, then pay what is required to make it safer. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. Its not like the government in mandating you have sex, so why have tax money go toward this.

    If it is a personal decision to have sex, it is also a personal burden on the budget.

    What’s next? People asking the government to have free homes for everyone, or free vehicles, or free cosmetic surgery? We need to take responsibility for our own actions as a whole.

  8. fanciladi says:

    tuddo…in my opinion, your sarcasm spin is what you called my argument…silly! You’ve spun it off the subject…

    Protection from pregnancy and STDs is the responsibility of those enjoying their ‘togetherness’…

  9. fanciladi, protection from heart attack and diabetes is the responsibility of those eating the wrong food and getting too little exercise. Its not any more off subject than your comments. We do a lot of things for pleasure or other reasons in our society that could cause us harm or have unintended consequences.

    In the male-dominated world of Catholic hierarchy and Republican politics, sex for pleasure is OK for males, but not for females, so women are branded as studs” by Limbaugh for sexual conquests and “sluts” if a woman uses contraceptives.

    We developed the insurance system in America, because we did not want a “socialist” system but our populace was going into bankruptcy or not getting the treatments needed and our local communities and businesses suffered. We decided to pool together, knowing that some people would need a little bit of this and others would need a little bit of that. The Republican plans as well as the one that passed all had employers responsible for providing insurance, not the government.

    As a society, we believe that prevention is the best option, because that is what science has shown. -84% of Americans, including 93% of Democrats, 88% of Independents, and 73% of Republicans, believe “family planning services, including birth control and contraception, are important to basic preventative health care.”


    Women pay for their own insurance, either by the work they do for an employer or by their own cash.

    No employer in a non-religious setting, should be able to ban basic health care just because they are in a position of authority and disagree with it.

    Small business owners have been asking for decades for one standard insurance plan that all insurance companies would offer that covers the basic, most used health issues. You could then compare like plans to like plans when looking at cost and service.

    As a small business owner myself, I find it a nightmare to try to compare plans that cover some things but not all, and none of them cover the smae things. It wastes my time and costs me lots of money. Congress agreed and came up with the decision to mandate basic coverage in all plans after a number of states tried it and found that it helped lower costs to insurance companies as well as to businesses.

    Since basic family planning and contraceptive health care is one of the most used medical services, insurance comapnies on the panels testified that it should be included like it had been previously in federal plans, Medicaid, Tricare (military) and Veterans programs.

  10. itwasntmethistime says:

    muckbir — Free health care for all is an interesting idea, but I’m not ready to put my families health and safety at risk by going to a doctor who doesn’t charge anything. If he doesn’t charge anything he can’t pay for hand soap or food so he’ll be filthy and dizzy with hunger. There’s also the matter of him not having an office to practice in.

  11. fanciladi says:

    tuddo…very interesting long reply… Apparently you feel strongly about your opinion on this subject and that’s your right!

    I have not changed my mind on what I wrote!

  12. fanciladi says:

    Was there something wrongwith my comment that it’s awaiting moderation? Can’t see any personal attacks…no bad words…interesting…

  13. itwasn… In my dream all medical professionals are paid high wages and work in spotlessly clean and sanitary facilities. No worries!

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