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HEALTH CARE: Headline distorts intent of letter

Letter by William Acker, Gig Harbor on March 6, 2012 at 11:23 am with 4 Comments »
March 6, 2012 11:24 am

By inserting “Birth Control” in front of my suggested “What’s free isn’t always cheap” headline (online letter), there will probably be some readers who conclude I’m a fuddy-duddy against birth control, which is not the case. My wife has been on the pill for years.

The intent of the letter was to point out the slippery-slope intrusiveness of Obamacare if it is allowed to follow through to its full implementation, and how when the government declares something to be free, it is usually anything but that. Birth control pills happened to be the hot news topic of the day to run with for illustrative purposes, though I used other examples in my letter as well.

Sadly, from this discourse, there appears to be a strange and false premise emerging that if the government doesn’t provide something for free, it will no longer be available.

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  1. Your first error in your argument that causes all the rest of your discussion to be laughable is that the health care reforms are based on insurance.

    Insurance is not free. People pay for their own insurance, either through the work they do for an employer or through their hard earned cash.

  2. alindasue says:

    tuddo said, “Insurance is not free. People pay for their own insurance, either through the work they do for an employer or through their hard earned cash.”

    I think that’s a large part of the point Mr. Acker was trying to make in both his letters. One way or another, we all end up paying for it either at the time the prescription is filled or in higher insurance premiums.

  3. alindasue, my point was that the letter writer specifically said, “if the government doesn’t provide something for free.”

    The decision about whether or not the federal government would pay for contraception was made some time ago, and both Democrats and Republicans have agreed that federal workers, military, Medicaid and other government programs would include contraception in basic health care. So that, obviiously is not the issue on the table.

    The issue is how to fix our health care system, the most expensive in the world with the highest administrative costs in the world where the wealthy receive premium services and lower income workers cannot afford much, if any care.

    Secondarily, should we have a system where employers who have businesses providing goods and services in the private sector could be able to claim a moral exception for anything they don’t want to pay for. Should they be able to impose their own religious and moral beliefs on their workers.

    In state where contraception is mandated, costs did not go up for insurance when that service was added. In federal programs, costs did not go up when contraception was added.

    The federal government isn’t providing anyone contraception for free, except to its workers and to federal programs as part of overall health care, and that coverage added no costs to the public.

    – Medicaid has covered all contraception since 1972,
    – Federal employees have contraception covered in all insurance plans since 1998
    – All HMOs since 2010 have had to cover contraception
    – Tricare and before that CHAMPUS has covered contraception since 1998

    So, this is not a new issue, that is, until Republicans decided to politicize it and make it an issue in an election year.

  4. tuddo – well said! However, I would add ensuring that making sure contraceptives included in all insurance plans costs insurance companies less than pregnancies and other medical conditions that are treated by contraceptives.

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